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You don't need no edumacation.
Nightwind Dragon Gown/A day in Towns
Today, I felt like getting away from the forums, which were quite repetitive today. I needed some fresh air... so I went to the train station and randomly picked an area code, and went there to catch some bugs.

I had recently purchased this Nightwind Dragon Gown over in Aekea, after selling Ian part of my other outfit, and the rest at my shop. I had too many items on my outfit, and I felt it need to be simplified. I had my eye on this Nightwind Dragon Gown after visiting Liams shop... quite alot ninja I had previously owned the Icemist Dragon Gown, and I liked the silky, lush feeling it had on me. Liam read me the description of the dress....

Made of fine silk and embroidered with gold colored threads, this sleek gown feels lush against your skin.

So I finally decided to buy it. Although I do miss my designer blush couture boots... but they didn't match the gown, so they had to go.

Anyways, after buying this nice dress, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't get it dirty while I was out hunting for bugs. This would prove tricky, but I was up for the challenge. So, while I was returning to the fountain spot of this area, I ran into... a problem.

Some random guy began to follow me. We began to converse through emoticons, and his signals were suggesting that he liked me while mine were like back off, at which point he would reply with the cry icon.

At first it was all fun and games, and then it began to get annoying. I told him to BACK OFF! And to go away. But he wouldn't. Two other guys and one girl around noticed that he was bothering me. One of the guys told me that he would stop him from bothering me... which is where the funny-ness beings.

So my stalker approaches him (who is sitting under a tree). And bombards him with scream icons and such. And the guy under the tree is like "Buddy, I have a pitchfork". At this point he stands up. And then begins the most funny thing I have ever seen on Gaia. These two guys are clicking frantically around the same vicinity... making them look fairly... stupid. But I have never laughed so hard as I did then. Then one of the other guys tells me that this would be a good time to run, while they were distracted. So I left the area, and an error brought me to the main screen (with the NPC's). So I never got the chance to catch up them, or find out what happened.

Deleated scene: SPY RUN-AROUND

I was sitting by a fountain in towns, by Bogie (in a very NPC manner). Many people came and went, said hi and left. Until this one guy came in quite alot. He was catching bugs and returning them, leaving the map and then returning to deposite the bugs.

He seemed to have noticed that I was sitting there everytime he came back... so a spy game automatically began, even though no words were said by any of us (actions speak louder then words wink )

I remained seated by Bogie, he went around the other side of the fountain to hide. I made my avvie turn around and did the ! icon.... to show that I had spotted him. He began to run... and I followed him. We kept running around and around the fountain. I was chasing him and he was using the icon where the frightened smilie is flailing his arms frantically.

Ah..... good times.

kiwi faerie
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