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The Journal of an Eccentric Otaku
My life as an otaku, or what ever I want to write.
Ara in Wonderland (Stage 3)
I seated myself just inside the mouth of the cave. It occurred to me that I was still unsure as to how I had come to be in this place, wherever this place was. According to the apparent evidence I had fallen from somewhere above. The truth was at this point I was beginning to question the worth of my logic in this place.
I thought back to the last thing that I could remember, waking up in that moss covered room-
Wait. I knew that couldn't be right.
Desperately I struggled to remember something, anything, beyond the gloomy room where this whole mess had begun.
"My name is Ara, I am 19 yeas of age, I..."
Apart from these things my mind was blank. My voice echoed through the deep cave, making these small facts seem larger.
I could only recall base information, my memories where all blank except for my name and age. My mind was all white as though it where a blank canvas.
Had I hit my head when I fell? Perhaps this was nothing more than a slight case of amnesia, or perhaps this entire experience was some sort of hallucination caused by a hard impact to my head. After considering this scenario a little more I found many floors within it.
I quietly cursed myself for disproving this comforting fantasy.
How is it that I can still remember certain facts, like my name, age and level of fitness not to mention the silly movies quote that I sprouted earlier. If I was truly an amnesiac then I should not remember any of these things.
Gently leaning back, I hit the rough looking stone wall with a slight thud.
The cave wall, that I landed on, was not as strong as it appeared. It crumbled like sand under the pressure of my back up against it.
The cave entrance began to cave in completely. I struggled to pick myself up and crawl deeper into the cave to avoid being buried by the falling particles.

Seated, once again in darkness, I waited for my eyes to adapt to the sudden loss of light.
The sound of running water seemed to echo from the depths of the cave.
This water ha to be coming in from somewhere, I though, that meant that there was an exit somewhere deeper in.
I got to my feet, carefully avoiding the walls around me. Now that I could see slightly better, I headed towards the source of the sound.
As I walked I realized that I was trying to use my weak logic once again.
I considered that perhaps this information, these alleged facts, in my mind may all be part of a delusion. Maybe this world was reality, while the world that I believed in (and just couldn't remember) was just some sort of dream.
I realized that I had stopped moving while absorbed in my depressing thoughts. I began moving again, quickly, reassuring myself that I couldn't jump to conclusions when I didn't have enough information to analyze the situation properly.
I decided that for now I should continue to follow my unfounded intellect and instincts, because I really had nothing else to guide me.
I continued on, through the seemingly endless dark corridors.
After a while I turned a sudden corner, I could see a dim light coming from an opening up ahead.
I ran towards the light ahead of me, and looked into the next room. The sound of rushing water was now loud, as if it was very close. I peered into the chamber ahead, there was no water to be seen and the light trickled in from above. I kicked at the ground in frustration.
I stepped into the large open space of the next room.
The first think I noticed was that I could no longer here the sound of water, in fact it was as though my ears where blocked, I couldn't hear anything. I raised my hand to my ear, but my arm was strangely heavy as if it were pushing against the air itself. It was at that point that I looked down, to see that my feet where slowly floating away from the ground.I opened my mouth to yell out and almost choked. I couldn't breathe! Or rather, it seemed, there was no air to breathe. I quickly shut my mouth and held on to the small amount of air I had left, as I propelled myself towards the light above.
Its just like swimming, or so I though, but it lacked the feeling of wetness, no moisture at all.
I felt dizzy from the lack of air, and my stomach tightened, as I desperately continued to swim towards the light. Not knowing how long this torturous upwards struggle would continue, I began to give up hope as my consciousness slowly began to fade.
Suddenly, a moment later, I broke the surface.
Relief washed over me, as I gulped down breath after breath of oxygen, swearing to myself that I would never take this precious necessity for granted ever again.
I glanced around slowly, in awe. It looked as though I was flying, with nothing above or below me.
Turning around I noticed a large ornate ship floating just a short distance from me.

To Be Continued...

(Thanx for reading! As always I appreciate any comments. Oh, and if u find any errors I'd appreciate u telling me so that I can fix em'.
If ur confused go back to my older entry's (Ara in Wonderland Stages 1 and 2)
Well, until next time!)

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Community Member

Fri Oct 10, 2008 @ 01:24pm

Can you draw? I wanna see a picture of your character. Sure its nice to have a picture of what you think the character would look like but I think it would be better if you gave a disscrpition. I think that would be nice. Anyways I did like the story. You only made three that I had seen.


and that all I found! Keep up the good work. mrgreen

User Comments: [1]
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