Okay, im no school lover and im not thrilled that it's starting back up, it's just a releif. I was trapped in a house with 3 little people all summer. In additon I had to leave the house in the morning so i can hear the loud noises of the bowling alley my sis and bro play at. (I dont do sports) So it's a giant releif from the yelling and being cooped up inside a house all day.
But school sucks. Yeah, i have a bunch of friends in my classes, but it's still boring. And my new bus driver decided to give us assigned seats because of we were to "Loud" as she says it. Now, we're only supposed to sit 2 to a seat in Middle School/High school. But my bus driver is making us sit 3 to a seat!!!!!!!!! IT SUCKS!!!!! So i doubt im gonna ride that bus. I'd rather walk a mile+ then sit on an over crowded bus. OH YEAH! and the changes they made last year cuz i moved to a different neighborhood, well, it didn't come through this year. So technically I'm supposed to ride bus 28 still...
And im aleady missing assignments...so yeah...PEACE OUT!!!

Love ya! ;D <3