Winners contest 3

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Name: qutefoxy
Character Name: Flavien (Fleevy)
Race: Ice spirit
Sex: woman
Age: 500
Looking age: 25
Hight: 1.64
Job: Looking after the tranquility of the Mountain, where she died as a mortal.
Looks: Gentle blue eyes with soft blue hair to match. soft feathery wings growing from her back and a birth mark on her belly.
Personality: Very kind and gentle but puts up a cold front when she is with strangers.
Skills: Speed and agility. Mind reading and communicating with animals.
Magical Skills: Ice. Able to summon snow storm and cause the temperature to drop. Using her whip of ice she can freeze everything that came in contact with it.
Other information: The zephyr swirls on her head acts as sensors, something that helps her to read minds and communicate with animals.
His/her story: She was burried alive in an avalanche when she went for a vacation with her lover. Her lover was rescued while she was trapped under layers of snow.
Unwilling leave the earth and her lover so soon, she decided to stay on the mountain waiting for 500 years for her lover to come and get her but he never came.
While waiting for so many years she made some friends at the mountain. Small furry little creatures and also huge ferocious beasts. And after living for so long she decided that she will dedicate her life to protecting the mountain creatures who have always been her company for years

Kawaii Infernal Angel
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Name: Kawaii Infernal Angel
Character Name: Miharu (in japanese "beautiful and clear sky" )
Race: Magical being - half human and half fairy&unicorn
Sex: woman
Age: 200
Looking age: 16
Hight: 160
Job: She's caring about forest creatures
Looks: She's looking innocent but she is not.
Her skin is white, she have pink hair, violet eyes, unicorn horn and fairy wings
Personality: She's really nice, and helpful but when she's mad she can be evil.
Skills: She have great hearing
Magical Skills: She can fly, and she have healing skills
Other information: Her best friend is a white magical horse... Always with her.
Her father was a human and her mother was a fairy&unicorn.
She's live in a forest and she love nature.
His/her story: To much to write in not my language

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Name: Ismira87
Character Name: Annah
Race: Centaur + Pegasus = Pentaur
Sex: Female
Age: 128 years old
Looking age: 26 years old
Hight: 7’ 3” in height (hoof to top of head) or 9’ 8” in length (tail to chest) (She also has a 20’ wing span)
Job: Astrologer, she makes predictions (not all are accurate) by reading the stars
Looks: She carries a bow and arrows with her at all times (it’s a dangerous world). She also has wings, because she is a hybrid offspring between a Pegasus and a Centaur. Other smaller things to notice... she has black tiger-like stripes running down the outside of both arms and a sun tattooed on her stomach. The sun represents vitality.
Personality: Annah is a very stubborn Pentaur. She is generous though and likes to help people. Her stubbornness kicks in when people accuse her of being a phony and just making up fortunes for people. Annah is very loyal though. She will stand up for a belief even if it means death. However this doesn’t mean she is closed-minded. On the contrary she is open-minded and enjoys debating with others.
Skills: Annah is a fast runner and very agile. She is also a fast flyer, however stamina is not her forte. She can go very fast for short amounts of time. Annah also has amazing hearing capabilities and eye sight. She can see like a hawk in the day time and like an owl at night.
Magical Skills: Annah has a skill for healing. She doesn’t think it magic, however when faced with an illness or injury of some sort it is like the information just comes to her and she knows how to help.
Other information: Annah in her spare time likes to practice her archery and is well-known for her skill in shooting. She enjoys trying her limits and seeing how complicated a shot she can make. So far, the most complicated has been to shoot an arrow through a wedding ring and still hit the bulls-eye during a strong wind.
Her story: Annah was born to a Centaur mother and a Pegasus father. The two loved each other very much and loved their daughter dearly. They taught her everything they knew but they were killed in a war between the humans and the mythic beasts when Annah was only 26. It was then that Annah stopped aging. Some chemical in her body activated with the trauma of loosing both her parents and stopped the aging process. Annah can still die, but not by natural causes. She has continued on through her life learning the arts of healing and astrology. She was once a councilor to a Queen long ago. However these past seven years she has remained solitary helping only those who seek her, and even then being selective upon who she helps.