1.) Do you know who I am?
2.) How are you connected to me?
3.) What am I to you?
4.) What do you think you are to me?
5.) Do you think I would sacrifice a bowl of ramen to save your life? (think carefully on this question...)
6.) Why are you doing this quiz?
7.) If I hooked up with a relative of yours, what would you do?
8.) If I came knocking at your window at 3 AM, what would you do?
9.) If I wasn't what you expected in real life, what would you do?
10.) Are you my friend?
11.) If you are, why haven't you given me a hug yet?
12.) After answering all these questions so far, do you think I'm a narcissist?
13.) Are you asking what a narcissist is now?
14.) Are you you asking yourself what you are getting out of doing this quiz?
15.) What ARE you getting out of this quiz?
16.) If there was a cabinet full of my cookies in front of you, and I wasn't anywhere nearby, yet you still know where I am, what would you do?
17.) What is the meaning of life?