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Recent adventures?
I wonder how many people actually read this text, if you do you might as well leave a comment to this, story I ought to tell the tale. I changed the text size so that people can see what I have written in my book of tales, letters and stories

---It started with water, it was the final day of my kaplan studies, and three days after my family and some friends, are gonna go to a water-themed park called "Splish Splash" I couldn't wait, at least, I knew she wouldn't come, I don't know what happened, maybe its her new brother that has been bought to this world recently, but I didn't really knew the reason why she didn't came.

---As I was saying, I was in the class room of the kaplan review center, today was my final lesson as I recall. I was really relived that it was. Ms. Moss, my kaplan teacher bought in some candy, I had water so I was fine. We, or should I say Eric, Collin, Lihanna, Rachel, Rodger, This other girl whom I have forgotten, and I were learning scrambling paragraphs. I'm gonna get to the boring part so I might as well skip this segment of my story

---Continuing, to the future to the day, after my kaplan. Family friends came in. they went up, to my apartment. Only to go down 1 floor to my sister's room. Leona, a friend of mine ever since I was bought to this world, gave me a letter, from Kary Ann as she rushed downstairs. I held my electric guitar with me cause I was practicing the song I have written to her. As I read the letter, i felt strange, as if a part of me has drifted away. I placed the letter on my art table. and went downstairs, for dinner.

---Fast forward after dinner. we were watching Olympic swimming. Leona gave me a cell phone telling me to write how i feel so that she could send it back to her. What have i typed on the cell phone? Nothing. I didn't really knew how I felt, cause a part of me has drifted away. But i saw myself out of my body, out of my shell holding the cellphone with tears in the back of my head. I couldn't remember why I was crying inside while on the outside was a smile, trying to hide it. Alas I gave her back the cell with nothing on it.

---Moving on to the day after. Were were out in Manhattan outside the "Museum of Modern Art" in the small out door garden with the small fountain. I suddenly had this rush in my head to go home. I didn't know why, but I wanted to go home, only to write a letter on the back of the letter, Leona gave me from Kary-ann. I rushed to go home, only to get scold by my older sister. As we got home, I wrote the letter on the back of the letter but when I was finished I hanged it up on the wall where I post my best artwork, that I drew. I placed it there so that I can recall to it, to remind me of something, something that I don't know. What did i write on the letter? You may never now until you read the letter.

---Skipping to few hours after. It was 8:00 at night, after church, the famlies decided to go touring in Manhattan. Leona, Her older brother, My older sister and I stayed behind. To do some stuff. My sister went on downstairs to go study for her SAT, While the three of us went on to watching something on television. We watch a movie from "Monster HD" It was called "Dead Alive" it was more funnier that as it was scarier though so us three cracked up, in most of the movie. It had a lot of blood, But it also reminded my that I have friends too, that will help me pull through.

---Continuing on to "Splish splash" We're here, As i got out the car I sang "La La Lie" by "Jack's Mannequin" Ironic isn't it how i was singing a song of what currently happened the few days back. Anyways once we were there, we had fun, it wasn't really great. You'd have to wait in line a lot cause there was a lot of people. But there was a particular water slide that was worth the wait. I think it was called the "Alien Invasion" we waited for a few hours, but once we got up the top people were starting to get scared, so the line got shorter, Once we were there... Its hard to explain in details how fun it was, so I cant really explain what I'm typing. So after some few swims, and the slide. we went home separating our ways again. Thus it ends with water

---Moving forward to 1 week before school starts. I Was in my grandmother's house that day with some cousins, and some cousin's cousins. One in particular was Jaymee she was from Califronia we had a great time together, even though were only friends for the weekend, It reminded of a song by "Sherwood" called "town that you live in" I kinda miss her now, I didn't realize the time we had together was short, so I kinda didn't get myself straight. I wasn't my self when I was with her. I remember though when we went to the woods, or jumped of swings and listen to music. It was so much fun, but I wasn't myself, and therefore I regret it. I still think of it today. But because of her, I became alive again. so thanks Jaymee.

So here I am counting down the days till California comes

Thanks for you time reading this, story of mine

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xx time to P A N ii C
Community Member

Sun Sep 07, 2008 @ 08:55pm

- - - - - - - - » « - - - - - - - -

Don't be too down and lost, okies??
You still have me and...uh...Sakaki...
Speaking of her...She got all worked up
about the picture you showed her.
You know...the one with you and Jaymee??
(pretty name by the way!! ~)

Oh! Anyhoo~ Why do you have to use
our real names? I mean really! x____=
I would have been more comfortable
if you used our nicknames...

- - - - - - - - » « - - - - - - - -

-Breaking My Promise-
Community Member

Mon Sep 08, 2008 @ 03:12am

SHUT THE HECK UP MIZUKI!!!!!! u dont have to listen to everything that she says.. u know how good of a liar she is.. no.. hahahahaha.. i'm joking.. i'm glad the u had fun when mizuki and everyone was there with u... well, i sort of knew that when leona came back after a while.. but anyways.. i really wish i was there to have fun with u and everyone else.. i could have made a better excuse to go there, but really, my dad knows what happens when me and u r there together.. but my excuses might have worked.. like for example..

if there was the legarte family, the herrandez family, and the sajhorda family was there, why not the malicdem family.. but it might convince the other parents other than my dad... oh well..

but i'm glad that i understand and that i'm not worked up over it now.. eheheheh u have to know this though... i'm a person who can get easily jealous.... just a heads up... i don't like my guy friends with other girls, but sometimes i don't care... don't get any ideas on this though... that's why i don't stay with a guy that long.. ehehe

User Comments: [2]
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