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Welcome to my Interests thoughts and other things that may go on in my wacky head.

-Sora aoiro-
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chapter 3 unfinished..
Chapter 3 :No such thing as an ordinary life

“BING” the cord was pulled, - Kohana stood up, and picked up her sister with the last ounces of strength left within her. Everyone was fast a sleep, snores grew louder; none of them were waking up anytime soon. Bags under his eyes drooped down his cheeks; the bus driver was out of it, wrinkles all over; a weak hand on the wheel; ashy gray hair only covered parts of his head - “ Good thing he's got that cap on” laughed Kohana quietly to herself as she headed to the door. “ Thank you sir” she exclaimed. He taped his hat to her, and closed the bus doors driving off into the fog set ahead.

“Home the worst place in my heart, IT'S THE BEST PLACE EVER I'LL NEVER LEAVE IT!” she beamed. The door had still been locked from when she had locked it; she searched her pockets for the key and found it at the very bottom. “Thank the lord I haven't lost it, not in the mood to climb another tree”, she hesitated. With one turn of the key the door nob clicked opened, with a step she entered. “Home sweet home” she proclaimed as she locked the door behind her. “First things first” chuckled Kohana, -she flung her high heels off into the corner “MUCH BETTER!”, Ugh, my feet kill, feel like I've got a million blisters mashed together on my feet” she sighed in relief. A trail of mud followed her as she ran up the stairs. “Someone I won't meet again....Akira..” she stopped in the middle of the stairs, her grin flopped over into a frown. She ran up to her room

“ I should undress Kameko before she gets sick in those clothes” she reminded herself.
Setting Kameko on the bed, relieved her, her arms ached; they were sore red. “First the top” it was a plain white blouse that had buttons going down it – she began to unbutton Kameko's blouse . “Ugh, she's even more well proportionate then me” overreacted Kohana. “THIS IS MY BRA SHE'S WEARING!! shouted Kohana. “Whatever, it's been a long night I'll get my bra back later” she exclaimed trying to calm her nerves. Slipping off Kameko's mini skirt took a second, it was a checkered black and gray skirt. Her laced black leggings were soaked, and dripped water as Kohana stripped them off. “Even got perfect waxed legs; I've got hairy man legs” she sneered as she looked at her own legs. “Last but not least, cant forget the shoes, glad to know she was smart enough to wear shoes” thought Kohana while she untied Kameko's converses. Tossing Kameko's shoes into her closet, Kohana slipped Kameko into a sleeping gown and tucked her into bed. “I wish she'd wake up, throughout everything not even a toss or turn, wonder if she'll be okay, is she still alive?” Kohana asked herself in puzzlement. Without another word she checked Kameko's pulse, “she's still breathing, good” Kohana said relieved. Kohana noticed the eyeliner that ran across Kameko's cheeks, she gently cleaned off Kameko's make up. “Ha you know what she looks better without any make up on, that and I gotta stop talking to myself Kohana humored herself. “One more thing, - she ran into the kitchen, but came back with a wet cloth, and placed it on Kameko's forehead, “this should ease her migraine; I can smell the liquor from her breath, eh, who couldn't” she remarked. “Good night Kameko chan, get better soon ” she whispered – She kissed Kameko's head, and shut off the lights.

“We've been out all day, aw man I haven't done any of my homework” Kohana sighed as she looked out the bathroom window. “ I hate school sometimes, all those new faces to get to know, all those cliques, the teachers, the overflowing homework real question is what's so good about high school?, oh how I miss middle school” cried Kohana. “ Kameko is in no condition to go to school, I guess I can see how she is in the morning” thought Kohana as she cleaned up her make up.

Tares in Kohana's skirt were tremendous, her top had been soaked so much it had become transparent. No one had witnessed her running through the streets, there was no one there to see. Her bra was showing, even the straps were clearly visible. “Should I be embarrassed that I looked like a slut running around the valley, am I suppose to be ashamed? She laughed at the thought. “Who cares can't do nothing now, it's been done” she answered herself. Ayame, I mean mom would have been disappointed at my poor decision of clothing” Kohana grinned. “He, would...love it, it'd turn him on, he'd beat me as he did to my mother, he is labeled my dad right, course how could I forget that...., in my heart he is labeled a traitor, my fate would be similar to my mother's then it'd be Kameko's turn to be imprisoned.” she admitted, “Who are we kidding we can't hide, I can't lie to myself like this, it's not okay.. nothing is” she mumbled.
“These track pants and t-shirt should do fine”, she said with satisfy. she unclipped her bra from the back, and tried to figure out what her homework was at the same time. “ There's a cold world out there to explore, I wish I could save Kameko from it, I don't want her to sink into depression like me” she said worriedly as she slipped on a t- shirt. “ I can't save her from everything, she needs to learn, and if I don't let her make her own mistakes she never will, she argued to herself.

“That..smile.., the look in her eyes.., the joy that fills her preppy heart, how long is it going to last?, deep beneath all that is a sad little..girl with her teddy bear pressed tightly against her chest, Kohana said in a cold voice. Kohana held her breath, her mind created a picture from pieces of her memory as she closed her eyes. - Kohana, do you think 5th grade is going to be hard, are you afraid?” Kameko asked softly. “Hey, don't worry about it kiddo we are going to go through it together , mom says it'll be great! Smiled Kohana. Kameko danced around with her little red bow teddy bear, “when is daddy coming home?”, asked Kameko happily. “He will come soon he is really busy with his business work,” lied Kohana. “He's not coming don't lie to me Kohana San” retorted Kameko sadly. “Enough about dad, come I'll make your hair it's all over the place, crazy girl” laughed Kohana. “ Hurray! Can it be two braids? Asked Kameko. “Sure sweetheart come sit here- Kohana patted the ground in front of her. “Okay!, Kameko ran but fell over a pillow..he he..my bad..- “Slap!” Ayame you are the worst....B***h wife ever ..you whore, heard you were sleeping with other men shouted the traitor. “ I..don't you have to believe...me” cried Ayame, NO IM SICK OF YOU , WHAM!” Whipped the traitor. Please.. don't do this we have kids...”, Ayame pleaded for mercy. “Where's the money you made for sleeping with other men , I WANT IT NOW GOD DAMN IT” demanded traitor. “Why won't you believe me I don't have anything, I'm not sick like that ..I have kids” sobbed Ayame. “Kameko stay here, play with Chizu just don't come downstairs”, ordered Kohana. “ okay onee san (older sister), I'll be good” smiled Kameko innocently.

Kohana's Point of view

“....Dad..is that you, I whispered as I was going down the stairs, that's when I saw my dad had been sobbing over my mother's bloody body. I can never forget that vivid imagine in my mind. It hurts to picture it, my father had killed..our mother. I found multiple stabs and whip marks all across her body..she went through torture. It's hard for me to admit, she was his sex slave. Every time he would come home she'd take his beatings silently. Our mom explained to us that it was a way he showed her his love, I knew that was a bunch of lies; your love for someone shouldn't bring pain to them but a cozy heart warming feeling. In the dead of the night I'd hear Ayame's sobs and her deep breaths, she'd try to catch her breath. I'd find her pillow soaked with tears in the morning. Her eyes would be red; our mom never did sleep a night peacefully. Ayame would tell us when it got too violent to hide in our closet with our door locked; I wished she could have been there with us that night

When the traitor went out for some beer to calm himself, I had buried our mother's body somewhere in the blossom grave yard. I took Kameko and a shovel with me, but I made sure she thought it was someone else. I am only 2 minutes older then Kameko; that 2 minutes was a big difference. Kameko had no clue who it was but she still prayed and cried for whoever she thought it was, she gave up Chizu; her favorite teddy bear, and buried it with our mother's grave. There was no way I was going to live in that home full of shady memories, I wish I could have burned it before we packed up and ran away. I took all that we needed and all the pictures of our mother, Kameko, and I. My father never stuck around long enough to take a family photo. Kameko and I had been saving up our money for a car that our mom could drive, but we used it to get a temporary place to stay. I found a job when I was 12, didn't pay much but it's the only way we survived. Kameko's run out was my fault, I've always lied to her saying our mom is out on important business, and that she'd be back soon. As trusting as Kameko is, she believed me throughout all these years, but today I told her the truth; well, it slipped out in our argument. She left without a single word after I said it. . Even after being her older sister I still let her do my hair, and I follow her;. it use to be the other way around when we were kids.

There was a time where Kameko had watched our parents fight, it..hurt her, it broke her up into pieces. She'd wake up in cold sweat, I think it hasn't left her memory since.., it's hammered into her head. Sometimes she'd stand outside in the rain, sipping each raindrop that hit her lips. After I saw what one fight did to her, I kept her away when our dad came home. I've always hated rain, our dad would come home on rainy days, with each strike of thunder was a whip to our mother. I regret not calling the cops, Ayame always said it was okay...but nothing was okay.., her voice would be shaky when she told us everything was perfectly fine. The glisten in her eyes would go dull gray, deep down she too was shattered into a million pieces. There was no one she could love but us, that's the only reason she stayed with our father because we were born; I'm the daughter of a rapist , and so is Kameko. My father was very handsome, but had the eyes of a killer. Narrow, sharp black pearl eyes. He wouldn't smile; How could he keep a straight face all day? With a clean shave he'd look normal, but with his facial hair, he'd look like a true hoodlum. Long and bony fingers, Any women would be head over heels in love at the sight of him. He has taken many hearts and betrayed them, the women who've had their hearts broken by our dad, throw rocks at our house screaming his name and some foul language . We've had our house, vandalized, t peed, and..a lot..more things that can go beyond my imagination.

Ayame was a respected women around the neighborhood, but at home, was beat like an owner would beat their own innocent puppy. Ayame didn't have much time anyway...cancer had spread through her body, we hadn't had enough money for her treatment and she was getting worst day by day; she was losing her hair. He didn't let her die peacefully, he had to make her life shorter then it already was. I'd take Kameko with me to go look for some money around the streets, we'd pick up any cash we could find and save it up for our mom. The filthy streets, would be populated by gangs and other criminal activities. I..have been beaten a couple times, for pick pocketing and being caught sometimes. When I went out to do that type of job, I wouldn't take Kameko with me.

I've always wondered if my dad ever had a conscience, was it possible for a human being to be so vial?. All he has caused is pain, the worst thing is that I got to see him today at the club. Not sure why he'd come back, was he here looking for us or was he here looking for some sluts to pick up? I'd never go back to that traitor, Kameko..I never want her to know we were born by rape. I may envy her but I'll never want her to be in pain. ...I do love Kameko, ..I never did hate her, I love.. my sister. We have each other and we don't need him.

Ah... our councilor told me not to think too much, but you can never think too much,..can you..? Ms. Mayaki seems to be messed in the head herself, What does she know. I guess that’s what happens when your 50 and without a man. I’ve been going to her for some advice, but she’s always venting to me, so I don’t really get much help; at least I get to miss class. Schools been a bummer all week, friends have been taking drugs. All my friends worship Kameko, I can hear their laughter and see their fingers pointing directly at me.

Our teachers are kinda weird, they try to make us laugh with the corniest jokes, we laugh because they’re the ones who are grading us, so you gotta butter them up to score some good grades; well it works for me.

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