Okay, well here's the breakdown. Before I go into any detail of my own build, I will briefly go through the different stats and how they affect each other variable stat.

POW- this is an archer's best friend. For powerful attacks, stat points will be spent into this stat. The pow stat will increase only the attack variable stat (it gives extra carrying weight, but thats not what I'm trying to get at here). For starting scouts, this will be where the majority of your stat points will go.

INT- this stat....errr.....really has nothing to do with scouts/archers. Unless you want it to be >.< . But this stat raises the Magic variable stat only. We aren't mages or aco's, so I don't think we need it.

AGI- this is a biggie...One of the most debated stats for a scout/archer. I will go into more detail in a bit, but (not to get off the subject) agi raise the Dodge, Attack Speed, Critical, Skill Critical, and Attack variable stat.

MEN- this is another one of the scout/archer's best friends. It pretty much raises the spamming speed of our skills. We as scouts/archers want to kill as quickly and as swiftly as possible. The men stat raises the Dodge, Hit Rate, Critical, and Skill Critical variable stat.

STA- this stat raises the amount of HP for the character. I've never done this stat, so I'm not too sure what the affects are. *ive read in other post they do about 15hp per sta? correct me if im wrong*

WIS- this stat raises the amount of MP for the character. Again, I've never done anything to this stat, so I'm not too sure what the affects are. *how much mp does it actually give for ea. wis?*

Okay, well here is the number breakdown for the main stats into the variable stats.
*caution, these stats are from what i remember, not exactly what it really is, please please, correct me if I'm wrong on any of these, I dont really remember much, so correct me wherever I'm wrong, I don't want to give out false information to my fellow scouts/archers.*

I will only be talking about the 3 main stats, that most scouts/archers use.


Okay, this is one of the main stats that you will spend some time on. From what I have seen when I have put stat points into this stat, it raises the attack point by a very weird pattern.

for every 3 pow, you will get 2 attack points. So lets say you go 1, 2, 3 clicks into your pow stat. At click number 1, you wont see a change, but at 2 and 3, u get an attack point. Then it starts over again. Weird to me, maybe not to others.


Okay, this is one of the most debated stats for a scout/archer. Some say its worthless, some say its good. I personally feel that this is a stat that should be accounted for when building an archer. I myself personally don't recommend it at lower level scout hood. But, as you slowly progress into the game, and level higher and higher, Agi will become more and more worth it.

Here are two of the most frequently asked questions I've been asked personally:

Q: Does agi really speed skill spamming
A: Yes it does, but at a much slower rate than men, but with a good amount you will see the difference.

Q: Do archers really need dodge?
A: For me personally, yes, probably cause I'm the type to solo more often and get ganged all the time. The extra dodge it gives comes in very handy when you solo, which is what most scouts/archers do. (or so I think) When you get to higher levels and you need to move onto higher level maps, Aggros will come at you like bees around a nest of honey. Archers don't really have that high of a defense, so we can't take many hits. A mob at phil will do an average of about 150+ per hit to an average player with average def. Even at the level of 100+, you will only have 450+ hp, meaning 4hits from a group of aggros means instant death.

Okay now to break down the numbers.

Attack- For every 2 agi, you get 1 attack point
Dodge- I think every 3 agi or so you get 1 dodge, not too sure tho
Attack speed- ive never really looked at it. But with 50 agi, it's set at .1 from when my agi was 50. (thats without any kind of att speed buffs, *weapons, capes, bunny ears, etc.*
Critical- Ive never really payed attention to this one either, but with 50 agi, and 30 men, you get about 16 critical, so cant really say how much it goes up.
Skill Critical- This goes up kinda weird as well, I cant really see how many agi is needed to go up one, but I think its around 6-7 agi for 1 skill critical.


This is what you will need when you want to spam your skills at a quicker rate. The time it takes you to cast a skill will be shortened when this stat point is raised. I personally think a men point count of in-between 30-40 will be a sufficient amount to cast at a rate which you need to. *although I have heard from other archers that has 40 men, that there really isn't much of a difference when they went from 30's to 40.*

Okay the number breakdown.

Dodge- For every 7-8 men, you get +1 to dodge
Hit Rate- For every 3 men, you get +1 to hit rate
Critical- I'm not too sure about this one, but I think its 2-3 men for a critical
Skill Critical- I think for every 3 men, you get +1 to skill critical

Okay so now I will briefly just go over what certain builds can bring to the table and what they can take away.

POW/MEN build:

O.O It sounds like the number one build for scouts/archers at the moment. A lot of people recommend this build, cause its quick and easy. High hits, fast spams, lots of carrying weight. The more pow, the higher you can hit. The more men, the faster you can spam and more skill critical. This is a recommended build from me to any of the starting scouts in the game. There will be more benefits going with this kind of build at early scout hood. With so little amount of stat points, you would want to invest as much as possible to pow, so you can hit much higher and carry some pots, and some men, so you can skill spam a little faster. But with this build, if you solo in places where you are bound to get aggroed (low lvls= rud, Mid-High lvls= loren-edine, High lvls= phil, sherwood), is a build where you will always need an aco, sit and heal, or spam hp pots as well. With this build, you can kill more easily, cause you can hit much higher than other builds, but most likely your going to get hit every single time you get an aggro...which in my opinion is not a good thing for scouts/archers.


Now this is my own personal build. The good old pow/agi/men build. This build has many benefits to it, (not saying others dont) but, also has some drawbacks about it. The good thing about this build is that, its well balanced. In my "OPINION" (not trying to get anyone to say I'm stating a fact), its more balanced than the POW/MEN build. With a good amount of Pow, your attack will go up as usual, with pretty high hits on mobs. With a good amount of Agi, your attack will still go up, plus you get the dodge, critical, and skill critical (I don't really see a need for attack speed). With a good amount of men, you will still cast just as fast as the pow/men build, and maybe even faster. *if you look at the old threads, you can see that nixxie posted up a reply to one of the threads and said that she had 30 men + 10 from the egg =40 total, and still didnt cast as fast as shiki, who only had 30 men and agi!*

I like this build because of the benefits that these stats can give to a scout/archer. I like to play solo a lot, so I'm kinda crazy at times, and this build keeps me alive. I don't get hit as often as I should be, so in turn, I don't have to keep recasting spiritual every time I get aggroed, I don't need to spam HP pots when I'm ganged up on, and I don't need a healer all the time (cause sometimes it is a pain to get one, especially if you have to walk them to the higher level map you are on). I love the amount of criticals that I can get from this build. Of course with the number count on agi vs men for skill criticals, men would take the win. You would get more skill criticals with a higher amount of men, but to me personally, I don't think its worth it, since my skill spamming is already fast enough to the point of my liking. But aside from that tho, Agi really gets the job done when you want criticals. Criticals come out left and right when I grind *dont mean to brag* Of course weaving is not my style, and its probably not the majorities style to play a scout/archer, so regular criticals wont matter as much.

Some of the drawbacks of this build though is the lack of carrying weight, you will need to repot more often than other players will. Another is that you wont hit as high as a pure pow/men built scout/archer would hit. *but the difference would be little, you wont even notice it*

So I hope that this kinda helped a little for the newcomers. Everything about the stats and what the stats do are fact. Everything that was said about the builds are from my own opinion *no accusing me plz? ^^* So hope to see many more scouts and archers in the future (pfft...like there isnt enough already..hehe j/k) Well, hope you guys have fun building your characters. Good luck, take care.