Well I decided to list my 'posey'
Yes I know I hate the word too but it seems appropriate
Name , Why

1. Colonel Omnipants, He is always there to lend an ear.
2. darkfanglonewolf, One of my best friends IRL
3. MAGEmstr, Well.........your here and you have Advice, not to mention your a Navy Dude! ^^
4. Shadowhut, Always has advice on next to anything.
5. Yuri_Canis, GGGIIIIIIRRRRRRLLLLLLL!!!!! You are definitely my IRL BFF your just plainly the best!
6. Jacku, You've got it!
7. Divine Brutality, Hell boy not only are you (like the rest) cute but you got the rest of the story...^^

heart More to come. ^^ heart