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The Book of Strong
The Long Eventful Week
I hope your not expecting some massive update. hmm I dont know what to say. Um... its been a while since I last updated, due to MSN spaces screwing up crying and due to the gaia journals thingy going wrong.

Um... been working a lot. Trying to do assessments and things. I have an assessment this afternoon regarding the comparison between Bram Stoker's Dracula the book and the film. Unfortunatley, we have to comment on the book and the film, so I can't just watch the movie and get away with it. Stupid extention english. Gah. I've been talkin to Bronzie (<3 lol) and he gave me his major work he did for extention 2 english. It's pretty good, but I dont really get it much lol. It's confusing razz But I hope I can come up with somethign that good to hand in by the end of next year. *gah* my hsc is less than 13 months away crying

Been speaking to Bronzie a lot. Oh yeah, adam and I had a fight.

NOW I remember what my week has been like!! -.-

I've been so bitchy all last week. I've been so mean to everybody, I feel kinda bad about it too. I picked fights with adam, bronzie, mum and everyone else this week. AND I've become totally dependent on chocolate. Yeah, I had a major fite with adam over bronzie - because he promised me he would come with me to meet up with bronzie and then he bailed out and I got really upset cuz it's not like it's the first time it's happened. Yeah, but Bronzie's friend bailed as well. Ah well razz

Um.. hersheys bars are awesome .Theres a chocolate shop at stokies, like, its the nuts about nuts shop, but now theyr'e selling imported american chocolates and theyr'e BEAUTIFUL. And I bought adam a 1 kilo lollipop from there. XD what a sucker.

Adams 17th on saturday night, was an awesome party. Was supposed to drss up, but i was too tired from work to bother. I just put on heaps of adams mum's eyeliner. XD And I put it on pablo as well. Honestly, pablo makes the hottest goth/emo child. gah i wana eat him Grrrr XD loll thats random. Yeah this is the worst journal entry ever in terms of grammar and spelling XD yeah adams party was good. Watched teh first half of amtyville horror, but the 70's version so it was SO BORING! GAH!!! Butyeah, then we played Truth or Dare, which grew interesting. And we just yeah did stuff. I think in future we should like, play party games. AT my party I'm gonna play pin the tail on the donkey and things like that. HOW FUN!!! At my 18th i'm hiring a jumping castle... but it might be dangerous for pissed people to play on a jumping castle. Hmm oh well

Well thats' a year and 3 months and 11 days away anyway.

The church amalgamation trial was awesome. Thats the two churches coming together for one day. Turns out i know osme of the youth there, and are really good friends with the girl. So I was extremely happy about that. It's a little scary, gah and some people were acting stupid and dumb and totally immature but that's another story, and yeah but I had a great time and I really hope the churches join together. God sooo answered my prayres, I was fully praying for a mature christian girl to come and encourage me n stuff, and Christine and I go way back. At my old youth group, she and I were in the same bible study for a year, and we all grew so so much. Gah!!! It was AWESOME. ^_^ so excited. Hope she comes!!!

Yeah.. um.. I can't think of antyhing else.


At his party, I was on the pool table again, and we were all mucking around, and tiffy was taking sexy shots of me.
Adams parents decided they would view all teh pictures from his party didn't they.
On the tv.
How embarassing.
I hate to think what they think
But the pictures are "cute" (slutty partially)

<3 helga

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  • User Comments: [2]
    XD His parents saw "sexy" pics of you!!

    Pablo is the best goth xp Hope you did well in your exam!

    comment Daih! · Community Member · Mon Sep 12, 2005 @ 10:40am
    I am a goth/emo child but im not for you to eat, to many people have been taking bites out of my sugary goodness so now im too bitter blaugh ninja ninja

    comment Dark~lord~zuchii · Community Member · Thu Sep 15, 2005 @ 09:12am
    User Comments: [2]

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