Day 70

I've noticed something, while i've been exploring....a tree spoke to me. it turned out it was just one of them over decorated gaians, he was mad at me for some reason i've known for several months...Because i'm a noob.

I thought i was just a random character, i've thought i was a noob afew months ago that was until i passed the noob limit; the cash of your cloths. I've invented this limit afew months ago, a noobs cloths are no more than 5000gg or lower and they've been on not even half a yaer or so.

my cloths are worth 5012 altogether according to my math. but still, i looked kindof weak and still yet nooy looking...this will take some time to look like a decorated gaian.

especcelly when i only play games and treasure hunt the place...but who cares. I'm going to do what i do best.