Clouds of grey filled the sky & I felt alone wanting to run but there’s no place to hide.
Yelling and screaming coming from both sides.
Here & there I must go & yet no one hears me screaming inside.
What’s this what am I to do?
And yet pondering the question will keep coming to.
There isn’t any doubt in my mind of me being gullible.
There isn’t a point of me to question that because I know I am.
I wondered around aimlessly trying to figure out where I belong,
where am I to go, do I even belong.
The question to be unanswered till I find my place to begin with.
I wish to understand what I really want & yet that doesn’t even come to me. I chose a life that cannot be altered I chose it & no one else did.
Yet, I am to get yelled at for something I did not do.
I wish for it to be none.
But I cannot can I?
Thoughts of my own being want nothing more but to run & be free but I cannot. The choices I made is clear, can’t complain can we?
Writing is the thing that keeps me going.
It’s not a crime to only wanting to write is it?
Well then we are still wondering life and life yet have obstacles ahead of us. We are but simple human beings.
Our way of thinking is our own, and yet it is but simple.