You thought that last one was long... Dude, holy crap.
This one is a lot longer. xD (Most of these pics are the animated ones, so deal. @.@, that and SIZE DISTORTION SUCKS! D< wink

User Image(Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic Series.)User Image(Tails Shinx, Double Slash.)
User Image(Amy Rose, Sonic Series.)User Image(Amy Roselia, Double Slash.)
User Image(Silver the Hedgehog, Recent Sonic Series.)User Image(Silver Riolu, Double Slash.)
User Image(Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Series.)User Image(Shadow Umbreon, Double Slash.)
User Image(Cream the Rabbit, Sonic Series.)User Image(Cream Buneary, Double Slash.)
User Image(Adam Torchic, Double Slash.)
User Image(Al Mudkip, Double Slash.)

User Image(Eve Eevee, Double Slash.)
User Image(Ekkid Pichu, Double Slash.)
User Image(Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic Series.)User Image(Knuckles Vulpix, Double Slash.)

User Image(Manaphy, Pokemon Series~Double Slash Ver.)
User Image(Falco Lombardi, Star Fox Series.)
User Image(Wolf O'Donnell, Star Fox Series, Unanimated... >< wink
User Image(Midna, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Unanimated. X.X;;...)
User Image(Zelda, Legend of Zelda Series.)
User Image(Riku, Kingdom Hearts Series.)
User Image(Kairi, Kingdom Hearts Series.)
User Image(Axel, Kingdom Hearts 2.)
User Image(Roxas, Kingdom Hearts 2.)
User Image(Yukimura Sanada, Samurai Warriors.)
User Image(Ma Chao, Dynasty Warriors...More unanimation...)

Okay, um... That should do it FOR NOW!
Time to update the character list like a crazy monkey biotch.