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a story i randomly came up with after watching this funny video with jaden from yugioh gx.

Chapter 1

A little boy with chocolate brown hair that became a lighter caramel color as you reached the top walked absentmindedly through a park.

"Jaden!" yelled a little green haired girl with emerald eye's that where never really seen through her bangs that covered them as she ran too catch up.

"there you are" she said

"what do you want Alley?" asked a curious Jaden

"Well, i need your help with one of my experiments" Alley replied

"Oh no, not again" groaned Jaden

"last time i helped you my hair turned red for a week" replied Jaden

'Sorry about that,Jaden" Alley replied sheepishly

'I just don't know what went wrong,it was such a full proof experiment!" said Alley

"yeah, that is what you said after that one time where your experiment turned my teeth green for a month." said Jaden

"everyone kept calling me green tooth" replied an now slightly angry Jaden

"ummm sor-ry about t-that , really sorry but that was too funny!" giggled Alley

"ugh forget it i am not helping you" said an aggravated Jaden

"aww come on" said Alley

'NO" shouted Jaden

"fine" said Alley

"I'll get Jen too help me with it then" exclaimed Alley

"well good luck" said Jaden as he walked away down the street.

"oh, Jaden you better watch out i will get you too help me you just watch" whispered Alley at Jadens retreating figure.

she smirked as she walked off down the cobbled path to her home.

Next day Jaden woke up and got ready for school he put on his red
t-shirt and blue Short's and grabbed his bear backpack along with his yellow hat and quickly put on his sneakers and sock's and scurried down stairs to the kitchen.

He lifted his nose and got a whiff of pancake's "Yum" he thought. as he neared the kitchen he could hear his mom humming a happy tune.

his mother turned around and saw him near the kitchen

"hello dear how are you? she asked

"OK" replied Jaden solemnly

"are you sure your OK?" she asked

"yea, mom" replied Jaden

"oh, Alley called" his mom said

"what did she want?" asked Jaden

"oh, she wanted you to come over to her house to play with her, her mother there too so she could watch you while i go out Friday,and you get to spend time with alley" said his mother

"she wants me to play with her huh, more like use me for her experiments she is So evil!" thought a fuming Jaden

"he mom is picking you up tomorrow at 3:30, so be ready" said his mother

"Yeah be ready for Alley and what ever experiment she going to do to me is more like it' thought jaden vicously

Chapter 1 end sweatdrop i new at writing story's but i think i did okay

~ heart Lambo-chan is Reborn's future bride heart ~

~Hi-Mama Wuvs Muko-daddy!~

#$ Mammon+money= heart $#

Russia: Become one with mother Russia~~~

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E-Hero Mizu Kai
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Oct 29, 2008 @ 01:12am
Not bad kid. biggrin

commentCommented on: Wed Nov 05, 2008 @ 03:05am
thanks but i am not a kid

Community Member
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