Todays My real b day. After asking me 10 times last week camden ended up forgeting. I texted him while he was still on his way home, so he ended up getting me sweedish fish! xd So, I also got a new stuffed dog from ann. I named it mini mello! Lol! My reasoning, black=Leather=Mello+black dog. AAAAAAAND Black=Chocolate=Mello=Black Dog. See how much sense I make! She also gave me 5 bucks. I got a gift card for wal mart from grandma and my sister linda mailed me a new ipod!!!!!!!!!! Awesome right! 3nodding Me and kelsey should be having a sleep over if her mom says yes. Were gonna watch the breakfast club while making goody bags for tommorrow's party. Wow today's exiting! Oh yeah! I forgot! My brother got me Spyro for the wii! Ok. I think That's it! pirate Happy national talk like a pirate day! I bet you didn't kno that Arg!

Peace, Love, and Candy(arg),
Lil' Tori