Thought I'd add the items I'm going to be questing for.. (For my entire life...)
[x] - Got
- Not
- Green Beret
- Elven Ears
[x] Emo Glasses
- #FFFFFF Complex Shirt F
- Brown Torque Pants
[x] White Leather Belt
[x] Black Paintbrush :: Thanks to Nikalita
- Green Stockings
- Green Grecian Sandals
- Winged Anklets
- Canary Yellow Pimpin' Hat
- Coconut Bra
[x] Black Gloves
[x] Black Leather Belt
[x] Dried Grass Skirt
[x] Leather Punk Socks :: Thanks to Ms. Spamalot.
- Staff of the Angels
[x] Charred Tundra Boots
- Horns of the Demon
- Those Blue 90s Gloves
[x] Black Fishnet Stockings :: Thanks to maggie_mae
- Mini Nightmare Wings
- Light Violet Scarf
- Gold Pocket Watch
- Midori Cache Pants
- KoNfuZeD PiNk SHoEz
[x] Black Strapless Bra
- Soft Black UNderwear
- Kodiac Grizzly Hat
- Neo Punk Miniskirt
[x] Yellow Candy Striped Stockings
[x] Yellow Mini Boombox
- #0000FF Complex Shirt F
- Yellow Scarf
[x] White Stockings :: Thanks to Nikalita
- xs Gaia T-Shirt
- That 90s Black Visor
- Grip Messenger bag
[x] White Rose Headband
[x] Noise Maka
[x] That 70s White Shirt
[x] KoNfuZeD YeLLoW SHoEz
[x] Copper Penny Pinstripe Pants
- Prisoner Shackles
- Were Tail
- Chain Wallet
- Ace of Spades
- Demonic Pitchfork
- Baby Seal Slippers
- Angelic Scarf
- Parisian Yellow Fan

Special thanks to maggie_mae who donated many items to help me on my quest.
::Slobbers to maggie::
Mooseberry who donated 500g! n_n
::Huggles to mooseberry::

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And, so, yuh.
These are the items I hope to get.
Any help would be greatly appreciated...