I think I'm coming down with a cold. My throat is feeling a bit rough right now. Or maybe it's the icky weather.

I actually went to school. I'm kind of proud of myself, although my overall mood isn't really better for it.

At least I got to go to Timmies with Azzy and Aaron, that was pretty fun.

I still don't know what to do about certain situations right now though, and my are they taking it's toll on me.

I don't know how to help a certain friend. I wish I could, but there's really nothing I could do... but it's hard to explain that, especially when that person has helped me so much. I can't even help them in the same way. But it's not that I don't want to, I just can't! I'm on a thin string over here by myself as it is...

Then there's that guy. Why would he ask me to hangout with him then ditch me? Goddamnit, if you don't want to hangout with me then don't ask me to. Maybe some people don't care if you forget or just don't bother, but I'm not like that. So thanks, because I could of done something better then wait around for you, but I didn't, because I tried to believe in you for once.

And to the other guy... I really appreciate you trying to be there for me.. you don't even know what it means to me. But you shouldn't say those sorts of things to me. It'll only bring trouble, I assure you...

Agh, I am being driven out of my bloody mind worrying about people, because I care and I really don't want to, because the lot of you are ******** who do nothing but hurt me somehow in the end.

I really find life less appealing day by day. What happened to when anime and computer time could keep me perfectly and wonderfully content? The highlight of my week was Inuyasha and the only "loves" I had were over the internet, where they couldn't use my body then throw me away and hit on my goddamn ******** best friends after.

Screw you all.

Edit: God sakes Dustin, just go to hell. All I've ever done is cared about you. If I called you an a*****e and complained about what you've done to me, it's because you deserve it. If you want to play this way go right ahead, I am done giving a s**t and giving you the chances everyone told me I was stupid to give you.