...[ Hero ] Of the Day...

:::Dyllye Levreau (DL)::: November 28th, 2007: For making my smile after a little frustration.

:::Kasey::: November 29th, 2007: Feeling a bit down and yet she cheered me up without knowing it. That marriage project will die.

:::Pinkeh (Danger0uslyPink)::: December 6, 2007: Cause she is awesome! She cheered up a depressed Kasey and make me laugh all the time. Yay!!

:::Vinny::: January 16, 2008: For letting herself be kill with a pencil by me in the game of Mafia. Then we were Mafia together and killed other people. WOO! WOO! Also for her going through most of the stress busters. WOO!