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The Journal of an Eccentric Otaku
My life as an otaku, or what ever I want to write.
Ara in Wonderland (Stage 2)
Beyond the door I found myself in a picturesque garden, but there was something strange about it...
It took me a moment to put my finger on it, but I soon realized that the hedges where perfectly symmetrical, even down to the placement of the flowers. Was something like this even physically possible?
For the growth of flowers to be dictated in such a way. I decided that the blossoms must not be natural.
I walked over to get a closer look and was thrown aback by the strong sent of roses, on closer inspection the flowers blooming on the hedge in front of me where honest to goodness vibrant blue roses. But there is no such thing as a blue rose, some hybrids may come close but none are this bright, and once again I questioned the symmetry of the garden. I had now seen it with my own eyes and touched it with my own hand...
Deep in thought, I turned back towards the path that I had just entered from.
There was only one door.
The shock caused me to fall backwards into the rose bush, It stung as the thorns tore at my cloths and skin.
Suddenly an noise rang out, it was what can only be descibed as a siren. Was it some sort of alarm!
It all made sense now I had somehow stumbled upon some incredably wealthy persons manor home and set off an alarm. They must pride themselves in their perfect garden so they set up a security system within it.
I let out a small laugh, I'm sure that if I just explained everything-
My train of thought was cut off as something wrapped itself around my grounded ankle.
I placed my other foot back onto the ground and struggled to free myself from the hedge with little avail, I had no idea what was happening.
I attempted regain my footing, when the 'something' around my ankle gave a sudden wrench.
I lost my balance and was pulled away from the bush.
My foot was now being pulled quite forcefully towards the deeper hidden realms of the garden, with such force that my whole body was being dragged along. I finally caught a quick glimpse at the root like form that was twisted around my leg.
I lend forward and managed to slip my sock of, taking the malevolent root with it.
I quickly stumbled backwards, the root didn't seem to notice that it had lost its prey and continued to slither away further into the garden, along with my sock.
I jumped to my feet. I was wrong this place isn't normal at all! I may have been safer in the mirror room, but just the thought of those mirrors sent a shiver down my spine.
I retreated back to the door from whence I came, the lone door where there should have been three. The others looked real but perhaps they weren't.
Right now it didn't matter, because that lone door was the safest and most reliable way out of this insane garden.
I ran until I hit the door. I grabbed the handle, panting from the exertion that I had just endured.
The handle would not budge...
I was locked out, or perhaps I was locked in...
This was not the time to debate semanticists with myself I looked around for another entrance into the large building that I had previously explored.
There was no other way, the structure in fount of me seemed to be a complete concrete block with one door.

I decided that I had no choice but to run as fast as I could to the other side of the garden, which was now eerily quiet.
I turned, and noticed for the first time that the hedge that I had fallen into had now fixed itself. It was perfectly symmetrical once again, and I was sure that I had broken it in several places.
I braced myself and caught my breath. This garden was insane. Would I be able to escape it?
I was never a very fit person at the best of times, but more than anything I detested the thought of being dragged to 'God knows where' by a, worst case scenario, man-eating root.
I made my move. Running as fast as my weak legs would carry me. I didn't dare look back, though I could here an ominous rustling behind me.
No! I tried to concentrate on something else, anything else, otherwise I felt that my fear would cause my downfall.
Yes, the alarm was still wailing around me, I focused all my thoughts on that instead.

I ran and ran, until I finally reached a small picket fence, it was the boundary of the garden escape was within my grasp.
I tore open the small gate, after almost toppling the small fence in my rush, and flew strait through. I turned back, as I closed the gate, just in time to see the eight root like silhouettes retreating back into the eerie symmetrical garden.

I sat down hard on the ground, completely drained of energy.
Where, or what, was this place?
I sat for awhile and considered all that I had been through. This place, or whatever it

was, was dangerous that was the only thing that I was sure about.
I finally stood up, and to lighten my own mood I muttered a cliched line from an old story "Toto, looks like we're not in Kansas anymore..."
I walked a little way down a cobble stone path that presented itself not far from the monstrous garden. I soon came to a large cave. Looking at my watch, I discovered that it was almost time for the sun to set, for this reason I decided to camp outside of the cave. This place seemed safe enough, for now...

To Be Continued...

(Back by popular demand, meaning one person requested it... (Hey I don't get may requests)
I was also asked what I thought the main character looked like, I have given it a lot of thought and I believe that she may look mostly like Miranda Lotto from the amine D Gray Man.
If ur confused go back to my older entry from the 01/12/08 entitled Ara in Wonderland (Stage 1) As always I appreciate any comments that u may have and criticisms are always considered.
There may be some mistakes (I wrote it late at night once again) if u find any let me know and I'll fix em. Thanx for reading.)

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Community Member

Wed Sep 17, 2008 @ 02:16pm

I like it... I wanna read more to know more about the worlds she in and what people she'll meet. That is a bit of an interesting character that you chosse her to look simular too. I do enjoy the story but i want to read more so I guess I'm gonna tire you out... oh wait I'm not the person who requested this or anything. ninja blaugh

Keep writing your doing a great job!!! I had to look it up too but Cansus is spelled Kansas.

I'll be waiting for your next chapter!!!

Otaku Forever!♥♥♥
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User Image
Community Member

Wed Sep 17, 2008 @ 02:31pm

Gah! I totally overlooked that... (At least u knew what I meant...)
Thanx I changed it...

Community Member

Thu Sep 18, 2008 @ 12:56pm

Your Totally welcome! heart

Anytime Devi~neechan! cool

User Comments: [3]
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