1. Name: Warren of T'reaun
Age: 19
Species: Human.
Appearance: Warren
Job Status: Princess
Abilities: Warren can paint as well as playing the piano. She isn't skilled in the art of combat and doesn't particularly want to be.
Weapons: None, she doesn't like violence.
Personality: By looking at the princess from the first time you meet her, you believe she's one of those damsels in distress with the long blonde hair and big blue eyes but please don't let that fool you. Warren is independent, knowing that if she was dependant on people she could loose anything but as well as independant, Warren is quiet but she is kind, understanding and shy. Warren even stutters slightly sometimes, especially when she gets something wrong or she is in the prescence of someone she likes.
Bio: Warren was born into the world when the flowers fell from the sky and grew up from the ground but sadly a couple days later of exhaustion from the birth and catching a disease, her mother passed away. The young princess grew up without of mother but the maids and the servants looked after her enough for her to grow up well. Her father, nervous about the tension between his kingdom and Giir's decided to never let the young princess into the world or to be seen by the folk of the village so then she wouldn't be harmed. Even though she understood the reason why she had never been out into the kingdom, Warren's curiousity grew and grew about it but still, never left the palace. She just read in the library and asked servants about. Hoping that someday she'd be allowed out, the princess sometimes now spends her days in the gardens near the flowers.