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I wrote this for creative writing I had a bigger Idea for a novel... in the novel the Doctor is what causes the illness and its totally new. A hacker that works for Murdock is the case that made him loose his license, and in the end the Hacker saves murdocks life... but I had to edit it down to this because that would have taken about 20 pages to make into a short version and it wouldn't make much sense. tell me what you think.


My name is Robert R. Murdock and I’m 29 years old. I’m about 6 feet tall, have brown hair, brown eyes, and a pale skinny face that you could compare to Dracula. My attire is usually a plain white shirt and brown jeans. My profession is a doctor, but I’m not your average doctor… I encountered the oddest case of my life, maybe the oddest case of anyone’s life on December 23, 2021. Let me start from the beginning.
I just moved into a new house that day on the outskirts of a quiet town; Hopelton, Nebraska. I had to move from my old office because of events that caused trouble in my last business. Luckily, a client of mine gave me the house. They even provided some movers to carry my stuff over. It was nice, secluded, made of sturdy bricks to keep sounds out and solitude in. It was a perfect place for my customers and their privacy. I was lucky that one of my customers let me by it from them. When I moved in, the movers dropped a crate. Inside of the box were some of my professional tools.
“Damnit!” I said at the top of my voice.
One of movers looked at me and said, “We’re sorry, but it’s your fault you could have gotten it replaced if you bought our insurance.”
Well with this I became discouraged. I did operate on their boss after all and saved his life. “Get out. You've already moved all the stuff in and you can expect that you will hear about this from your boss!” I said to them with a sneer. The men exited and I reached down to pick up the box.
I heard inside that parts were rattling. “Gah, they broke my police scanner… Well, I should fix that first if I want any business any time soon,” I muttered to myself and sat down on the couch in the center room. I glanced at the watch before I started, the time was 4pm.
It took me 6 hours to finish repairing my scanner. Luckily nothing was damaged so much that I would have to buy a new one. After that I turned it on to see if it worked; then I fell asleep from the energetic day I had. I awoke to a loud cry coming from the police scanner.
“This is an emergency!” A man's voice exclaimed in panic.
“We have a girl with severe internal bleeding!” the fuzzy continued, “We don’t know what the cause is there doesn’t seem to be any external injuries on her!”
I became interested in the case, it sounded like one I had not to long ago. I went to get my yellow raincoat on, because I could hear the rapid pour of rain start on my roof. I planned to go see the case for myself. “ We need room at Saint Mondore Hospital, we are almost there!” the man shouted. As I heard that voice I glanced at my watch, it was 5 AM; I walked out the door and then made rush to the hospital.
It took me only a few minutes to get to the hospital. I made my way in and I could see a man in a white lab coat was talking to a woman. I assumed the man was a doctor; I made my way up to observe them together. The doctor was maybe a couple years older than me by the looks of it. He was about my height and had brown hair. His face was better preserved than mine: he had a tan, and a hard hooked jaw. The woman was maybe 5 feet tall, wearing a gray plaid coat; a trait in fashion not much seen these days. She had blond hair and was as skinny as a rail. I couldn’t see her face but I was more interested in their conversation. “Ma'am, this is an odd case, I’m just not sure how we can treat it,” the doctor calmly explained to the woman. “Your daughter’s bleeding is slow, but there is just so much blood and in split parts of her body ... We are not sure what is causing it…” the doctor tried to explain further, but was interrupted by the woman. “That is my daughter! I won’t let you just do nothing!” the woman shouted, almost collapsing. “We just don’t want to risk it we are not sure if it is an illness, or if it is contagious… As well, we are not sure how to handle it. Her internal bleeding is in separate parts of her body. We don’t know what kind of damage could have been done to cause that,” the doctor finished his explanation. As the woman cried, I walked up to them.
“Doctor, it sounds to me like her veins are in trouble. The way you described it doesn’t sound like blood loss is a real issue. The issue is the blood catalyzing, which would kill her from the shock, correct?” I questioned after looking at him face to face. “Yes, that would be the case. Also I have to think of the safety of my staff, this kind problem is unheard of!” He replied. “I can only think of one way to operate on her, you will have to stop her heart. This doesn’t sound like an illness doctor, you have nothing to fear. Internal bleeding, though, is one of the hardest things to generalize and this sounds like an awkward case but... it is your duty to save her life!” I shouted at him.
The doctor paused for a second and looked at me continuously. “How would stopping her heart help? We would be killing her?” He questioned.
“About 15 years ago a procedure was used to experiment on open heart surgery. This procedure involved stopping the heart and using a tube with room temperature water in it to control blood flow as the heart stopped. This will give you plenty of control on how much blood she looses during the operation. The procedure will allow you to clean the blood before it solidifies and give you plenty of time to seal her vein’s lacerations,” I explained calmly to him.
The doctor stared at me again with a puzzled look, “I never thought of that. I know the procedure you are talking about, I had to learn the basics of it. I will get my staff to prepare the room… Who are you though?” The doctor talked to me in a curious voice.
“ I am a doctor just trying to save lives. If you don’t mind I will wait out here with the lady until the surgery is over,” I replied back to him in a monotone voice.
The doctor shook his head in agreement I guided the woman over to the waiting seats. Now that I have a clear look at her face, she seemed awfully young. Her face was thin, her cheeks were rounded, and her nose was small almost like the size of a thumb.
We sat down near the E.R. and stayed there in silence for a little while.
“Thank you for helping my daughter,” the woman said.
“There was nothing to thank me for, I only offered some advice,” I replied back to her.
“How long do you think the surgery will take?” She asked me, worried.
I looked at her and sighed, “If it all goes as planned and the medical staff is ready to try their best, about six to eight hours. I won’t lie your daughter is in serious danger, but with luck she will come out just fine.”
I knew those were not the words she was hoping for but I didn’t want her to be to hopeful it would hurt her more if they failed and I encouraged they wouldn’t.
“Thank you, for being here, either way it’s a miracle that you came without you my daughter wouldn’t have a chance. My name Is Paula Pertsan, what is your’s?” she seemed to become happier as she asked.
“You can just call me Doctor Murdock.” I replied back to her with a smile.
The doctors rushed into the emergency room, at 6:28 AM, this was a breaking point. Even if she did bleed slowly her body would be exhausted, out of energy from keeping her alive… Hopefully the procedure would give the body some rest and be able to regenerate properly. I didn’t see the girl so I wouldn’t know her exact chances.
The minutes ticked by and Ms. Pertsan seemed to fall asleep from all the panic she had been through. I sat by her and every once and a while Ms. Pertsan would wake up and ask me if the surgery was over yet. I would just reply "no" and let her drift back to sleep.
It was 1:38 PM and I began to fall asleep to as well... I closed my eyes and winced off. I had a dream as I slept; it was more like a memory…
“Doctor Murdock! Doctor Murdock! We have a problem with the man in the Emergency Room!” a voice called out to me.
Blackness swirled around me. I was the only one there and voices echoed as if they were trapped in an endless void. “We can’t save him, there is nothing we can do! The surgery is too dangerous!” An angry voice called out.
“I can’t just stand by and do nothing, it is a life! A life is something doctors are suppose to save!” my voice called out in anger against the others. A large image of a man lying on a surgery table was in front of me shining in light. The man was faceless and I walked towards him. “If you dare touch him I will take away your license!” The voice called again. I picked up the scalpel and cut into him. As I cut into him a great darkness came out of him swallowing me, and then… I woke up.
I glanced at my watch; the time was on 4:13 PM. After my glance for the time, I decided to stand up and look around me. Two police officers were out in front of the building, and the doctor was out of the emergency room. The doctor came running to me and I got up and started to walk out the door. “Sir! Thank you for your advice the girl will make a full recovery! I would like to thank you by seeing if I could ask the foundation to accept you as part of my team. Its obvious you are a doctor, who do you work for?” He called out to me.
“I’m sorry Doctor, but that is impossible; you are generous for the offer. However... I cannot be hired… I am a unlicensed doctor and it looks like my work has caught up to me,” I left him stunned, confused at the thought. “Tell, Ms. Pertsan that I’m glad that her daughter will recover. At least the same techniques that made me loose my license helped another person. I'm glad I could hear about this... before my arrest,” I walked out the doors stepping out of my past and into redemption. The police put the handcuffs on me and escorted me away.
How did the police know I was there? What am I up to right now? Well, since I lost my license... I got some valuable crime-related clients. One of them found out where I was and snitched to the police to avoid a murder charge. The police know that I am attracted to emergencies, its in my way... a calling card. So, when I wasn't at home they sent a crew to the hospital. Ironically, It must be that my redemption came for me long before that. Ms. Pertsan testified on my behalf as surprise a witness. The judge let me off on good behavior and I spent about 9 months in jail. The doctor also testified on my behalf as a surprise witness with Ms. Pertsan for my crimes. After he heard my name from Ms. Pertsan, he rushed over to the police station. The doctor’s name is Carl Winfok. Oddly enough, that was the name of the patient that I cut my scalpel into and saved his life. The other doctors I worked with and my supervisor wouldn’t touch him... I was just out of medical school, so when I disobeyed orders my license was revoked. Although I’m out on parole I don’t plain to stay long… They offered to give me an appeal on the removal of my license but… I like working out of sight anyway. My client that moved me to Hopelton gave me a new home, off the books of course, and I’m skipping town tomorrow. All there is left to do know is see how far this road will take me. I already saved two lives with advice: one by giving it, the other for not following it.

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