This is an inside joke.

Which I'm going to tell you about.

Because Azzy bought me my birthday gift at the mall the other day and gave it to me and it's LIKE WTF MY BIRTHDAY IS IN A MONTH GOD AZZY YOU'RE SO IMPATIENT BUT I LOVE YOU WHY DID YOU SPEND SO MUCH ON ME s**t I LOVE THIS CRAP SO HARDCORE

She got me a sweater and bag I had been oogling for like months that was ridiculously expensive.

I am very fond of that sweater.

Yeh there was shopping the other day, and it was me, Azzy, Christie, and Brandon. Me and Christie were kind of like third-wheel buddies again (how I put it, chaa) and mostly hungout together because Azzy has her blanketman with her.

I was trying to find a nice choker and failed. I spazzed out over everything I thought was cute. I really want a sword. That dragon table was so ridiculously amazing.

Then after the mall I went to hangout with Dustin but I got lost trying to find him and I almost had a heart-attack in the street because I had no idea what I was doing. It was stupid. I found James and Tai first, then Dustin was with them, and Jordan with his knife too.

I drew while they played Magic cards.

Today I sat around until Dustin got off work then we watched T.V. together at his house. It was kind of nice~


Okay I need to go to bed now. Twilight Princess in the morning maybeee.