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You don't need no edumacation.
Parting is such sweet sorrow...
It was a good day for me. I had earned much gold by posting in the forums, and voting at the polls. I returned to my house with RoRo and KiKi and placed the days earnings of gold safely under the mushroom shaped lamp in my house. It was safe there. Roro hid his bones there. And often, Roro had hid birthday gifts and such for Kiki and me. They were never expensive or extravagent gifts, but they were thoughtful.

The house was empty, but it was home. I didn't have a bed or barely any furniture yet, but it was still a roof over my head and a place to store some of my items.

Roro, Kiki, and I had been fairly tired from a good day of working in the forums, but the bills hadn't been paid, the taxes haven't been collected. (Now, I am not a poor Gaian, but I am not a rich Gaian either. I am more of a lower middle class Gaian who must work hard to keep my gold stable).

So the knock at the door the next morning was not acknowledged with much anticipation. Roro barked, kiki dashed to the farthest corner of the house. And I went to answer the door.

"Good evening." The tax collecter said. He was a ritzy fellow, I noticed as he took his top hat off and straightened his monocle. His V Pin gleamed in the sun, which I glared at warily, making sure to take off my G Pin while I was still half way behind the door. We were automatic enemies, and it wouldn't be too good if he knew I was a Gambino supporter.

"Hello, what do you want?" I didn't even try to make an effort at politness. I could see he realized this as he shifted his breifcase from one hand to the other. After struggling to remove the G Pin, I handed it down... knowing that one of my pets would take it and hide it. I felt relieved when I felt Roro's strong jaw gently take the G Pin away from my hand, and I felt a light vibration on the floor as he trotted off to hide it. Good Roro, I'll make it a point to take you too Isle de Gambino for a walk today I said in my head, smiling at the thought of his loyalness.

I slipped out of the door and closed it behind me. When the tax collector continued. "Well, as you are probably aware... even in this part of Gaia" he said as he looked disappovingly around. I shot him a nasty look, but he pretended not to see it, and went on.

"Taxes are due, and I am here to collect 500 gold from the Gaians in this neighborhood." He said as he held out a leather pouch. "Who exactly do these taxes go too? I mean, with Gambino and his son missing" I said, hoping they were still alive "And with the Von Helsons dead" I added just to spite him. He was taken aback. He held his hand to his V Pin and said "It is not up to you, a mere commoner to question where the taxes go to. Just pay, and I will be on my way. If you do not believe I am an official tax collector I can show you the papers" He said as he unlocked his briefcase and presented an official looking document with a gold stamp, and a signature by both of the Von Helson sisters.

"It is signed by the Von Helsons, that means that this license is only legal in Durem." I said, almost certain that I wouldn't have to pay now. "Would you like me to read through it? I believe you will find that it is legal through out all of Gaia." He removed his monocle and put on a pair of thin lensed glasses, which he peered down through as his eyes scanned through the document. "I don't care what it says. Unless it is signed by Johnny K. Gambino, I am not paying 1 gold." I said, begining to open the door to my house.

The tax collector lifted his right hand, and used two fingers as if to motion to somebody to come forward. I looked, and saw several guards clad similar to Leon come forth. "Those who do not pay, will be arrested immediatly. And taken to the prision in Aekea. The guards there are robots, so I don't think they will show any compassion what-so-ever." He said. And before I could say anything, Roro burst out of the door and violently attacked the tax collector. The guards eventually managed to get Roro off of the surprised man, who seemed to have forgotten all about collecting taxes.


My punishment for this was that I would have to sell my Roro at my shop, it was either that or Roro getting put to sleep. I was happy that I never had to deal with the tax collector again, Roro did a fine job of that.

I never really realized I was selling Roro until the haggling actually started. I began to feel numb, and sick to the stomach. As Gaians came to look at Roro, I felt my eyes burn, I tried to hold the tears back. I didn't hear what they were saying, I was too busy looking at the unknowing Roro, who was running around the shop as he usually did, and occasionally sitting up straight and obiedienty at my side, then running around again.

Finally a guy wearing a ninja band came up to the counter. I was watching poor Roro play tug-of-war with Kiki with one of my blush couture boots. I didn't realize he was there until his ninja band glinted in my eyes. He said, "I'll give you 1.6k, GAIA 1st annual memorial photo, a chicky hat, and a bunny hat for your Roro." I almost said, he's not for sale... but then I realized that I had to sell him. I reluctantly agreed. I watched him carry my Roro away. Roro looked back at me, confused, but understanding all the same.

Thats when the flood gates opened. I cried. I remembered all the times Roro and I had together. The times we spend in the forums... everything. Kiki came up to me, and laid gently in my lap, looking up at me... as if to say everything was going to be alright.


Kiki and I headed silently, and slowly home. It was growing dark, and fireflies began to appear. I noticed the fireflies with much melancholy. They were flying under our favorite tree. The tree Roro, Kiki, and I had sat down under every evening and watched the sunset. Many daisies grew under that tree, we never picked them. They were far too beautiful...

I opened the door to my house, and Kiki walked slowly over to her corner of the house and curled up. I placed the 1st GAIA anniversary memorial photo, signed by Gambino in the corner of the house. And sat next to it. My birthday was coming up, and it would be very sad and lonely without Roro. Sure, I have Kiki... but it's not the same without Roro.

I went to the mushroom lamp to place the gold I had earned from selling Roro under it. When the last glint of the day caught my eye. There lie the G Pin, which Roro had hidden for me earlier. It lie there neatly, and cleaner than before. The gold it was made of shone brightly. I proudly pinned it on. But there was something else under the mushroom lamp....

I moved aside two pouches of gold, and there lie a weak, limp daisy. I picked it up carefully. I felt like it would fall apart. Tears welled up in my eyes as I realized that this was Roros birthday gift to me. Hidden, like all his other gifts. One of the beautiful daisies that we never wanted to pick. I placed it in my hair. There was something special about this daisy. Something that held it together, and though it may seem far-fetched... I believe it was Roros courage and loyalty. Which would forever live on in this frail daisy.

I then made a vow to myself to never sell my Kiki, G Pin, or Daisy.

kiwi faerie
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