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Wanna know a little about me?

- Isn't it obvious? I'm clearly amale
- Do I really look 17
- One of the many things I have to wait for every year July 13
- This is my true self Elf cadet
- My blood is special, it's A

Story Of My Life

- Do you think we could get along? Certainly not the easiest person to understand, Aysu is an introvert with a capital I. Emotions are hidden beneath the tough exterior that he happens to possess -- like a barrier or something. Although he can be kind and affable, his mood swings are unpredictable. No this is not drugs that makes him like this, if you want to blame something..blame genetics!

Aysu tends to be bitter and melancholic, often feeling hurt unnecessarily.(Don't you just love him?) While he likes to draw sympathy,and play with your emotions.. he can be fairly insensitive towards others, snapping, being rude and short-tempered. However, his seemingly cruel behavior is only a clever means to hide his own insecurities and complexes.I bet you didn't see that one coming!

Inside, you might say he's almost like a timid, hurt child. Aysu can be admirably kind, generous, understanding and gracious, if all is well with him.Also if he feels like it, besides just because he can doesn't mean he will. No matter how unpleasant Aysu can seem seem to some people, he has a conscience that prompts him to do the right things - like standing by people in their time of need.Almost like he actually cares..but that's just how he is. He also has good intuitive powers, though some of his friends laugh at this.. and mostly put them to good use in managing his life.Aysu likes to have fun with his friends but " You can do without being so crabby, if one may say so." Is what he gets when someone cheats and he goes off like a nuclear explosion." Keep your moods in check." He's heard that before and it only ticks him off more.

Love and romance matter more than anything else to Aysu . No other person he knows romances better, equally though, no one takes it so badly when romance turns sour either. But with his changeable nature ,Aysu is fascinating, mysterious, stimulating and extremely alluring. This elf's personality seems to be is one of the most magic of all and and once his magic has reached you, Aysu is a most beguiling companion. After all, isn't the Moon the most talked about and romantic galactic identity?
- How well do you know me? It was July when he was born.From what I'm told July is hardly ever stormy but that night was as if it was making up for lost time.Raindrops poured down the window and little moonlight shone on the grounds from the rather heavy storm.Inside on a large bed lay a woman in her early twenties, black hair that rivaled the night and eyes that look with an intensity.With the sweat and look of exhaustedness about her, she held the newest members of the family.Yes sirrah that'd be Aysu.The guy you know and love..also someone else.His twin ,Mannaseh, whose life ended far too soon.Anyway, in that room Aysu was born all full of innocence and little did they know that he wouldn't stay that way.

Growing up when other little kids were busy driving their parents off the walls with their crazy non sugar insanity..Aysu would hang out by himself happily playing alone.It wasn't some disorder that he had that made him not want to play with those other was just how he was.Being the younger of the twins might also account for this, you be the judge of that.It was on his 11th birthday that the Juuishi attacked. Hardly any were spared and those who fled escaped far away. It was at this time that Aysu's child like nature began to disappear. Like vapor and it was as if his inner child uncovered his eyes to allow a whole new way of understanding.The young elf watched in horror as the valient soldiers that he planned on becoming died one by one. Even now he can remember their screams and he hated how he just hid. Ignoring their cries of suffering and death. It was Aysu and Mannaseh that were the last to go. Aysu fled during the loudest of the screaming and once safe in the forest shadows he gazed back. Mannaseh would no longer follow nor protected him. His brother's body lay peirced and torn, hardly recongizable. That is when Aysu fled blindly without any reason of where he was..and continued fleeing until he dropped to his feet exhausted. Now far away from anything he knew, Aysu planned on creating a new life for him. A life of denial.

Aysu is some what standoffish but once you know him, he'll branch out.He is pretty much laid back and calm. It is not like him to go on a random sugar rush and bounce off the walls....though he might if he drinks like a ton of soda.But he doesn't like soda that much so that sugar rush is a rarity. To hide his hurt he tends to turn to laughter and jokes. NOt that any of them are actually good. He just needs something else to focus on.

Thank you thank you.Throw money instead of flowers for my little biography..thanks.Now that you went and saw the history of Aysu I hope you are satisfied.No? What you want more..ha.Looks like I'm leaving you abit disappointed.If you want to know more..get to know him if he thinks your worth his time, I might reveal more.Gotta run.Seeya!

Yadda Yadda Yadda...

- I'd love some of thatsakura petals. Cats. sounds of waves. candy...guys...candy..
- Eww! Get that away! Dogs.Loud noises. bright light. surprises.
- I'd rather not say.. He can't see very far in the daylight and it makes him surprisingly calmer. He is distracted easily as well.
- I can take a hit! Senses aura.Is good with hand to hand combat and is pretty damn accurate.
- Hey, guess what He is a cadet of the elves and is more powerful when surrounded by moonlight.

They're my creator and ruler Kyis2