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...-It is nighttime now...Elicia and Rocese are gone, and Myst, Chris, and Epathy are the only ones in the house. The storm is still roaring.-

...-It was proclaimed in 2250... The Apocolypse would begin on the year 2500... The beginning of the end... Reality's time cannot proceed past 2500... Existence paralysis shall take place, madness will conquer everything, and Darkness will cover Reality in their shroud of cruelty... It is God's hourglass for us... And the sand shall drop, lying still eternally... Reality... is a prototype in the image of God himself...-
Chris: [Reading an extremely old looking book with a sorrowful expression.] 2500... Just around the corner... Can this really be true? What was it like in 2250...? Did our Savior return to us only to crush our hope...? Or was it Satan himself? Who could've brought about such dark news...? [Takes a deep breath. He places the book on a shelf nearby and stands up from the couch, glancing outside at the ongoing storm.] (I can't force myself to believe this... All this anticipation of the Apocolypse is insane... Most people on the planet are comitting suicide up to now... It's been reported all over the world. Half the world's population was lost during the war, and a fourth killed themselves in preparation for the Apocolypse... The Pilgrimage to Heaven or Hell... Three fourths of the world's population is gone... North America, empty... South America, empty... Asia, empty... Europe, empty...Antarctica, empty The only continents left with people are Africa, Australia, and Alyptica... Why...? Why did the Gates of Fantasy close on us? Why are they leaving us to die...?)
Epathy: [Approaches Chris.] ...You read it again, didn't you...?
Chris: [Lowers his head and takes a seat again.] ...Yeah.
Epathy: ...[Sits next to Chris, staring out the window. Thunder crashes...] Listen, Chris. Don't let that scare you... What if it's not true?
Chris: ...It must be...
Epathy: It don't believe in it.
Chris: [Turns his head to Epathy, who is now looking back at him.] ...Epathy...
Epathy: None of us do, Chris. It's why we're so positive about the road ahead. It isn't our religion... It's not what we believe. This existence has given far too much effort to be paralyzed just like [snaps his fingers] that. Our lives are precious to God...
Chris: ...You really feel strongly about living long.
Epathy: You and I will go a lot further in life than 2500... You and I, and mom, dad, Elicia, and Rocese.
Chris: Epathy... You are the best brother anyone could ever have.
Epathy: Brothers like us never truly die, Chris.
[They both do their handshake...]
[The sound of a loud crash is heard, accompanied by a scream of agony... Thunder sounds afterwards, with the violent raindrops and the howling winds...]
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