ok hi people this is my 1st entry for Cheerleader!!! I am a cheerleader so this stuff is true!!!! I know that a lot of people think that cheerleading is dangerous,but it isnt that much i have only got hurt once by my lip getting a huge gash in it!!! I am a back, i know how 2 base but i prefer not 2 cause i have a weak wrist since i broke it in 4th grade when i got run over by a sled!!! My coach asked me to be a flyer 4 my school, but my parents told me that i couldnt cause they didnt want me 2 get hurt so i had 2 hold signs instead of stunt cause i was 2 short 2 back or base!!! So here is a tip 4 u guys you shouldnt stunt unless you have a mat because it is not very safe!!! Probably the only bad thing about cheerleading 4 me is that you always have 2 like watch ur weight because pple think that cheerleaders are supposed 2 be thin!! also i hate how you cant wear nail polish because i love to paint my nails!!! Ok well thats all 4 now if you have any questions then just pm me or if you want to be my friend then just ask!! and i would love to hear your opinions on my article or my avatar thanks by!!!