wahoo, well i went to the show. we took, one 1st two 2nds and one 3rd. yay! omg in 9 more days i age a whole year. stare exciting right? not really. *mumbles under breath* that hurt. ya, im still hurt from my hoof trimming. i just typed on the keyboard wrong. not a wise idea, since it can reopen. eek joyness tomorrow i go back to school. i know im on break, but i still have to go back to school! scream i should be out hanging with friends but no, i have to get ready for nationals. so i get to stay at school from 8.am to 6p.m!!!!! scream scream scream i wouldn't think that while being on break i would end up back at school eek that is the last place i would ever go to over break, but it seems for me thats were i will be spending my break! burning_eyes it was nice knowing you all.