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The 900 Year Diary
Lessons in Life- A Short Story Series, Chapter 2, Part 1
He sighed- it was a deep, echoing sigh, and its melancholy hung in the air like the fading whispers of the light breeze that ruffled his straggly blonde curls. He frowned slightly and ran his hand through the curls, feeling them wind around his fingers, and then slowly drop away to skitter across his forehead once more. He huffed a little as they tickled him. He hadn’t had his hair cut for a while; the terror his companion had experienced on Necros had made him think more, distract him from taking care of his body so much. He’d nearly lost her again, several times, and thought he could make up for it by showing her around a bit more, taking her places that she wanted to visit, and places that she would enjoy- not just places that his arrogant façade told him that she would enjoy, whether she liked it or not.
These thoughts made him slip into deeper ones. He knew his companion didn’t like him so much- after all, who could like someone when said someone’s predecessor was gentle, kind…everything that this new form wasn’t. Or, what this new form didn’t care to show behind all the bluster and bravado. His life was a pantomime- one big act, with trapeze artists, and guest stars, and him, the host of the show- the Cosmic Clown, happy and sad, bright as the lights of Las Vegas, and dim as the fires of an old regeneration’s dying flame.
He sighed again, deeper, and he felt it pull at his hearts-strings, his eyes visibly fading into a darker shade of their normally vivid blue. A warm hand slid slowly across his shoulder; Peri. The Doctor quirked an eyebrow slightly, his mouth almost comically down turned. She could see this, and he knew so- his slouch turned into a grimace, and the grimace to a deep frown.
“What is it Peri?” Peri shrunk away, pulling her hand with her at his coldness. The Doctor’s expression faltered, and he said, softer, “What is it Peri?” He was silent as they stared at each other, and he was silent, albeit shocked, when Peri pulled him into a hug. He tried not to laugh at Peri’s not being able to fit her arms around him. Carefully, he hugged her back. She giggled.
“You smell like burnt toast,” she laughed. The Doctor looked affronted.
“Yes, well…” he started, tugging on his coat sleeves, “if you hadn’t ruined the toaster.” Peri spiked up at this.
Me ruin the toaster? Is this coming from the same man who tried to turn said toaster into an electric whisk?”
“Well you did say you wanted cake!”
“Yeah, I wonder who ate it all, Tubsy!” A long silence followed. The Doctor turned away, hurt, and Peri huffed, dropping herself ungracefully onto the grass beside the Doctor. After a while, the Doctor sighed- a deep, echoing sigh, its melancholy the fading whispers of the man who Peri once knew.

This is insane XD

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  • User Comments: [3]
    Yayy, you did some more! 8D

    Awesome, as always <3 You capture emotions and stuff so well n 3n

    Though a little note... you said in the last chapter that it'd be 10th and Rose. Maybe you should warn people that it's 6th and Peri now. I read the first bit without realising you'd changed, and was like 'curly... blonde... that's not 10th's hair!' xD

    comment Temporal Displacement · Community Member · Fri Aug 29, 2008 @ 09:45am
    XD Ah thankyew. c: And I think I said that it would be mostly 10th and Rose, but with a little of the old Doctors as well.

    comment Pseudowho · Community Member · Fri Aug 29, 2008 @ 06:13pm
    You said it would be mostly 10th/Rose, perhaps a little 9th/Rose. Depending on how you felt.

    Hah, I know it better than you. xD

    But still, it might be an idea to introduce which Doctor and companion it is at the top. Or it's just going to confuse people. D:
    User Image
    Almost there! 8D Donate, pleasu~? <3
    (Updated every 1k n 3n)

    comment Temporal Displacement · Community Member · Sat Sep 06, 2008 @ 08:53pm
    User Comments: [3]

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