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Intro Things can change. You will see in the story Ashley goes from a bad life; to a life were every kid and parents do not want. Ashley finds out what it is like to be from a happy kid to a kid with a lot of love to having no parents but some people. It is a crazy life. Chapter 1 Well going in high school is hard but having the best friends there makes it somewhat nice. Josh is one of Ashley bffl. He may be a person but he is the best friend to have. Ashley has a crush on him but want tell. He does to. Josh is on the football team and he is on the math team. Now Logan is her other bffl. Ashley meets Logan from her cousin Timmy. Logan is on the football team 2. He is also in the sciences club. Ashley love going and hanging out with them. They all love football but there is no mixes teams and she hates playing only with girls. Well Ashley’s life is like going throw a snake pit fore 4 years. It is bad. Here and collage kids do not mix. You will see. Chapter 2 Running to Ashley was joshing her bffl. He ran to Ashley and said ' o my god is you ok? No the collage kids love to beat me up. Well how bad. Well let us see I cannot see out of my left eye, I think my right arm is broken and to top it off my best friend ran off and left me. you know what just get me to the hospital. Ok.' josh called Logan and told him to come as fast as possible and he was there in three minutes.' what happen. Long story ill tell you on the way there. ok.' on the way Ashley was tell them that she was singing and the were mad because she was better then them and man do they know how to fight. 'You should see them in action.' Chapter 3 In the hospital, Ashley was waiting for the results of her arm and eye. Well waiting there for so long they got the worse news in the world.' what. What. What you mean ill never be able to see and never use my arm aging. No I’m sorry. Come backing 5 weeks. thanks.' the way to the skate park was somewhat weird. However, when they got there Ashley felt like nothing happen to her. Then came the collage kids. 'Come on Logan. No, we were here first. I’m staying. Ashley are you. If you guys protect me. We can do that.' well Ashley may not be able to see out of one eye. However, she was better then they put together. Well they did not like that. Just because Ashley is a girl. Well they tried to get to Ashley but Logan and Cody where there every time they tried. Ashley’s like' so do you think Miss M. well help me with basketball. Well I mean because I cannot see or use my arm. I do not know. What are you guys talking about?' said Keenan. Now Keenan is Ashley’s bffl. He was there forever. He and she have been tougher for ever thing. He was there for her parents dieing. In addition, Ashley was there for he’s break ups. Well let us see. Do not say those collage kids did something to you aging. You know me a little too much. Thanks. Ill takes that as a commitment. You should. It is so much better than what I say to some people. Chapter 4 Now Ashley’s parent’s haven been dead since she was 4 years old. What happen was that her and her family was at a park and there was a drunken man. he snapped. Now Ashley was there with josh ,Ashley and Logan, they cannot stop thinking about it. Now Ashley is living with there cousins Timmy and Ethan. Now they are the coolest people. To live with.' so Ashley when is your cousins coming. They should be here in minuet. Why. Because they will do something about those collage kids. I hope so.' less than a minute they were there. (Very very mad) 'So where are those punks? You mean Jake, ramie, john, jams, and there leader Dannie. How do you know all there names. Well when there were beating me up they toke terns saying there names. Well now, there going to pay. Please do not hurt them. Why. They just made you go to the hospital. Now you cannot see and cannot use your right arm. I know but there has to be a reason. Let me talk with you. Fine. Were all coming.' on the way to the other half of the skate park Ashley was thinking how she was going to talk with them. Chapter 5 Ashley was not shore if she should have told Timmy. Timmy is over protected with her.' so' Timmy said to Dannie.' your the jerk that is beating up my cousin. I thought she was your sister! You do not know the whole story. Well let us see Ashley has no mom or dad because some guy killed him or her. I think she got what she deserves.' Ashley hates whale people talk about her parents and when they think its funny. Well Ashley snapped.' you know what come here and say that to my face. Your parents are dead.' That was it. Ashley stared to run, but before she got his shirt Logan step in., ' you know what you have some nerve talking about ashleys parents like that. What are you going to do about It?' after that, Logan turned around and punched him. 'Don’t ever talk about ashleys parents. You are a dead man Logan. Fine but you touch Ashley you are a dead man. No what I may not beable to see but I can beat the crap out of him. O, you think you can. You might not want to channel Ashley. Dude she use to be on my wrestling team. Let us see. Coma back in 10 minutes. Chapter 6 Now Ashley is so good at wrestling and loved it. However, protest not to do it unless she was in trouble. Well this was the time.' are you shore you want to fight him. Yes, he looks easy and makes shore he has no weapons. Ok.' Ashley was feeling a little scared but Logan and Timmy talked with her.' you are going to do fine. However, what if I cannot. Ashley you can beat him. Your better then most boys on the team’s you got a concert with the Jonas brothers tonight. Thanks I almost forgot. That is what imp here for. Ok let’s go.' Ashley felt good about this. 'Ok you ready for a fight. Yes but give kenning your gun and your knife. Fine here. The first Pearson down fore 3 seconds loses. On my mark, get set, go. Well Ashley knows not to go for the first move and Dannie was the dome one to move.' come on you can see out of both eyes. Come get me. Come on. At least I have my real parents.' but before Ashley could do anything Timmy stepped in and said ' Ashley we got to go. Fine come back next week. Ill is hearing. Chapter 7 Where did we have to go? I heard they were going to pull knifes out on you. What? Imp being dead sear ions. O my god. Now imp scared to see them. Well I know something that will cherry you up. What a new skate park. I wish. Well than what? What about going to the poor house. Its call a soup house. In addition, I would love to go. You guys coming. Can’t we have to go to football practice? K. is you going withes me Logan. Ok.’ on the way there Ashley was think about how life was when she was in the soup kitchen. It was not so pretty. People came in and toke her food and thought she was nothing. However, she loved it when Logan, Cody, and Keenan came and vested her and talked to her. So now she pays the soup kitchen back.’ were there. Col. Hey do you want to talk with the people our surf them? All surf them. Ok ill talk with them.’ on the way in Ashley know all the kids. They were almost there as long as she was. She loves talking with them.’ so how are you triton? Good. Gust what there is a family that might want me. That is so cool. I cannot wait to meat them. Me to. Juju how is your little sister? She is doing really well. Thanks for asking. Do you guys know where jam is? He is over there.’ jams dad was the Pearson who killed ash leys parents. But Ashley thinks he is cool.’ hey jam. Hi Ashley. How are you doing in this this place? Well it is better then living with my dad. Have you been taking that class? You mean for singing. Yah I have. That is the best place places to go. Did you hear that a famous singer is coming to one of are lessons? That is cool. Is it that famous singer Chris Brown? Yeah. How did you know? I know some things. Why are you sitting here by you self? I do not get along with some kids. Since you, left I have had bad luck with meeting people. Some family did not want me because I did not talk with the kids. That is not fair. Only if they know why you do not talk with people. I know but imp so clots to getting a family. You will get the best family. You deserve it. Thanks Ashley. Come in I can get you some friends. How? You will see. Chapter 8 How will like me? I know some people. I mean I lived here for 10 years. J.P. this is James. James this is J.P. Talk. Hi. Hi. So… how long have you been here? I have been here for 3 years. I have been here for 8 years. Wow, how do you get here? My dad was a jerk. You? I got in because my parents did not want me. I am so sorry. It is ok. I like it here better then my old place.’ Ashley was talking to the new kid. ’ whats wrong? My parents did not want me. O imp sorry. Whets your name? Chris. Hi, I am Ashley. I was here for 10 years. Wow. I thought I had it bad. Therefore, Chris how old is you. I am 14. You? I’m 16. Do you think eney one will hang out with me? I know some kids that need some kids. You know what you are so nice. Thanks. I cant belive I gust told a randome pearson my feelings. Well I hop you like it cause I come every week Chris this is my best friend Mitchell. Mitchell this is Chris. Hi. Hi. ’ Ashley felt proud of herself. She talked with every one but the kid that used to beat her up.’ hi Kel. Hi Ashley. So why what up? I gust go told I cant get out of here untill I learn to be nice. Can you teach me. I mean come on you are the nices pearson I have ever meat. thanks. That was nice.Ill make a deal if you can be nice for a week then ill teach you. Fine. Ill have people watching you. Stocker. Thanks I think’ Ashley ran to Peter. ’ hey Ashley what’s up? Can you watch kel for me. Ok. I’m not going to ask. Good. I o u. I know what you can do. What? Get me a family. O peat im trying to find ever one a family. But you are on top of my list. K . Chapter 9 On the way to the conuilars Ashley was hopping that they were going to talk about some one getting adopted. Well Ashley was way off.’ what. You cant gust kick all kides on the street. Well until we get 2,000 dollers we can only hold this place up for one more year. that’s not fair. A lot of people have had it hard, but not like them or me.’ everyone was quit cause everyone know what happen and it was hard for them but Ashley more. ’ you guys know how hard it was for me and you put them on the street they will all die. And all guys know what will happen.’ Ashley was done but she was so mad that she ran out and went home.’ what’s wrong Ashley?’ Ashley was to mad and gust ran to the tree house. Timmy fowled her and he know what it meat when she went to the tree house.’ can I come up? Come on gust don’t fall. what’s wrong? The soup kitchen is going to put all of those kids on the street. What! Yea and they have one year to get 2,000 dollars. Well we could do a funraiser. What can we do? Well we could do a walking thing. That could work. You know what timmy you are the best cousin in the world. I know. Now come in its 10 at night. You know what im going to sleep out here like I did whin I was little. You want to stay? That will be nice. Cool. Chapter 10 Waking up to the morning air is the best thing in the world.’ wake up freak’ well Ashley was not thing to wake up to kel in here face and shaking her . ’ wow where did you come from? Well I gust wanted to tell you might want to go to the hospital. Why? Well last night some people came in and started to beat up Logan. what? Yeh and he wanted me not to teal you. Why would….. You know what gust leave it alone. Lets go see if he is ok.’on the way Ashley was hopping Logan was o.k. well when Ashley got there Logan was on the floor.’ wow you ok? No I gust found out that I broke my are in 10 places. Dang that sucks. L know what you want. What? Toca bells. You know me way to well. Ok ill be back.’ well having a taco belles right next to a hospital is kind of nice.’ can I have a #’ but before Ashley could finish someone said’ she wants a # 4. How did you know. What matt. Wow you still remember me. Will I know you were gone for 2 years but I still remember you. You were by bffl still am Right? Well da. It will be ready in 30 min. ok. That gives as time to talk. Chapter 11 So how is school? That is a bad question. Why? Well’ Ashley was telling matt what happen. Well he was not happy with what she said.’ are you for real? Yes im telling the truth. They are going to die. You are to nice.but you cant touch him. Why? Because I have my reasons. well look who gust came in. leave tham alone. Im gust going to talk to them. Fine but I’m coming. Well hello. What do you want Matt. Well you don’t leav Ashley alone you will pay. Bring it on. What did you say I mean I cant hear out of my ear. That was your falt. why because I can sing better than you. come on I may not be able to hear but I think you gust said you can sing. Why did miss r. picked me instead of you? You know what, your not going to touch her. ill get you. Bring it. You know what lets go see Logan. Ok. Yea run off. Kids that have no parents and hang out with the father’s kid. You don’t know the whole story. Lets go.’ on the way Ashley was thing how wrong they were. Ashley thinks he is cool and its his father’s falt.’ do you think its wrong to hang out with the farther ’s kid? No. He’s cool and its his farther not him. I know but people wont leave him alone or me. Well gust say he’s cool and none of there promble. that’s true. Chapter 12 Ashley know that were wrong and that matt was right but she still felt like thay might be right. ’ are you ok Ashley? O yes I gust think……. What? Are you thinking about the thing they said? No no. Ashley. Al right I am. Well stop than. Whan Ashley walked ion her braty little sister came up and started to say something.” what do you mesn. I told you I am giting a new family. Why? Well I gust got ofer a job in new mexico. And a family wants me.o ill miss you. Whan are you leaving? Man your pushey. Im leaving in 3 hours. Well all miss you. thanks. Ok than . Come on lets see what Timmy is making. K. “ timmy is Ashley’s cousins . he is nice but she still wishes she could have here real sisters and brother back. Hey Timmy are you able to come to my conser. When is it? Tonight. Wow, ill will come, cool. Hey, what are you making? o well Mom is not felling good so I’m making my homed soup. I love your homemade soup. Maybe I might have some left over. Cool. See you to night. K. Chapter 13 Ashley can get scared easily. She started to look out to see if she could find her family. No one was there. “ I know your scared, but everything will be fine. How do you know. Know stuff, and your aunt knows how bad you want Timmy to see you sing. I know . You will do good. Thanks.” Ashley was gust talking with her mom. When she is scared Ashley talks with one of here family members that have been killed. She has no idea why but she does. But not here older sister. You ready Ashley? Yeh are you josh? O yes.” Ashley looked out to see the people that have come to see everyone sing. She saw some gut with a gun, “ josh josh. What . Look that guy has a gun. How do you know that.” Well ever since her family was shot Ashley rembers the shape and cant get it out if my head. I know what you mean. I get this pitcher of a hambuger. You are a little weird. I know. But what am I going to do. don’t look at him. He wont pull any thing out with a house full of cops. True. And you always wanted that sole when you hears the words how wants and sole. I know. Ok were on in 2 minutes. K .” Ashley needed someone who know what to say and in a nice way. “ well you know your scared. Wow its Jessa. Well how else would tell you that its going to be fine. Mom . Everyone but you,. Well you have not seen how much I have changed. well I gust you will do. Hey. I’m kiddind. Your mean. I know. But what am I going to do. Gust think I’m out there and no how about Kevin is out there and he is waving. That could work. Man after beening dead you got smart. I know. Hey wait. Thanks. I love you. You 2 dork. Bye. Ashley we have to go. I’m coming josh ,dang,” going out there Ashley was thing about the day she saw her family died. But that ok Ashley and she got a big smile on here face.” ready. Yes.” they got to chose a song so the both loved country so they picked ready, set, don’t go by Billy ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus. They have practed every day and they sound gust like them. Ashley felt special she was Miley and josh sounded just like billy. Ashley was scared so she grabed joshes hand. Josh liked it a lot. “ you ok Ashley ? Yes I’m scared. You might want to let go of my hand. Might be a good idea. lets go. Josh stared she got to do what she go to do.” And when it was Ashleys turn josh gust looked at her and smiled. Looks like I'm all ready to leave. Theres nothin' left to pack. “ after that Ashley had to sing her song by her self.” that guy is scaring me. What if I sit down there. Your nice thanks.” Ashley gust stared at josh the whole time. “ this song is for my family they loved it. 18 years have come and gone.” and she keep on sing. Everyone loved it. Chapter 14 When Ashley was done the man with the gun grabed josh and pointed the gun to his head. “ give me all you money, and this kid wont get hurt. Josh. don’t Ashley gust stay. Please don’t hurt him. Get everyone money. Gust do it Ashley. Fine,” everyone gave Ashley there money. she did it crying. When she got all the money Ashley said “ here is all your money. I hope you know you are the biggest jurk ever. My family was shot for someone like you. So now im scared to meet new people. And I think you need help. Now take me if you want someone to kill. Fine.” the guy pushed josh and took Ashley. “ now your going to die. Go a head im not scared. The next thing Ashley saw was josh sittin there crying. Ashley know he would shout him but did not know if she would live. It was scarey but she know josh should live not her. Her life shouid have been toking away when her family died but she was lucky. Chapter 15 Ashley, Ashley. She woke up to josh there. “ where am I? in the hospital. Why? Well you saved me. What happen? Well a man was going to kill me but you took my place. And he shout you in the head. Why did you save me? Well you’re my best friend and you shoul live not me. Ashley I have been wanted to tell you something. What? Well I have always loved you.” but Ashley fated off to a heavy sleep. The next day Ashley was thinking about that night and stared to wright a song. Ashley would alwas wright song. But this one was going to be the best. When josh came in Ashley was thing about what he said. “ so Ashley how you feeling? Good I gust. Rember what I said yesterday. yes. Well I mean it. Really? Yes. I feel loved. Good. When you get out do you want to go to the movies? That sounds nice. LOGAN. ASHLEY. How are you feeling. Good. I have a question for both of you. What? What do you think of my song.” they both read it and there both like simon off of america idiol. But they both loved it. “ you mean you both like it. Yes it is the best. You guys are so hard to crack. Ashley you have talent. We gust have to get it out of you. Well you should have told me. I went home cause you guys said I could do better. Sorry. Well what have you done over the week? Nothing, but before he could finish his sentist Timmy came in. Chapter 16 What do you want? Im sorry I missed you sing and I’m sorry I wasent there for you. Well why would I care? Cause everyone is so mad at me cause I wasent there. And they said that you want me to see you sing. Well it was true. You know what’s funny I make shure I’m there for you when you in something. I know and I love to have you there. You are gust like my parents. I’m going out on a walk.” Ashley went to ask when she could leave. “ you can leave right now. Thanks.” Ashley got all of her stuff and ran to the tree house. On the way Ashley was talking with one of her friends that got shot, and was dead. “ why would you leave them like that? Well I all ways wanted Timmy there to see me sing. And I wont do if I’m not on a stage. Well were are you going to stay? In the tree house. O lovely place to stay. Hey gust a day or two. Not that long.” Ashley ran up to the tree house quiltly and started singing. Well she hade no idea that Ethan was out listing to her. Ashley gave up on Ethan cause he was always out with his friends so she thout he did not care. But he did. Just did not show it. “ wow you are really good. Wow when did you come in the pitcher. I was down there listening to you sing. No way. For real. Yes and you are really good. I thought you thought that I’m mad or you just did not care. I do I’m just bad at showing it. Why don’t you come back home. Cause Timmy promist he would come. Why did he not come? He thout you would not reamber and just called up his friends. O I feel loved. But at lest I hade someone videotape it. Why? I care Ashley. And I know you would want it to show your parents. How do you know? Cause you think I don’t talk to them. You are the coolest brother. I’m your brother. You take care of me like you are. I know. Chapter 17 Will you come back home? Well ill stay in my room the whole time. Ok.” on the way Ashley was trying to find out what Ethan thout of her singing. But than came his friends. They did not like Ashley.” what as you doing with that thing. Hey. don’t Ashley. Frist her name is Ashley. 2 she is walking with me. You got a proumble. A yah she is a freak. Well than. Well I’m good at sing.” Ethan know it was true but said come on Ashley. “Lets go. You keep hanging out with her ill tell everyone you are dating her. What. Well whats it going to be? Bye Ashley” Ethan said to Ashley “ I thout you did’ent have in you. now say she cant sing. Ashley you cant sing.. O yes thanks Ethan I have a go reason to run. Thanks. Your welcome.” Ashley had no place to go but the one place she said she would never go. The park where her family died. “ o the one place I wanted to come back to. Nice.” sitting there Ashley could see the man that killed everyone. Than a little girl and boy sitting in a pole of blood. It was her and josh. Ashley wanted to scream but she just stared to sing. She put up her hood and lay on the grass and stared to sing “I hope you dance” I hope you never lose your sence of wonder..” than someone came up. O it was Timmy.” what? Come home. No you and Ethan would choose your friends over me. I think ill stay here. Please you can stay in your room. Fine. Im running home.” Ashley still cant wait to see here songs. She is really good and loved them. “ what happen to my songs? Well I was kind of mad so I wrote on them. What? Now I have to start all over.” Ashley stared to cry. “ you know what I just want to be alone.” Ashley was so mad but just sat there and stared at her songs. Ethan came in and said” hi. What? Im sorry. Whats up with your family saying sorry. I called you my brother. I was very wrong. Im sorry Ashley but, but what. You said I cant sing. that’s the worest thing you could say to me. Im sorry. You know what just go you friends are wating. How do you know? There in my window. Go. Fine. Chapter 18 Now they think Ashley is dume or something cause she was listing to them that night.” I think we should do something for her. Like what? Mabey we could take her out to eat. No. I think we should leave her alone. She wont talk to me ever sences I told her she cant sing. Well do you think that. No. I gust hade to. No, you had a choose. But we both chose the wrong one. I fell so bad. I should have been there and maybe I could have stopped that guy. Tomorrow is Ashley’s birthday and I’m doing something nice. Fine.” the next day Ashley was in here room all day. Than josh came over.” happy birthday. Thanks. Why have you been in here all day? Cause I don’t want to see Timmy or Ethan face. Come on. You said you would go out with me. Ok. Where are we going. you’ll see” Ashley was thinking of what he was going to do. When they got there it was loud. “ where are we? take off the blind fold. Wow a consert. But what consert? This is rascal flats. No way. You’re the best. I know. And we have backstage pass. What? No way. O my god. We should go sit? Maybe.” sitting there Ashley was so shocked of what he did. After the consert they both went back stage to meet them.” you guys are really good. Thanks. Do you sing Ashley? Yes. She is good. Here is one of her songs. How did you get that. I have some ways.” rascal flats looked over the song. They came back.” wow this is good. Can you sing it? Shur.” Ashley sang the whole song and they thout she was good.” why don’t you come back tomorrow. You can sing it before we come out. For real. So what do you say? Yes, yes, and yes. Ok than come back at 5 for sound chaek. Ok ill be here. Cane I bring some people go right ahead. Josh your one of them.” on the car ride home Ashley and josh were talking about how should come.” how about Logan? Yes. And Timmy and Ethan? No ,no, and no. why? Cause they dise me for friends. So no. ok than. Here we are. Thanks. See you tomorrow. Ok. Bye. Bye. Chapter 19 The next day Ashley was gitting ready for the concert. She got new cloths shoes and got her hair done. “ what do you think? Wow you look great. Thanks josh. Are you ready to go Ashley? Come on lets go.” on the ride josh was talking about how caring Timmy and Ethan are. “ they really care for you Ashley. I don’t care. They cane hate me if they want to. I’m gust there cousin. They don’t care. So I mean there nothing to me now. Are you sure. Yes. I beat if I asked them to come they say I’m hanging out with my friends. You know its true. Well what if I said there right behind us. WHAT. I’m sorry I know how much you want Timmy to see you sing. No. I wanted him to see me sing in a talent show. Not in a concert that is my life. Please. Fine but I’m not talking to them. Fine.” Ashley and josh got there and they were looking around and Ashley was gitting ready for a sound cheak. “ how do I sound? Really good. Hey look its Timmy and Ethan. Hi Ashley.” Ashley said nothing.” ok than don’t talk to me but I’m here for you.” it was 5 mintues till Ashley went on.” ok now I need someone to talk to. How about me. I’m not talking to you Timmy. You need someone to talk to and I’m the only one here. You wont understand. Why not? Cause you have all of you family I have no one left. I know but you have me. Your not full blood. Fine. but you might be able to help. Ho is that? Well I am so scared that I cant move. Well ill be out there. And you can stare at josh the whole time. I mean you love him. I don’t love him, I like him. Well than. How did you know that? I over heard you talking to no one. you called her mom. Well I hey wait why were you listing to me. Well, you know it does not matter. I’m scared and I need help. Well I don’t know what your mom would say. But I would say you’ll do fine and this you always wanted. I know but. But nothing. You are going out there and your going to be the best you can be. Yes sir. And thanks. Chapter 20 And lets welcome Ashley best. Ok I am new at this and I got shot. When I was in the hospital I rember the night my family died. I was siting there thinking what is going on. And now I live with my cousins. And I was writing a song called “who you’d you be today.” Her it is.” Ashley stared not at josh but Timmy. She was so happy that he came. And after the song Ashley was told to stay after the concert.” so what’s up? Well we got some people that want you. Why? Well they thout you were great at sing and want to see you. No way. What should I do? Timmy. I don’t know. Sing for me. K. I set out on a narrow way, many years ago. Hoping I would find true love along the broken road. But I got lost a time or two. Wiped my brow and kept pushing through. I couldn’t see how every sing pointed straight to you. Wow. What? Was it bad? No. I was good. Now sing a girl country song. K. don’t think all those teires are going to hold me here like they done before. Find what’s left of us on a cloud of dust on high way 4. Dang girl you shoul. I mean I should know. I have never heard a young singer like you. And me and my brothers are young. Well than I guest ill go out for it. Great see you tomorrow. See you than. Chapter 21 I cant belive I did that. Me to. Well I think you got it fair and square. O know but what if they don’t like it? Why would they not. You sing like an angel. You say that so I wont fell sad. No for real. How about this, I have a recording thing. Sing a song. Ok.” Ashley did a song that ment a lot to here parents when she was little.” ok now lets here it. Wow I sound good. I told you. You guys are the best. We know.” the next day Ashley felt good about her self. She know she was good but not that good. Timmy and Ethan came in and said” happy birthday. My birthday passed. We know but we thout it would me nice if we did something. Well you come out for your surprise. Ok I guest. What is st. not what but who. BRYSIN. ASHLEY. What are you doing here. Well I heared your turning 13 so I thout I fly al the way from Japan. You guys are so nice. I love you. We know. Can I have a huge. Yes you may. Thanks. Lets go out to eat. No thanks. I’m paying. Ok I’ll go. You still haven’t changed one bit. I know.” Ashley and Brysin have been friends for ever. Same as Ashley brysins dad is an the military. They know each other when Ashley lived in Hanscom AFB. He was the only one who would talk to Ashley. After 7 years brysin had to move to Japan. They stayed in touch but Ashley had no money to get him here. Brysin had no idea that Ashley’s family had died. “ so Ashley why are you living with your cousins? O crap I forgot to tell you. Tell me what? My family is dead. What? Why did you tell me? Well I did not want to talk about it cause it would remind me of them. And that’s bad cause? I don’t want to talk about it cause I can still see it in my head. You were there? Yah and so was josh. You were? Yep. No way. What happen? Well there was a drunk guy there and he shoot my family. Wow. Now I live with my cousins. That has to suck. Not much. I like seeing my cousins. Well I mean I did not get to see them when I was with my family. True. Here we are. Ware are we? Were at the best place to be in the world. And that is? My friends pizza place. Wow your friend owns the pizza place that you can draw on the wall. Yep. Don’t you read my litters I sent to you? Maybe. Ill kill you If you did not. Ok I did not read one of them. Ok than. You better read the one I sent you. Ok.” on the way in Ashley was looking for something.” hey Ashley what are you looking for? O well me, josh and my family went here the same day they died. Did you sing the wall? Yah. My mom said it would be a good idea to siend it today. Why? Well I gust got out of my talent show and I won. They asked me where I wanted to go. I said here. my mom said it would be a good treat since I won. My dad whispered to me come here when we die. I said they wont. Well I was wrong. Well you look for it and well get the pizza. Ok.” Ashley was looking for it. She could see the day they sind the wall. She was so happy. Then the guy came. Nobody found him. Ashley know it was not safe to be out and in the open. But she liked it. “ hey Ashley did you find it? Almost. O wait her it is. That is so cool. I know. So you want to eat here? Not really. Ok. Where are we going to eat? I know. Chapter 22 So Ashley, where are we going? Well I go here to gust sit and do nothing. Well ok than. One question? I know where I’m going. it’s a surprise. O what fun. I know. O were here. Wow. This is the best place to go. How did you find it? when my family well you know. I ran off to some random place. I ended here. Now I come here every so often. Well I kind of like this place. I’m glad you ran to this random place. You are welcome. Lets eat.” Ashley was happy. She told someone that she comes here. “ hey now if no one cant find me, you well know where I am. that’s good. Hey I got to go. Ok, let me drive you. No, I think i’ll walk. Ok. Hey if you see my cousins tell them i’ll be late for dinner. Ok. Bye Ashley. Bye.” Ashley was not going home. O no, she had one more place. This place is where she saw something. She saw someone getting killed. It was here friend Taylor. Now she goes here to think of all the people she has lost. “ well I know I haven came in some time. But I have been busy. Come on tell me, I mean I got nothing to do, I’m dead. You will never change.” Ashley and Taylor were the best of friends. Everyone thought they were going out. So one day Taylor and Ashley loved hanging out here, they say never go alone. He did not in a way. He told Ashley to meet him there. Well one of the older boys go him, pined him to the groud and start betting him. Ashley was there and one of the boys found her. They said for her to be quite and watch him die. Ashley was saying no. they said she would die then. Taylor would not allow it. “Ashley you’re my best friend. I could not sit there and see you die. It was hard for me. I know. all I could remember was you sitting there in my blood. The CSI thout I killed you. Did they belive you. No not until the guys said something. Everyone would tease me. Well at least they stopped. They still do. Come on. They still think I was in it. Man, at least no one knows that you come here and talk to me. Do you know why I can talk to you? No, how can you. Well I never told aney one but I can see the dead. Well I found that out. But how did you. Well these people were running with some toxie stuff. It got on to me. Why don’t you tell them? Let me finish. Ok they said if enay one has had it on them to go to them. My friend ned went in a never came out the same. How? He wont talk to people. Only me. Well I think he is a little crazy. Maeby he likes you still. I dated him. that’s all. Hey” there was a weird voice. Ashley and Taylor were scared. Chapter 23 Whoe’s that. I don’t know. You look. Fine.” Taylor is a brave guy but he looked like he saw his mom. He did. “Hi miss j. are you talking with my son? don’t tell. I wont I gust want to know what he is saying. My mom never cared for me. He said you don’t care for him. I do. Why when the put me in the grave you were not there. Why were you not there. Cause I thout it said 3 not 2. He is always there to tell me. I miss here. He misses you. I love you. He said you 2.” when miss j walked off Ashley was scared.” what’s wrong? Will your mom tell people about this. I hope not. I really like you and. I think I got it. I saw the letter in your room. How did you get in? I was wating for you and me you and Logan to go to the party. Logan was looking around. So I looked in your room and I saw it. O my god you weren’t going to until you turned 18. Well I am 19 and I have it right here. I liked you a lot 2. 2 bad you died” they both stared to laugh.” Taylor. What’s up? Will you come to one of my concert? You can be backstage. Well yes. Thanks. don’t I need a pass? No. no one can see you. True. You are the best. No you are. You put your life in front of mine. I feel like a super hero that’s in the air. See you there. Ok. See you then.” Ashley loves talking with Taylor. He is so nice to her. Ashley wanted for him to be alive. Ashley would teas him about her secret crush. It was him. She was going to tell him, but she was to late. It happen to fast. Well Ashley lookes behind and saw someone. Chapter 24 Ashley never saw him before. Plus he was sitting there lost.” hi, I’m Ashley. Hi I’m Cody. Are you new? Yea. Where are your parents? I hate talking about it but, there dead. O I’m sorry. No one knows what I’m going throu. Well I do. How? My parents are dead to. No way. How? Some drunk guy came and kill my whole family. What about you? They were kill in a car crash. I’m sorry. I wish I told them I love them. We all do. So now where do you live? I kind of live on the street. Well I live where you can stay until someone wants you. No way for real. But. What? I cant. Why? Well one time I was hurt. You mean. yeh, and now It’s hard for me to trust people. I promes. If im wrong you, how about a date.” Ashley smiled. “ deal.” on the way Ashley was thinking that he was hot but so was josh. Ashley was thinking so hard that she called one of her friend.” hey you got minutin. Shur. What’s up? I really miss you Wesley. How cant you. Very funny. Now I have not came to you for so edvices in a long time but remember josh. How cant I? you all ways talk about him. Well were dating and there is a nother boy. How? He’s new. What’s his name? Cody. He is so nice. And I don’t know what to do. Well I’m dead so I cant help you. Well I know you al ways know what to say. Well I know. So how should it be? Well lets see your futher. You can do that? I never told no one. No way mom or dad. They nvere listen to me. I know. Rember your story. Yes, I told them and they said nothing. And it was do good. And rember your solo in the concert. Yeh that was my frist one to. It ment so much to me. No one in my family cared.” he said it crying” but you cared. I will al way be here for you. Thanks. Hey you know what there is one girl named ash. Her whole family does ent listen to her. She is al ways at home writing a story, and it is real good. But her brother and sisters don’t care. She is so nice sweet and caring. But no one see her. “ now Ashley stared to cry. “ and her parents ground because no one understood her. One day I saw her sitting there and just crying and trying to sing. I fell so bad. Ok whats my futher say.” but he faided away. “ man we have so little time to talk. I wish he was still here.” Ashley stared to walk up all the way to here house. When she got there there was cops and a amblince.” what’s going one?” Ashley asked a cop.” I does not conser you. Yes it does. that’s my house, with my family. Ashley. Timmy what’s going on? Ok, there was this guy circling around the house. Dad was not happy. So he went out and so did mom and they did not see he was holding a gun.” Ashley just fell to the floor. She know what happen. “ are they ok?” Timmy looked at here and fell to the ground.” dad died. what about mom? She just died when you came.” Ashley and Timmy just sat there looking at the house. Chapter 25 “Are you guys coming in?“ Ethan was trying to act like nothing happen.” how can you act like nothing happen? Just came in for supper.” Ashley and Timmy looked at each other. “ what are we going to do? Do you still know where Adam lives? Yeh, but what’s that got to do with? Wow. Oooo. Now I get it. No you don’t. I know. We can ask if we can stay with them for a while. O, good idea. But school. We can go there. You going to tell Ethan? He’s your brother. He’s your couscin. Brothers are closer. Man. Have fun. “ Ashley and Timmy walked up to Ethan.” Ethan Ashley wants to tell you something” Ashley kicked him in the back.” ow, fine we want to live with Adam.” he said nothing and went to his room. “ well that went good. Funny. Lets watch the news.” on the news it talked about the weather and than it said breaking news. “ three kids are left with out there parents. The kids are fine but the parents are dead. O nice. Lets gust watch something new. Well how about we watch a movie? Ok, but what? How about pay it frowed. Ok.” Ashley put it in Timmy made popcorn and they watched it. Ashley fell asleep on Timmy, and Timmy fell asleep on Ashley. Ethan came In and said” o you to are so cute. What? We mush have fell asleep when we were watching the movie. What time is it? It‘s morning. Wow. So what are we going to do today? I have a football. You guys coming? Well both be there. Cool, see you there. Why did you say yes? Cause he is older and he has know mom and dad . So he someone like that. And that’s us right? Yes, and be nice. Because he is taking care of us. Fine. What do you want to eat. I don’t care. Fine eggs it is.” after they were done the walked to Ethan’s game. ( they cant drive cause there only 13) when the got there the sat in the front cause they were the first there. When it was time the seats were filled.” well everyone stand. One of our football’s parents died. Lets bow fore the best family.” everyone stared to cry. “ o lets get the game stared.” Ashley looked around” Were are the cheerleaders? There one a bus. They will be here? in two hours. What,” a lot of people stared to leave. “ what can we do? I know? Can you dance. I think. Ok get your friend right there. Meet me down on the field in 2 min.” Timmy got 4 of his friends.” now what are we doing? Were going to sing and dance. How sings. Me I do to so that’s 2 people. The rest can do back up dancing. ok lets go.” Ashley know it prouble would not work but it did.“ I've been awake for a while now You've got me feelin' like a child now 'Cause every time I see your bubbly face I get the tingles in a silly place And it starts in my toes And I crinkle my nose Wherever it goes I always know That you make me smile Please stay for a while now Just take your time Wherever you go The rain is falling on my window pane But we are hiding in a safer place Under covers staying dry and warm [Another version of the song says "Under covers staying safe and warm"] You give me feelings that I adore And it starts in my toes Makes me crinkle my nose Wherever it goes I always know That you make me smile Please stay for a while now Just take your time Wherever you go What am I gonna say When you make me feel this way I just mmmmm And they start in my toes Makes me crinkle my nose Wherever it goes I always know That you make me smile Please stay for a while now Just take your time Wherever you go I've been asleep for a while now You tuck me in just like a child now 'Cause every time you hold me in your arms I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth And it starts in my soul And I lose all control When you kiss my nose The feeling shows 'cause you make me smile baby Just take your time now Holdin' me tight Wherever wherever wherever you go Wherever wherever wherever you go wherever you go I always know 'Cause you make me smile Even just for a while after they finished everyone was chering and yelling “sing more.” The cheerleaders came ” Ashley get of out area. No. get off. Make me. Ashley was here first.” Ethan and his whole time was backing Ashley up.” well we had to get our nails done. O my god I’m so sorry. let me see. Hay you know what would look good on your nails? What? Mud.” Ashley picked mud up and throw it on her nails and her face. “Now you look good. O my gods you are so dead. Try me. When you’re my hight then will talk. Nice. No one can take Ashley. Well see about that.“ the coach came up and said.” Ashley great song. Do you want to take the cheerleaders spot. that’s not fair. Well take it. Good, keep cheering.” after the game Ashley hade to take all the football players home. “ I’m so hungry. Well gust wait, ill make… what ever my aunt would make. Pizza, sandwitch, cake. Ok ,ok, ok , ill make it all.” Ashley knows she’s crazy but gust to make Ethan happy she will do what ever it takes to make him happy. Chapter 26 “ ok her you guys go. Thanks. Timmy I made us dinner. Dang I did not know football players get that hungry. I know. When I was little my friend would be so hungry after a game. I never was. Look how small you are. True that, true that. Hey you know what is so cool. We can still live here, but we must have someone chakes on us every 5 hours. Well lets see Ethan is al most 16, so we would have to do this for 2 years. Well that is not that bad. But what is he goes to collage? Well we see down the road. I guess this is are best offer. Yes. And think, well still be togher. Fine you got me there. But, there is alwas a but with you. Funny. Hey Ashley come help us. With what? You might want to see it yourself.” with all the parting no one saw the cheerleaders draw on the car and houses.” ok, we have to get them back. Ok you guys. Let me tell you something. In y’all football world you sedil stuff with fist and stuff. And in cheerleader world, they fight like cats. Y’all are like dogs. You could kill them. Then what do we do? The only reason most of them are cheerleader is cause they love football players. O. what? Ok this is what you should do. All you does is act like you like them. Then I know there going to ask you to the prom, say no. that is harsh. I like it. Thanks. CHAPTER 27 The next day the guys were asking all the cheerleaders out. They all said yes.” well Ashley looks likes I’m dating your cousin. Wow you fell so special. And if you loss some pounds and were able to look hot then you could get a boy. And Ethan could help you. With what? Your black eye. What black eye? This one.” Ashley punched her in the face. She know what would happen, but Ashley was glad.” well lets see, o you cant. Just like me. that’s not fair. That’s not fair, not have money is not fair. Now not having parents in not fair. And watching them die is so not fair. And then losing your aunt and uncle is so not fair. And you not able to see is not fair. Then tell me what fair is. And I do have a boyfriend.” Ashley was in so much trouble. Not for the punching but for not telling Timmy and Ethan that she hade a boyfriend.” why would you punch a girl, and why would you know tell us you hade a boyfriend. Well lets see you guys are not girls and I need to tell a girl not my cousins how live with me and might tell him everything about me. I neve thout about that. Well then think. Ok, can you tell us how it is. I don’t think so. Come on please tell us. No. fine. What do you and Ethan want fore dinner. How about we go out to eat. Ok. That sounds a lot better than eating Ashley’s mess up food. Hey, well its true. I know. How about we go to the best place in the world. What’s that? Street pizza. When you live in New York you have to have street pizza. Fine. But tell us hoe you are dating. No don’t think so. Ok mom. Hey I’m not your mom. Yes you are. Fine. Chapter 28 Well might have to keep us living alone a secret. Ok, but what happen when I have sleepovers? Well we do something when it comes down the road. Well I think I see the road. No you did not. Yea, but don’t kill me please. Who is it? You know that girl who really likes you and you like her. You mean that really hot girl star. Yah. Well she is coming over tonight. How? She is driving. Well fine. Maybe you can tell her you like her. Well see. Well think fast. Why? Cause she is right there. Come on. Hi Timmy, hi Ethan, hi Ashley. Hi Star. What’s up? Not much, you? Gust waiting to ask someone something. How? It starts with a “T”. Timmy was scared that it was no him. Ashley was like ” come here star. What’s up? How is it? Please tell me it is Timmy. Hey, How did you know? Cause you told me at a party. Well does he like me? Heck yes. Should I ask? No ill tell Timmy to. Tell him to come here. Ok. Hey Timmy, yah. Ashley needs you. Ok. What’s up? She likes you, and you need to ask her out. Why me. Cause it is better for a guy to ask not a girl. fine. Hey star come. Timmy do it. Timmy has to ask you something. What is it? Ill be back. Well I was wandering if you wanted to, but before he could finish garbed Star and Timmy. He pointed a knife at there hearts and said.” give me all you money and no one will get killed. Or I could just do this.” all of a sudden Ashley hits the guy in the head and he falls to the ground. Timmy and star yell “ what the. What did you do? Me, o I gust hit him in the head. Is he, no. I gust hit him in the back and I knocked him out. Someone call the cops. Ethan here call. Where did you learn that? When I was in Japan they thought me to defend myself. That was so cool . Do it angin. I don’t think so. Why? Well I cant feel my leg. Is there a doctor in the house. I’m a doctor Can you see if my sis is ok. Ok hold on. Lets see, there is nothing wrong. You gust broke it. You might not be able to walk for a long time. How long? 6 months. Sounds fun. No it does not. I need to try out for the wreleing team. Well, how did you get in? I was breaking up a fight and I had to bet down some guy with a knife. And the coach saw me, and thought I should go out for the team. Luck they cut me for a boy how could now do nothing. That is so cool. I know. But what am I going to do. Well…. We can talk with the coach. Or you can talk with me now.” now the coach was Ashley’s father’s friend. They knew each other since they could remember. Now he his know as Mr. Cox. He has a son and his son’s name is Cameron. He is in the grade as Ashley, so they are close.” hi couch Neil. How are you doing Ashley? Ok. I was wounding,” Ashley could not speak. Ashley was lost. She could see her farther, right by Neil.” are you ok Ashley?” ask Cameron.” I think. I just. Never mind.” everyone talked with Ashley. Then everyone went to go get some food, but Cameron. You saw him? How do you know? Well I can see him to. No way. Shhhh! No one can know. Why? Well like you I want it to remand a secret. It is so had. I know. What did he say. Nothing. He looked at me. And pointed at you. Why? I honestly do know. Well I would love to talk with you. Pull up a seat. Hey remember when we were little, like 4 or 5. Yes. Well I still remember when I came to your house and we played like for ever. I know it was so much fun. And your grandma gave as ice cream. I loved your house. We still have it. And the farm. Yes. I miss that. I cant wait for the schools basket okgine. They still do that. I was like 5 and they still had it for like 100 years. But its so much fun. This year you have to work with me, Jacob, and Chris. I will try. But ill be in a chair. O im sorry. Its tonight. Ill be there. Ill see you there. Ok. Chapter 29 That night Ashley went with Cameron. Are you ready. Yes. Ok yell 50 50. Sounds easy. Ok lets go. 50/ 50. Dang girl you can yell. Well being this small you have to. True.” then all of a sudden a lot of boy come to Ashley.” what happen? Nothing important. What the, Ashley read my lips. You are in a wheel chair. I know. Hey are you wearing lipstick? Not important. And yes. Hey Just think about it. at lest you guys are taller then me now for now. I swear Ashley, you can make everyone laugh even if there is a life changing thing going on. Man all you guys still hang out. We have never be apart. We all were friends like when I was in 1 grads. He the girls still brats? They never changed. is any one dating them?” they all go quite and turned and looked at Cameron .” no way. Are you? Maybe. Tell her. Tell me what? You know the girl that hates you and you hate her. Are you talking about. No. yes. Ill kill you. don’t. ok why are you dating” then here came Mandy.” hi Ashley. Crape. Your nails look bad. To bad there is no mud to fix it up. At least I’m not in a chair. Hey that was funny. But I can do this.” then Ashley his her in her stomach.” o that was mean. don’t make fun of me. And Cameron you can do better. hey” then he punched here and 4 of Ashley’s teeth fell out and here mouth was bleeding. Cameron looked at Ashley and the tiers and then she left. The next day Ashley play basketball all day. She was so mad. All she could think about was that night. Will no one was there but Timmy and his friend. And he is not talking about fights.” hi Timmy. Hi. Hi Jacob. Hey what’s up? Not much. I thought you were mad. I am but. O well. You know what Ashley, you always make everything alright. That has been a bad thing something. Does my face look ok“ Jacob could not stop thinking about here.” Hey is it that bad? No no. sorry it is really nice looking. Hey you want to go to church. I have not been sense my parents died. Well lets go. Ok.” Jacob looked at Timmy and said.” were not going to church are we? You know me to well. Ashley had no idea what was going to happen. Chapter 30 Hey why are we here at. Hey I know this place. its Cameron house. Why are we here. You will see. Man . Knock on the door. No. Ashley. Fine. “ Ashley did and coach Neil open the door.” Ashley I’m so happy to see you. How is your face? Fine thanks for asking. What are you doing here. Ask them. Hi coach. Where is Cameron? Up in his room. Can you get him. Ashley you want to see him? Not really, but” no one know he was right at the door.” but he is my best friend for life. Are you sure. No I’m not, but I think I should try. I can see you still have the ring he gave you. It was out BFFL ring. It still has not came off my finger. I hope he still has his. “ then all of a sudden he comes out and said” I still do. Hey boys come help me with my cake. You bake? Come on.” Ashley and Cameron just looked at each other for a min. then” why did you punch me? I don’t know. She told me to never to talk to you. And what did you do? I broke up with here. I could never not talk or see you. So what teeth did I knock out. My 2 front and 2 bottom. I’m sorry. Hey at least I know you can punch hard. You are the best. I know. Hey lets see if your dad burnt his self like he did when we were 5. “ when they walked in they saw flames.” no not angin. Get the bucket. Now put your hand in here dad. Timmy Jacob you ok. My hair was on fire, but I’m ok. Jacob. Are you there. Sorry I’m here. Are you ok? Yes. I just saw.” Cameron and Ashley looked at each other and ran out side.” look Ashley there it is. Hey that spirit did stuff to us when we were little. What are you guys talking about. O crap they cant see him. O nothing. Hey Timmy I’m going to spend the night here. Ok. Have fun. Here, your stuff. Thanks. Did you guys. Never mind. Come on lets go to the place. Ok.” At Cameron’s house they were trying to find out what was happen with the strange sprit was doing. They could not find out but had fun trying.” hey so. So what? Well I was wandering if you can play hockey. Yes, you want to play? Yes. But don’t go easy on me. I have seen you play. I play better. Lets see.” they had coach Neil out there just if Ashley fell out of her seat.” bring it on. Ok but if you want ill go easy. Come here.” she hit him in the back of his head and was like” no dummy. Go hard. Fine I will . Dane. she is hard. Now on three. One two three.” right wean he said three Ashley hit it in Cameron goal.” I told you not to go easy. That was not fair. We need more guys. How about him. You mean Dannie. Yes. Hey Dannie, you done with your choirs? Yes. Want to play? Ok. You are going to be on Cameron’s team. don’t you need someone. No dud she is really good. Not better than me. Yes she I. no way. Lets see. Ok but lets make it fun. How well if I win you take me out on the town. And if you win ill be your server for a month. ok on three. One, two, three.” Ashley hit the puck to the wall and pushed her self to the puck and hit it to the other wall and it went to the net.” no way. I told you. She got lucky. Nope I got skill.” when the game ended Ashley got 56 and the boys got 5.” well I think you owe me a day out in the town. Fine. Lets do it tonight. Sounds fun. We can see a movie and I have money to go out fore dinner, my treat I mean at least I can do , I killed you guys in this game. Ok ill admit it you did great. You should go fore a team. There’s no team that allows handicap kids. I did not know that. Well that’s how life is. Ok be ready in one hour. Ok we are we going? You will see. Hay Cameron come over and help me with my room. Ok. Ashley will see you later. In one hour. Why do you. Shut up. Wait to we get to my house. Ok. Ok your friend is so hot. You know she has a boyfriend. For real? No. ok don’t do that to me. Fine. What are you going to do. O don’t know. Dress up . Ok help me.” Chapter 31 When the hour was up Ashley sat there and was thing. “wow he is hot. I hope he likes me.” then he come all dressed up. “wow you look good Dannie. You look greater. Is that a word. I don’t know, I don’t think so. Well are you going Cameron ? I don’t think so. Why? Cause I don’t fell so good. That is the lames thing to say. No saying Dannie likes you and wants to be allow with you. What? Dud you just did not. Well bye. This could be weird o well a lest we can go out to the park. I can recall me and Timmy we were here and we went on the merry-go-round. And man it hart when I fell off. I hit the ground and I broke my arm. I well never forget that day. We went to the park after that, and it was 1200 and night. Wow. that’s late. But it was so much fun. Do you want to go to the park. Ok sounds fun.” while they were walking ( member they are only 13) they just talked. “ so you write song. and sings them. that’s me. Wow a girl that does that is cool. well lets here it. Me, now, here. I cant. Why? Cause if I mess up. Ill scream. I promise you will do great. Ok. Do you ever feel like breaking down? Do you ever feel out of place? Like somehow you just don't belong And no one understands you Do you ever wane run away? Do you lock yourself in your room? With the radio on turned up so loud That no one hears you screaming No you don't know what it's like When nothing feels alright You don't know what it's like to be like me To be hurt To feel lost To be left out in the dark To be kicked When you're down To feel like you've been pushed around To be on the edge of breaking down When no one's there to save you No you don't know what it's like Welcome to my life. when did you write that. When I lost everyone in my life. Man you are good. What about you? Me? No I’m talking to Casper. Yes you. I can dance and I play drums. Now that is so cool.” well they were there for 5 hours just talking. Then it was 2 in the morning so they went home.” well I had so much fun. Ill see you tomorrow? Ok.” well when Ashley went in Timmy, and Cameron were sitting there with red eyes.” what’s up. Well when you were gone Ethan went over to Dannie’s house. And his dad was so man he stabbed his mom and Ethan went in on the wrong time. don’t finish that word. He is in the hospital. Go get Dannie. He and you are going to stay here for a while.” Ashley just ran to Dannie and told him. After that she ran in the crop field and sat there crying. While she was there someone was coming” whose there? I know how to beet the crap out of you. Dannie. What do you want? Well maybe I can help you. With what? Your cousin. He is fine. How about you listen to what I have to say.” then Dannie kneeled down and gave here a kiss.” what was that for? Well you need someone and I need you. O how sweet are you. Well this should help.” then Ashley kissed him.” don’t leave me.” in that time Ashley and Dannie sat there looking up and at each other, then Timmy yelled” where are you Ashley? Look over here. What were you guys doing. Sitting here. well ok , but its like 6 in the morning. Ill get my work stuff on. What for? I work on a farm. Cool.” when Ashley left Dannie said” hay what if I said I kissed your cousin. Ill kill you. Not funny. Well. Why? I kind of kissed her. What. I like her and she likes me. Well I swear if you hurt here. You will run for your life. I wont. Why do you care so much for Ashley. Because she has lost everything in here life. She need guys like me there to make sure she’s ok when her boyfriends break up with here. Or when she herd gossip around school. She needs a guy like Ethan how can protect here from here past and to make sure she makes it home safe. that’s why. Why do you care for her? I like her and if something happens to her I will die. Well what about a date. We did. What happen. Well we went to this old park . Ok. And we talked about are old day’s. ok, that’s fair. Well ill see you later. Bye. See you later Chapter 32 The next couple of

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this is me in new york. i wrote about it cause i am so bored

well last night i was at my grandma nancys to sleep. and we went to my older cousin(Ethat) football game. i was so happy to watch him play. i mean most of the time i dont see Ethan or Timmy. so i was so happy to watch. i sat with grandma. and next to her was aunt loran and uncle mike. and timmy would not stay still. when we frist got there he was not there. and like 5 min after we were there he came. he looked shocked and was like hi ashley.(in his deep voice) and i said (in my preppy voice) hi timmy. and like aftter that we never talked again. no wait after the game i said bye timmy. and he said by ashley. and we wated for Ethan to come out. i saw he had a ice pack on his hand. he came oue and waas like hi grandma. and he huged her. and he was telling her really quick yea i hurt my self. i think he saw me out of the corner of his eye and he looked at me. now remember he is at lest "6 9" in his footall helment and his cleat. and i looked at him and was like (in his deep sweet voice) hi ashley. i said hi ethan. good game. and he was like thanks. and we were walking to the car and he asked grandma so how long is ashley here for. grandma looked at me like she did not know. so i said till monday. and granma got talking and was like yep she came all the way from boston just to watch you play. and he said that is pretty far to come to watch one of our games. and i laughted. and granma asked was his hand ok. and he was like the acuch thinks its broke and he was so sweet. he was like the guy from the other team sted on my hand. and he was like is was not his falt. granma laughted and was like i know he did not but i want to make sure you are ok. and he was so happy he was like this was my best game i. i was so happy i got to see his best game. and we got to the car. i said well i am happy i got to ssee you game. and he was like i am to. well see you later. and i was like bye. me and grandma got in the car and i was like he is a giant. and friendly gaint. he really likes you come. and she noted and that was my ady. one of the best days with my cousin ever

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