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Hoshi no Suna
warning: rant
I am so sick and ******** tired of everything. Everything!!

I hate it when people think I should be all supportive of that gay rights crap just because I like guys! Well here's a news flash for you, I hardly give a damn! have you ever noticed how the only people really fighting for gay rights are straight women?

I'm tired of people thinking I'm stupid. I'm not. I go to a ******** college prep school for God's sake! I can't help when I act like that! It's who I ******** am! Get used to it!

I'm tired of people always asking me, "What's wrong? What's wrong?" When I really just want to be left alone. It's annoying as ********! I don't care if you ask me that every once in awhile, but it seems that every time I don't have a big, goofy smile on my face people seem to think I want to kill myself. Well, I don't! I ******** love living! Just not with everyone asking me s**t! And if you people think I'm so dumb, then stop coming to me for advice! ********.

My brother-in-law needs to ******** die. He needs to die a horrible, horrible death. I hate him. I hate him more than anything. He's nothing but an abusive, vulgar, useless, free-loading peice of s**t.

I wish someone would love me. After my boyfriend dumped me last week... I just felt like crap. I had thought he loved me... I guess not. He turned out to be nothing but a selfish a**. He said, "The relationship was going nowhere." Well, what the ******** were you thinking?! That you'd be riding me within the first ******** week?! The people I can truly trust are my best friend Erica and my sister Skylar. I love them both so much. Heh... my sister doesn't even know I like guys.

I think I'm done. I just really needed to vent all that out. Sorry...

Aiko Imagawa
Community Member
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  • User Comments: [3]
    Eh, I'm sorry Bryan...*hugs you* You do need to come over today. We need eachother right now, don't you think? I love you.

    comment moonprincess75 · Community Member · Sun Sep 18, 2005 @ 05:46pm
    wow. i gues we all have our dirty little secrets. don't worry you need to vent, we al ldo but esp. you. I hope your feeling all better soon. ya know I love you! *muah* *looks around and whispers* But thats just between us!

    comment the_person4459 · Community Member · Wed Sep 28, 2005 @ 01:23pm
    Im sorry to hear about your troubles.....i guess i could go with the cheesy 'It'll all work itself out in the end'....but it never does..

    comment Universum · Community Member · Thu Sep 29, 2005 @ 08:45am
    User Comments: [3]

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