eek wat a busy morning. my two dogs got out. then a guy called saying they were being taken to the police. the police let them run around, so they left before we got there. so ive spent about 1hr and a half. searching chino for my dogs. scream we came home, then left cuz we got a call sayig they were in appaloosa meadows. so we drove over there. i got out and ran down the road, and my sister drove in the other direction. finally we found them. ppl were staring at me like i was weird, cuz they dont see many emo's running down the road, holding a chain. haha i bet they would have called the cops. they would have said, some emo ish running down the middle of the road. it would have been funny, but i would have yelled at the cops for being so stupid and letting our dogs go.before all this, I watched the lord of the rings. ya its pretty amazing XD the last one The Return of The King. ShadowFax is amazing i want him as my pet. ya, know the white horse(andalusian) Gandolf rides XD. well anyway. im off to do homework, so ttyl