xd well i went to Colorado. and..............................kicked a**! hahaha blaugh i took the highest point individual. winning a huge travel bag and really expensive belt buckle! xd the ride there was so much fun! prank calling is amazing! xp exspecially when its ur close friend and they end up thinking they have a stalker. its pretty funny! xd ya, the scenery is BEAUTIFUL! river every were and green! omg green! mrgreen we stayed at a quailty inn. it had two indoor hot tubs! blaugh i love the water! so we stayed in those for about 2-3hrs! the walls were glass, kinda akward! rolleyes but it was fun. the weather COLD! 44 degrees in the day. who knows how cold it was at night. i turned into a human popsicle! no joke.i was blue, once i got out i sat infront of a heater for 20 mins, shaking. dont make fun of me. im cold blooded. eek not really but i have a low body temperature.ya, it was a fun trip overall. we came kicked a** then left. only two people from colorado took prizes. my team one the rest. we cleaned the place out! i had one dred tho, i had to listen to country the whole way there and BACK! i just about died! gonk ya, but overall it was fun. had some creepy stalkers on the way back. ya people wonder why i dont get out much. im not social and ppl are weird and scare me. then u end up with stalkers! scream well ttyl