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~~Treasure Town~~

[Chris makes his way into the open of Treasure Town, placing his hands on his hips as he stops and takes a glance around. A few citizens notice him and murmur excitedly. They approach...]
Chris: 'Sup guys?
Marill: [Joyous.] Chris! You're back!
Kecleon Brothers: [In unison.] It's great to see you again!
Duskull: Well, well, what brings you to Treasure Town, Chris?
Chris: [Looks off into the distance... The sun is begnning to set. Chris can see the multiple bubbles rise, supposedly from Pokemon elsewhere...] ...Something I... probably shouldn't mention...
[In this silence, it is almost as if they are being spied upon...]
Azurill: Aww, c'mon! We're good friends! You can tell us!
Chris: ...[Closes his eyes.]
Marill: [Turns to Azurill.] It's probably personal, Azurill.
Azurill: Oh... Sorry...
Chris: It's nothing... Hey, where is everyone?
Purple Kecleon: It's getting dark. They must be indoors. Oh, how they are missing a wonderful reunion!
Green Kecleon: I couldn't agree more! It also looks like young Al is up to something...
[More silence...]
Chris: Al?
Green Kecleon: Oh my, have you not been introduced? He is a nice boy, that Al...
Marill: Oh hey! That reminds me, where's your friend Mew?
Chris: Mew...? Oh, yeah... I wonder where he went...
[Finally, a third period of silence... Only to be broken by a mysterious stranger leaps from a building, landing behind Chris and startling the residents.]
Chris: Hm!? [Spins around suddenly, spotting a rather tall Pokemon. His fur consists of mainly blue, while most on his chest is pale yellow. There is one spike on his upper chest, and one on each of his wrists. His face features almost make it seem like he is wearing a black mask, but really is not.]
Deep Voice: So, you were the one...?
--L U C A R I O--
Chris: Who are you!?
Lucario: My name is Lucario... And I am searching for Mew...
Chris: You know Mew?
Lucario: Yes. I have known Mew for quite some time now...
Chris: Hmmm, Come to think about it, Mew told me of a friend of his once... The way he described that friend... Could that be you?
Lucario: It is likely. I am glad we finally meet, Chris... He has told me much of you... Before it happened...
Purple Kecleon: Oh dear, this sounds troublesome...
Chris: What happened!? Nothing bad, right?
Lucario: ...[Closes his eyes for a moment, and then opens them again.] He has been kidnapped...
[The residents jump in shock at this.]
Chris: [Steps forward.] What!? When did this happen!?
Lucario: It started precisely when the planet began to freeze in time.
Chris: Freeze in time?
Lucario: This is caused by the Time Gears being stolen...
Marill: What!? The Time Gears are being stolen!?
Green Kecleon: Oh, this is horrid!
Chris: But... Why would Mew suddenly be kidnapped?!
Lucario: It is believed that because of the stillness in time of some areas, cruel Pokemon are beginning to rise from the shadows...
Purple Kecleon: Oh my...
Chris: Mew... Hang in there buddy... Help is on its way...
Lucario: Exactly why I have come here... Your timing could not be any greater. I require your assistance, Chris... It is not something I normally request...
Chris: (...Could this go against Naught's trial for me...? Or is it Naught's trial...? Hmm... Well, for now, I should just help out. Mew is an Eclipse... And he's a friend...) Ok... I'll help... I'll do whatever I can to get Mew back...
Azurill: Why don't you guys also ask Wigglytuff's Guild for help?
Chris: The guild... We should...
Lucario: I do not wish to involve too many of them... For reasons of danger.
Green Kecleon: Ahh... There are some who have potential... As I mentioned earlier, Al has been up to something lately. Perhaps you could ask him for help?
Chris: This Al kid... He sounds interesting... Maybe it would be a good idea, cause I am kinda looking foward to meeting him. What do you think, Lucario?
Lucario: [Closes his eyes in thought...] Hmm... Very well... [Opens his eyes.] I just hope he is willing to travel to any lengths necessary...
Purple Kecleon: Oh, he will be... Al possesses spirit, and you two could teach him to be strong as well; to overcome his fears.
Chris: Then it's settled. We'll go as this Al for some help. I recall you saying he was at Wigglytuff's Guild?
Green Kecleon: Correct you are!
Lucario: Then let us be on our way Chris. There is no time to spare.
Chris: Got that right. See you guys later! [With a wave, he dashes off with Lucario to the Guild nearby.]
Azurill: Bye Chris! Bye Mr. Lucario!
Marill: Stay safe! And good luck!
[The two make their way uphill to the Guild, where they come to a stop, and stare at the covered pitfall.]
Chris: Well, I'll go first. I know these guys, and I'm pretty sure Diglett's on sentry duty.
Lucario: Very well.
[Chris steps up to the cover and stops right on it...]
Voice from Underneath: Pokemon detected! Pokemon Detected! Whose footprint? Whose footprint? ...The footprint belongs to... to... Um... it's... Can it really be...?
Blaring Voice: Aw, COME ON!! Do you NOT know who this one is?!
Voice from Underneath: Guys! I think it's Chris! It has to be Chris! There's no other footprint like his! All of those details, it has just got to be!
Multiple Voices from Inside: WHAT!?!?!?
Chris: (Sure glad I wore the same shoes...) Well, they remembered... [Chris steps back a bit, giving himself room from the entrance.]
[...Footsteps are heard, and all of a sudden, Pokemon begin pouring out from the entrance, surrounding Chris and Lucario.]
Sunflora: Oh my gosh! I can't believe it, you're really back!!
Corphish: Hey, hey, hey! Chris really is back!
Bidoof: Well, shucks! Long time to see, partner!
Loudred: HEY Chris!!
Dugtrio: It is wonderful to see you again!
Diglett: You bet it is!
[Two others appear from the entrance.]
Chatot: Well, what a pleasant surprise!
Wigglytuff: It's my good friend Chris! What brings you back here?
Chris: Good to see everyone's all right! ...And, well... I probably shouldn't mention the cause for my reappearance...
Wigglytuff: Aw, but why not? We're not gonna make fun of you!
Chris: Na, it's nothing like that... But I can tell you one cause... Mew has gone missing.
Chatot: [Gasps.] Oh dear! Your companion?
Lucario: I believe he has been kidnapped, due to the rise of cruel Pokemon.
[Insantly, everyone becomes quiet...]
Diglett: The rise of cruel Pokemon... It's true, more and more bad Pokemon are appearing.
Chatot: But the question is... Why is this happening?
Lucario: It is because one of the Time Gears has been stolen.
[A shocked response.]
Wigglytuff: Oh no!
Chatot: You're serious!?
Chimecho: That's not good at all!
...[Just then.]
Young Sounding Voice: Hey everyone... What's going on?
[Out from the guild steps the small mud-fish Pokemon, Mudkip. He seems to be wearing a red scarf.]
--A L--
[Accompanying him is a light oranged feathered Pokemon. The small fire bird, Torchic.]
--A D A M--
Chatot: Ah, Al and Adam. So nice of you two to join us.
Chris: (Al?)
Wigglytuff: Oh, the new recruits! Say hello to our old friend, Chris! And also with him is... um...
Lucario: Ah, forgive me for not introducing myself. My name is Lucario.
Wigglytuff: Lucario!
Al: Oh! This is Chris? I've heard about you! [Approaches Chris, with Adam at his side.] It's great to finally meet you! My name's Al.
Adam: And I'm Adam.
Chris: (But who's this Adam fellow? He... He seems unique...)
Lucario: [With his telepathy directed only to Chris.] I sense something strange about this friend of Al's... Something abnormal, but still considerable...
Chris: (Hmm...) Al... Adam... [Looking at the two.] Could you lend us a hand?
[Everyone seems to be surprised by this.]
[Murmurs of amazement.]
Corphish: Hey, hey! They've only been here for a short time and they already get to venture alongside Chris!?
Sunflora: Wow! They're so lucky!
Chimecho: They sure are!
Chatot: Well! This could not have been scripted any better! We were looking for a test to give our new recruits, and this might just be the chance!
Al: The opportunity to travel alognside a famous hero and a test to really become a part of Wigglytuff's Guild? Yes! We'll go! What do you say Adam, wanna give this a shot?
Adam: Sure! It's a good chance for me to get used to things here.
Chris: Sweet! A team of four, perfect!
Lucario: So, it is settled then.
Chatot: Indeed. Though, please keep them safe! They are new recruits after all!
Wigglytuff: Yeah! We wouldn't want them too overwhealmed!
Chris: Don't worry guys, we've got this down pat.
Dugtrio: Well, good luck to you four! I hope to see you return in one piece!
Chimecho: Definately! Stay alert, and rescue Mew!
Al: We'll give it our best!
Lucario: Come, let us make our remaining preparations and be on our way.
Chris: Yeah, I have the feeling Mew's in a bit of a mess this time... I don't know why, I just do...
Al: Don't worry, We've got plenty of good supplies with us! Let's head out!
All: Good Luck!
Chris: Thanks guys! See you soon! (Alright! So the journey really begins here...?--!?!?!?!?)
[Just as they begin walking, a strange sensation overrides Chris' ability to even move, and he drops to his knees. He buries his face in both of his hands.]
Everyone: Chris!!! [Everyone from the guild approaches quickly, frightened by this sudden collapse of their old friend... As for those around Chris, they immediately gather in closely to his aid.]
[Unfortunately, Chris cannot hear anything anymore, and he passes out, falling forward to the ground.]
...(What's... Going on...?)...
Naught: Now is the time my trial shall take its effect... Chris... Your human days must come to an end in order to accumulate experience of your unique ability... And what more of a perfect location than this for it to truly be revealed...? My Advocate... even I do not know of your true past, however this form plays a massive part within it... Achieve... and overcome...
...(Form...? What, I... what's this feeling...? It's... as if I wasn't myself anymore...)...

Chatot: [Very faint.] What has happened to him?!
Lucario: I am not sure... I have never seen something such as this take place...
Al: I just hope he'll be okay!
...: [Beginning to struggle in an attempt to move.] ...
Al: [Quickly notices.] Guys! I think he's waking up!!
...: Ergh... [Still struggling.] ...
Adam: He has to be...
...: [Manages to open his eyes a bit...]
Lucario: Chris... Are you all right?
...: Huh...? [Confused by this, he sits up and shakes his head, trying to wake himself up. He looks around...] Whoa, what happened...?
[Everyone remains silent, staring at him...]
...: Huh? Why's everyone looking at me like that?
[He finally realizes, by looking down at himself, that he is not who he thinks he is anymore. Instead, he's small, light green and seemingly harmless. His lower body consists of a bit darker green than his arms and above, excluding the tip of the curvy spike on his head. His eyes remained blue, but black rings now circle around them. Two antennas blow gently in the wind on his head, as well as light wings on his back.]
--C E L E B I--
Celebi: (Naught... What did you do... to me?)
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