I can't seem to find my way,
Everything is unfamiliar,
The blackness feels like it tumbling in on me,
Walls are closing in,
Echos,bouncing off the concrete pasted floor,
No one hears me screaming
No one hears my cry for help
I can feel the wire around my wrist
It's so tight
Im afraid to even move a muscle
Even the slightest move ment cuts deeper into my skin
I can feel a thick wet liquid trickle down my arm
My hearing becomes so aleart i can hear my blood drops splatter to the ground
Minutes later i hear footsteps behind me
Frosen in fear
Afraid to move at all
I can feel his shallow breathe on my neck
I attempt to get up and run
Falling mercilessly as my feet are chained to the ground
He stabs a needle into my arm as a cry out in pain
I began to feel dizzy
My eyes rolling back in my head
Falling against his chest he backs away
My heart beating slowly as my soul leaves my body
Im in a world of my own.