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Enjeru no Kage
Hello, peeps. This is where you can see what's going on in my head today, find out what's going on in my life (not like anyone cares! lol), and where I can just hang my thoughts up for others to see. Check it out!
I'm thinking of starting an RP.
Title's self explanatory.

I would want to call it Wings of a Hero, and there would be very few (if any) non-humanoid type RPCs (exempli gratia, no friggin vampires, they're already everywhere).

It would be 100% original content, an idea I came up with all my own... I was actually thinking of writing a book centered around its theme, but I wanted to test it as an RP first to see if it caught people's attention and took off.

Wings of a Hero would be based around a guild of heroes. Heroes are a working class of individuals that serve as protectors of peace and the people, though commonfolk rarely see or meet them. They act as paladins and champion the cause of right. However, there are always exceptions to every rule... I'm sure a few heroes would be secretly plotting their personal gain.

To add a twist, when a hero achieves great honor (bushido, whatever you like) by his deeds, he becomes something higher than a simple hero... he rises to the rank of Ascendant in a ritual that grants him wings.

Yes, wings.

The color of the wings signify his individual destiny (messenger, guardian, etc.), and the wings come in every color except black. Why black? You'll see in the RP... if I can start it.

So... anyone wanna try it out? Personally, I have high hopes... and it may be interesting. Quests would be common and contact with the (extremely!) rare races wouldn't be unheard of... in fact, like I said, a lucky few peeps would get to be unusual races. It's not even under construction yet, but comment if you like and would participate.

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    ^^ hey patch... I have a forum that we could use...
    Yes I wanna try this thing out *cheer* I will work on my profile now ^_~
    Access my forum under the contacting me area, it should be there.

    comment Absynia · Community Member · Mon Oct 13, 2008 @ 06:18pm
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