2day was some wat funny. blaugh in english we had a sub so our class was wild. rofl we got out of our assigned seats,ate and drank in class even though we werent supposed 2.talkin as loud as we wanted. some people were practically yelling.we didnt even get the work done that we were supposed 2 do.the sub did not even do any thing about it.she just sat there readin tha newspaper.she did tell us to quiet down from time 2 time but very rarely.its like she didnt even noice wat was going on in the class room.all i no is that if she rites a note to the teacher,we is in BIG TROUBLE.bt hey she shuld not rite a bad note any way rite.she didnt do anything to stop us so it was her fault in the first place.Rule #1 to becoming a sub,KEEP CONTROL OF YOUR CLASS!!!!and after that shuld b a big DUH!! cool