Listen, guys... I read over my first attempt at this journal entry, and it's way too basic. I'll have to add some flare to it if it really does lead up to where I am now. So, to be very honest, you guys might see Sync either start over, or continue on this account. -Yay-.
I'm actually considering starting a new, less chaotic Sync. xD
It might not be confusing anymore! =D
...But from the original Sync, the characters might be a bit different...
This is basicly Sync 2(I guess), but a lot like 1.
-...The moon is shining a radiant purple...-
[A young teen runs franticly through a gothic scenery. Dead trees, indigo skies, and molten lava are the only thing in sight for miles, aside from the jagged, eerie mountains in the distance. He stops, doubling over and attempting to catch his breath... He is wearing a grey jacket, blue jeans, and average sneakers. His hair falls over his left eye, but is not too long overall. His eyes are light blue.]
-C H R I S-
Chris: [Breathing with unease.] Erf... Gotta... get away... [With this being said, he drops to his knees, palms face down on the black soil beneath him, still trying to catch his breath.] I just... can't...
Ominous Voice: [From nowhere...] There is no escape... You cannot run from the Darkness you seek...
Chris: [Raises his head.] No... I don't seek...Darkness...
[Suddenly, dark purple fire bursts from the ground in a ring around Chris, isolating him from escaping.]
Chris: [Struggles to his feet.] Ergh... What...? No...
[Emerging from the fire, a huge, shady being walks slowly, approaching Chris. He is wearing a large, black cloak that goes perfectly camoflauged with his shady body. All that can be seen are the terrifying gleams in his eyes.]
-N A U G H T-
Naught: It is no use... You shall be one with Darkness... My Advocate...
Chris: Naught... You'll never... take me... I will never give in to you.
Naught: Hmhmhmm... Foolishly stubborn as always... [Raises his hand and snaps his devilish fingers.]
[Four others appear from the fire... One seems small, and looks much like a lion cub with grey fur. His eyes are deep blue.]
-D A N I E L-
[The second seems much like a violet and purple chao of an exclusive type. Her eyes are deep green. She is wearing dark purple and red royal garments with ornate designs. Her hair is brown: long and curled as well. Her wings are dark indigo, and she wields a small staff with a pink gem placed at the top.]
-L E A-
[The third, on the opposing side of Naught is taller than the others. He looks like a human, but some features are simplified to antifiguration. His hair is black, and nearly goes over both eyes, which are crimson red. All of his clothes are heavy and black.]
-I D I-
[The fourth is the tallest, excluding Naught. He is a Mobian wolf. His hair is also black, but rather short, and extends into a tiny mowhawk. His fur is light brown. He wears a black headband with an interesting four-pronged symbol on it, and ninja apparell, mainly. At each of his sides, two specially designed kunai are sheathed. His eyes are dark red.]
-G I N S E N G A A R _ T H E _ W O L F-
Ginsengaar: You can't escape, Chris...
Idi: Lest you die...
Lea: Because death is the only way out.
Daniel: Just face it... Surrendering is the best way to go...
Chris: No...No, I won't...
Naught: You have no choice... Join Darkness... It is your sole purpose...
Chris:[Collapses...All he can hear now is "Join Darkness."...] (I'll never join you... Naught...)
[The sound of menacing laughter roars through Chris' head, and everything fades...]
-Earth, December 27, 2499... On the island of Mawland, in a small neigborhood surrounded by nothing but nature...-
Chris: [Asleep.] No...No please! Don't take me, no! Whoaa!! [Sits up quickly... Takes a deep breath...] Just a dream... That was weird, it felt too real... [Glances out the window.] It's raining...? [Thunder crashes in the distance. The raindrops can be heard dancing chaoticly on the grassy ground outside, as well as on the roof of the large, two-story house. Suddenly, louder footsteps can be heard approaching. Then, knocking...] Hm?
Active Voice: C'mon! Wake up already, sleepy head!
Chris: Urgh... What a night that must've been, with that storm blowin' by. [Rubs his head, and then turns so that he is sitting with his feet on the floor. He stalls for a bit.]
Active Voice: Hello? You can't sleep forever, Chris! I know you can hear me!
Chris: [Chuckles.] Tch, yeah, I hear you... I'm awake, I'm coming! [Gets up from the bed and makes his way to the closed door, opening it to find his fur-sister standing with her hands on her hips. She is a fox furry with very light grey fur. Her hair is average length, and lightly curly; the same color as Chris'. Her eyes are brown. She is wearing a light blue morning gown.]
-E L I C I A-
Elicia: Finally, snoozy!
Chris: Sorry! I had a bit of a bad dream...
Elicia: [A clever smirk crosses her face as she leans in and starts tapping her foot.] Oh really?
Chris: ...You don't believe me...
Elicia: What? I just don't think you're the most honest guy!
Chris: Ok, fine, fine! [Scratches the back of his head.] So, what?
Elicia: C'mon! Downstairs, hurry! [Grabs Chris by the hand and rushes him downstairs roughly. Chris appears to be wearing a loose tank-top and pajama pants.] Hey! I brought sleepy head!
Caring Voice: Oh, lovely Elicia! [She is, too, a fox furry much like Elicia. She is older however, about the motherly age. Her hair is long, light brown and curly. She is wearing a violet night gown similar to Elicia's but much more designed. Her eyes are pure blue.]
-M Y S T-
Strong Voice: [Sitting at the kitchen table, he brings up his coffee mug to wave "hello" to Chris.] 'Morning, Chris. [Appears to be a fox furry of the same colored fur. He is wearing a black shirt with black sweat pants for the cold night. His hair is short, somewhat close cut, and dark brown. His figure is well-shapen, and he does not seem to be as young as Chris or Elicia, however he is still a brother to them. He is in his very early 20s. His eyes are dark brown.]
-R O C E S E-
[From behind Chris, another fox furry approaches. This one looks just as old as him. He has darker grey fur than anyone else, and is basicly in the same clothes as Rocese. His hair is very similar to Chris', except it is lighter brown. His eyes are dark purple. He looks like a friendly fellow from first glance.]
-E P A T H Y-
Epathy: Hey bro! [Gives Chris a high five and wraps his hand around tightly in a hand hug. This was their casual brotherly greeting.]
Chris: Hey Ep! Pretty stormy weather out there this morning...
Myst: Oh yes. The meteorologists have predicted this for quite some time now. To our wishes, it will remain under control.
Rocese: [Taking a sip of his coffee.] If it does not, which is unlikely, Federation Awgo has more than enough evacuation pods for everyone.
Elicia: Sooo, let's try to keep positive, 'kay?
Chris: What'd you guys need me for though?
Myst: You're the only one I haven't told yet, sweetie... Your father is on the mainlands.
Chris: The mainlainds...? The war-torn region again?
Myst: Yes. He is with an expeditionary force.
Rocese: From what I gather, he's supporting the Lunar Squadron on their search for Fantasy evidence.
Chris: (Fantasy... I already miss seeing the faces them out there...) I thought the gate from Fantasy to Reality were closed.
Rocese: The gate is closed, but even still... Some things remain.
Elicia: Darkness could've even left it. It's why they put safety in numbers.
Epathy: I just hope dad's not getting himself into any trouble on those barren lands that used to be North America...
Chris: He'll be fine... He's a tough guy.
Epathy: Yeah, he is.
Elicia: Let's stay positive for him also!
Chris: Thanks for givin' me the heads up mom.
Myst: You're welcome, dearie.
Rocese: Well... [Stands up from his seat, placing his coffee mug on the table.] I'm going to use the shower module before I forget.
Elicia: Ooh! Me next Bro-guard! I have a modeling show to get to today! [Follows Rocese upstairs.]
Rocese: Well, I'm coming too. You have to stay safe in this storm, Eli.
[They continue to converse as they proceed up the next flight of stairs.]
Epathy: [Turns to Chris.] You slept in a bit, unusually also. Something happen?
Chris: ...Well, I had this crazy dream.
Epathy: Crazy dream?
Chris: Yeah. Naught was in it...
Epathy: Yikes. Jeez, that's a little scary right off the bat.
Chris: I was running from him and his minions in this evil looking place.
Epathy: Did you get away?
Chris: I got too tired to run, then Naught found me... He enclosed me, and told me some pretty freaky things...
Epathy: Like what?
Chris: Like "you can't escape me" and "join Darkness, it's the only way.". That kinda stuff. I eventually pass out with them towering over me.
Epathy: ...And that's when you woke up, right?
Chris: Yeah...
Epathy: Wow... Dude, you've been in some crazy situations in the Ethereal Cross war, maybe that had a toll on you.
Chris: It is pretty scary.
Epathy: You were one of the only ones who got taken to Fantasy by Darkness... One of the only ones from Reality to experience Fantasia Metamorphosis, right?
Chris: It was stranger than anything else I've experienced... Becoming something else is a weird feeling... I became a part of Fantasy and Reality... And with those...
Epathy: Are Light and Darkness...
Chris: I guess all of that had a huge impact on me later on... That time is now...
...[Lightning flashes...Thunder crashes...]...
Epathy: ...Now I'm a bit more worried about dad... Anything can happen on the mainlands...
Chris: ...Dad...
Epathy: ...Hmm... Hey, do you think this storm'll pass by today?
Myst: I'm sure it will, sweetie. We'll just stay cozy for today. It looks like Rocese and Elicia are going out today.
Epathy: I hope they'll stay safe out there...
Chris: [Turns his head, looking out the large window at the effects of the storm.] (There's a name for storms like these in Mawland... Religious philosophers believe that they are the sign of something tremendous... And definately not good. Something will happen, and nobody will expect it... A Maelstrom... Well, thankfully, I don't believe in that.)

Yup. Way different from the first actually.
Character's are gonna look like they're out of place for a bit, but you'll get used to it. ^^
I'm going against every comic or story I've ever made, so it's not too easy on my end. xD
I might eventually have to make an originality of this Sync... And that, of course, will be Ethereal Cross.