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Wateria's journal log
Alright, this will contain my my journals but an additioin to that, I may post some of my fanfiction on here as well. I'd forgotten all about this, so if you are into Fullmetal Alchemist, please come view my journal once in awhile you might like my
Secrets of an Alchemist - my fanfiction
Alright, this isn't a journal but the first chapter of my fic from fanfiction.net. It has some pretty graphic content as the chapters go, so i'll post up til it gets graphic then I'm stopping. You can find the rest of it on my fanfiction account since gaia doesn't allow that on here.

Also be warned that in this story Edward isn't male but female so that changes a few things.

The description for the story is that Edward Elric has been keeping a huge secret from the entire military. Roy Mustang finds out and then all hell brakes loose around everyone when the Homunculi show up, and Ed is kidnapped. Things carry out pretty rough when their leader finds out Ed's female, and she has her own plans with using the teen for her own games of trying to get Hohenheim back into her life. So if this sounds interesting please read and comment. I'll continue to post up here if you want. I've gotten over 10,000 views and 60 reviews on the original story, this is a rewrite thats been up on fanfiction for alittle over two weeks, with 700 hits, and 14 reviews as of yet. I have up to chapter 3 up on fanfiction.net so got there to get up to date.

Secrets of an Alchemist

Chapter 1

In the streets of Central, everything seemed to be blowing by like normal for the city people. Daily shoppers and businessmen carried about their jobs and the city children played among them. Such a day seemed pleasant to the people of Central, but the day seemed boring to one such Colonel. His raven hair dawned his head in a black halo as his all familiar scowl plastered to his ivory colored face. He glared down at a neat stack of papers that nearly towered over him but barely made it passed his nose.

He turned to glare out at the outside world from his office window. Everyone seemed to have their own duties and chores but to him. It was paradise compared to having to sign countless sheets of parchment day after day. Not to mention having his first Lieutenant breathing down his neck with a pistol at his head if he chose to slack on his paperwork. Oh, how he’d love to torch it all with a spark of a flame from his alchemic inscribed gloves. One snap and that’d be all it for the everlasting mound of paperwork.

Snorting, he grabbed his ink pen and went about signing the works before grumbling as he gave one last glance out the window finding a familiar, yet annoying and aggravating, sight approaching the building.


“Brother, wait up. We can’t be too noisy with your antics or Mrs. Hawkeye will be angry. Remember what happened last time?”

The wining of a young boy could be heard throughout the building of Central Headquarters earning the attention of a few misfortunate soldiers and secretaries. Waltzing through the hallways, his head held low so that his blond hair hung over his face, a young, short, teenage boy and a large suit of armor carried on like no one was even in the area. Everyone sighed and went back to their business. Very much accustomed to pair’s tirades. Especially, the tantrums of the smaller figure.

“Al, just leave it. That bastard has no right to be sending us on such pointless missions when he knows farewell that want to search for the stone.” The armor groaned and marched forward, barely able to keep up with his elder brother.

“But Ed. The Colonel is only trying to help us. You know that. The higher ups probably would have figured us out way ahead of time if we hadn’t.” The blond paid no heed except for a wave his gloved hand as they neared the door to the Colonel’s office. After another tiring mission, both had come so that Ed could give his report and leave so they could rest up for their next outing.

Opening the door with a creak, the smaller glared at the raven haired man who was sitting, legs crossed at his desk. His head was leaning limply into the palm of his right hand as he signed a paper and appeared to be quite bored. Ed turned to look up at his younger brother, his face masking all signs of anger and annoyance for once. “Al, I’ll meet you outside after I turn this in. Okay?” The younger teen nodded and vanished from the office leaving the blond to stare at his commanding officer.

“Promise you won’t cause to much havoc, Edward.” The boy laughed. “Fine Al. I promise.” The armor closed the door and the blond waltzed over toward the raven haired man who seemed to be in Lalaland. As he neared a smirk formed on his small round lips as he realized that the paper in front of the guy wasn’t what he had originally thought. The man still hadn’t realized the teen was standing there as his fingers continued to trace the form of a person with long hair. Edward stared at it for a moment before shrugging.

“Alright you lazy bastard. Should you really be drawing Lieutenant Hawkeye or should I go and tell her that you have a fascination with her.” Dark eyes bounced up with lightning fast reflexes as he realized he was being watched. Golden eyes narrowed as the owner crossed his arms and gave a smirk toward the raven.

The Colonel smirked before sitting up with a smug look. “Well, Fullmetal, I could say the same for you considering how much you seem to like your little automail mechanic, Miss Rockbell.” The boy’s face lit up with a sudden blush and he made a quick yet strangled gagging sound as if it were completely against his will. The raven haired man broke out in a fit of laughter over the teen’s reaction.

“L-like her…she’s just my mechanic.” He flabbergasted. Snorting the teen looked glared at the man in front of him with a look of pure disgust.

“But it seems I have hit a nerve with the little lady. Have I not? You wouldn’t be looking like that if there weren’t something between the two of you.”

“I do not!!” The man smirked once more as he knew that he had the boy on edge.

“You sure about that?”


“Hmph.” Chuckling, the older of the two slid the drawing up under his desk, to a place the blond couldn’t see from where he stood. Glaring at the annoying man, Edward chucked the envelope containing his report on the desk in front of him.

The boy turned his back to the raven haired man and stood with his arms crossed as the other opened the envelope and looked over the papers. “So it appears that another building, this time a warehouse, was destroyed because your carelessness. Am I right?” The younger didn’t reply but the colonel knew how to get his goat.

“Am I right or do you need to get a hearing aid squirt, just so you can hear me?” The boy’s eyes widened but as he turned he hadn’t realized that two fingers were wrapped around the narrow red ribbon at the back of his three plated braid that hung at his back. Yanking a bit as the boy spun, the fingers pulled the ribbon loose and long blond hair flew out in a golden spun wave as he came to a stop with an almost stricken expression as if someone had stabbed him through the chest with a knife.

The young alchemist’s hands flung toward the back of his neck, clutching the blond hair in confused embrace. His eyes were blank for a moment before he glared at the man. “What the hell was that for?” The man only smirked as he swiveled the chair a bit.

“Oh, nothing. I just…” The golden eyes glared at him but the man didn’t flinch. Chuckling, he crossed his own arms, bringing one hand up, yet still having the other crossed over, He brought a quick swipe of his tongue over the top of his thumb that had helped pull Edward’s ribbon from his hair, in a suggestive manner. The blond’s face lit up with a bright blush once more as he stepped back a bit. Eyes now widened with confusion and embracement. “Just trying to get your attention squirt.”

The man lowered the hand and let it come to rest over the papers once more. His mouth lowered to a frown as he watched the boy. Chuckling, he cracked up into an even louder laugher. The boy’s puzzled expression and flushed face were priceless to him.

“Don’t tell me that all these years I have basically raised a boy that has had feelings for other guys, have I?” Edward’s blush darkened as he back up a bit unable to look the man in the face. “I always thought you had some kind of feeling for me but I was never sure. Now that I know, I’ll have to decline you. I’m not gay, Fullmetal.” The teen’s face darkened and his face became infuriated.


Unable to say another word, the blond bolted from the room, his hair tie left on the desk beside his report. Tears stung his cheeks as he ran down the corridors passed his brother, without giving a second thought to stop. All he could think of was that the Colonel had just lowered himself to a new low. He had no respect for him any longer.


The younger brother cried out for the young teen to stop but the older boy did not. With a confused thought, the suit of armor went into the Colonel’s office where he found the raven haired man staring at the door where he had entered with confusion and a bit of a smirk. Anger flooded the boy for not just anyone could make him cry. “Alphonse?”

“What did you do to my brother?” The man only stared at him for a moment before shrugging.

“I didn’t do a thing. We had a minor disagreement, that’s all. I thought Fullmetal was stronger than that. He really needs to get a handle on his emotions. The boy takes things too hard.” The man didn’t seem the least bit sorry for making his older brother so upset but that didn’t mean that Al could hurt him either. The man was still his brother’s superior officer and he could be court marshaled for anything Al or he, himself, did to the man.

Sighing with defeat the boy turned to go to the door. “If I find out what you’ve done to my brother, I will hurt you, regardless of what you do.” The man chuckled.

“Do what you will but I haven’t done anything. The boy just needs to lighten up some.” His sharp dark eyes shined with a smug look of confidence and domination. “But, get this. If you do anything to cause harm, I will court marshal your brother. You can assure that, Alphonse. Though I promise you. I have done nothing wrong.”

The teen left the office, giving not a look back at the man. He’d done something to hurt Edward but he would pretend it was nothing until he knew the entire truth of what happened in that meeting and what that disagreement was.


A little ways from headquarters, Edward Elric was just arriving at the dorm he and his brother had shared for the past few weeks. He turned down the hallway and made his way to the bedroom where he flopped down to rest for a while. The bastard had really upset him and the tears had stopped a good ways down the street. Though the red marks from crying were still visible on his tanned skin.

“Stupid sh*thead. What right does he have to treat people like that?”

Groaning, the boy shifted so that he was laying on his side. His face was still flushed slightly.

His golden eyes suddenly rolled a bit in annoyance as he sat up. He had planned on laying there for a while but his bladder had said other wise. Standing up, the blond ventured into the bathroom across the room. When he exited, sometime later, his eyes were narrowed and his legs felt rather shaky as he walked to sit down once more on the bed.

“Not what I needed right now. After what happened when I was thirteen, I ‘d rather not have it happening while I’m around the colonel. Maybe that’s why I’m so emotional today. Aside from that bastard’s damn mouth.” Footsteps sounded from down the hallway and soon the door opened as his brother stepped in.

“Ed? Did something happen a while ago?” The boy grunted but gave no reply otherwise.

“No, Al. I’d rather not talk about that jerk.” The younger sighed and move to sit up against the wall. He stared uneasily at the blond but made no move to say anything more. The older brother wouldn’t tell him if even if he begged so why bother. The afternoon passed rather slowly as the two brothers said nothing between themselves. The only movement at all was Edward getting up once every few hours to use the bathroom and then he’d lay down and mope some more.

Night soon fell on the Elric dorm as Edward prepared for bed, clad in only a t-shirt and his boxers. He climbed in bed and closed his eyes as he drifted off to sleep. Alphonse sat by the wall, still quiet and unable to sleep, as the night progressed on. The older brother’s mumbling and the form of his body as it twisted and turned in his sleep told the boy that he was struggling with a nightmare but the suit of armor gave no attempt to rouse him. The teen would wake up eventually, anyway. Nightmares were common for the older Elric brother, no less so than seeing him putting up a temper tantrum over someone calling him short.

When the blond gave a sudden scream into the night air, the younger knew at that moment that Edward was having a nightmare about that night and he needed the reassurance that he wasn’t relieving the memory of what they did in attempt to bring back their mother. Normal horrors of the dream world were nothing compared to that one particular dream and Al would always be by his brother’s side during that time.

“E-Ed.” He coaxed as he rubbed the blond’s shoulder in a petting motion. The blond continued to kick and scream as the dream drifted through his mind, unable to fend it off.


“She’s gone, Ed.” His blond head shook with a fierce negativity as he tried in vain to not believe the words of his only sibling and existing relative that he knew of.

His golden eyes focused on the still moving creature that laid motionless on the floor. Only the faint breathing gave any sign that it was alive and not dead, that it was moving at all. His mouth moved in a smile as he crawled toward it, unable to see it’s face or its body as it was clouded over by smoke and debris from the transmutation.

“M-Mom? Is that you?” He reached for her but his eyes suddenly widened when two piercing white eyes seemed to stare right through him with a rather ghastly appearance that horrified him.

A terrified scream erupted from his lungs and he felt like he’d pass out but for some unknown reason his body wouldn’t respond.

“Ed. Please wake up. All of this is over.”

His golden eyes stared, unsure of what to do. “Al?”

“Yes, Ed, it’s me.”

He smiled a bit as tears fell down his cheeks. “I thought you were gone when the gate took you.”

“Edward. That happened a long time ago. It’s been nearly six years since that night. You can’t blame yourself for it forever. Please wake up.”

Golden eyes snapped open and Edward stared up at the worried form of Alphonse Elric. “A-Al?”

The younger brother knelt by the bed and hugged his brother gently. “Yeah, it’s okay.” The teen nodded and slowly drifted back off to sleep. Tears staining his cheeks as they slowly came to a stop.

“I-I miss m-mom, Al.”

“I know Ed. I know. So do I.” The younger boy hadn’t realized the boy was still awake till he turned to head back to the wall. Wishing he could smile, the armor sat down and waited tell morning as he listened to the now easy breathing of his older sibling.

He watched him carefully, not knowing what to do. Edward had always been strong in his and everyone’s eyes but beyond the strong alchemist was a young teenage boy that had nightmares and horrifying memories that caused him to yearn for any kind of compassion. Well compassion and comfort from the nightmares that no sixteen year old should ever have or had to experience.

Alphonse Elric would always protect his brother, even if it meant dieing for him.

Edward always protected him.

So he’d do so for him as well.


Morning came and a rather disgruntled Edward Elric awoke to the banging of his dorm door. Alphonse stood up to answer it but was taken a back when the raven haired man from yesterday shoved passed him. Golden eyes glared into ebony but he kept his cool as the man seemed to be angry but also quite breath taken from, what Ed supposed, was running.

“C-Colonel Mustang?”

The man paid no attention to Al as he waved him off and walked toward the smaller of the brothers. Golden hair was spiked out in every direction as he stared at the man. Still dressed in only his shirt and his boxers, the boy sat on his still unmade bed, covers pulled up around his chest. Golden eyes gazed in thought over the man’s form, taking in the worry lines around his face, and the slight red tint on his cheeks and nose from having run for so long to get to his destination.

Sighing, the boy glared at the man in front of him.

“So what pleasure does this visit bring you, Ass-hole?” The man merely stared at the blond. Edward wouldn’t back down, not for a minute.

Anger warranted on the man’s pale, flushed face from the blond’s comment. “Nothing, Fullmetal. I came to here to warn your sorry ass.” Taken aback by the man’s use of the word, Edward’s mouth hung open like a frog’s for a moment in complete shock. “Sheesh, you’d think you’d close your mouth before a fly flew in, hippo mouth.”

“Oh, shut up!”

With a huff, the younger alchemist turned to stare a wall, not wanting to even so much as look at the man. A chuckle escape the colonel’s lips as he placed his hand on his hip and stared at the teen.

“Enough of this ridiculous quarrel. I came to tell you that it’s severally important that you stay inside, Fullmetal. A serial killer has been spotted in the city and I wouldn’t want your life to be place on the line.” Edward turned to look the raven haired man in the eyes. His golden ones glaring daggers into ebony.

“I don’t need your or anyone else’s protection, Bastard. I can protect myself.” The man simply stared with a blank expression. “This isn’t a matter of you being protected by us. This guy has attacked alchemists much stronger than you currently are. You wouldn’t stand up against him.” The teen waved it off and sprawled back in the bed in the opposite direction.

“Just leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you for awhile.” The man huffed and turned to leave. His ebony eyes turned to Alphonse.

“Watch over him, Kid. Maybe you can deal with him where I can’t.” The younger boy nodded as the man disappeared from the room but not before giving Edward one last word of advice.

“Don’t die, Edward. You’ll hurt more than just yourself. I can assure you of that.”

With that, the man was gone, leaving Ed and Al alone. Alphonse turned to his older brother, a pile of clothes he’d been folding in his arms. “Ed, you shouldn’t be so cruel to him. He’s only trying to help us, even if he has a hard time showing it.” The blond huffed and rolled over so he was staring at the suit of armor.

His golden eyes were narrowed and a faint blush was highlighted across his tanned cheeks. “I can’t help it Al. He’s got no idea how I feel. That bastard is just that. A bastard. I’d like to pull out every piece of that black hair and see how he feels afterwards. It might not be physical pain for me but it still hurts.” He covered his eyes with the back of his flesh hand and stared over at the sprawled out automail nearby. So much he’d done in order to bring back their mother but the whole thing was so much of a mistake.

If it hadn’t been for that horrible event, he’d have both of his limbs, and Al would have a human body. But thanks to it, he was stuck with automail, and Alphonse locked within a seven-foot suit of armor. Not to mention he was living a lie that hardly anyone even knew about. Though there was little use in complaining about it. It was done and the Philosopher’s Stone was the only thing that could help fix things for the pair of brothers. Soon, Alphonse disappeared into the kitchen, the clothes finished, to leave Edward to his mopping.

“I’m sorry, Ed, but there’s not much I can do. You and the colonel have to sort things out. I’m sure he’ll ease up. But as for as returning your feelings, that’ll take a lot work.” Not another word was spoken and the older brother remained silent. It hurt that the man would always consider him a child not to mention gay. Growing, he slung the pillow at the wall, then shoved his face deep into the bed mattress and sheets.

“Damn it!! It’s just not fair!”

Edward bolted upright and stared out at nothing in particular. He couldn’t blame his brother for anything, not after what he’d gone through because of himself. The boy was always so happy go lucky and Edward wasn’t about to change that. Shifting to stare out into the kitchen, he smiled a bit as he realized the younger teen was inside cooking. Perfect chance to have some time alone, without him under foot. A single serial killer couldn’t be that bad, considering he’d handled homunculi, Scar, and even Barry the Chopper before. Mustang was off his rocker if he thought one single guy could bring the Fullmetal Alchemist down.

Without giving his brother a chance to protest, the blond was out of the dorm. Alphonse Elric was stuck holding a skillet in his right hand as he stared in horror at the open doorway. He dropped the pot on the stove, and turned it off before running and gaping at the retreating form of the smaller teen. Edward was already a good distance away and Alphonse had a sinking feeling that some how, this single incident wouldn’t end pretty, considering the news Colonel Roy Mustang had delivered to them that morning.

Swiftly moving to the phone, the armored boy dialed the phone to Roy’s desk, praying that he was actually there and not using the bathroom or getting coffee.

“This is Colonel Mustang’s office, Riza Hawkeye speaking?”

The boy groaned. “Mrs. Hawkeye. Is the colonel there?”

“Afraid not. The Colonel stepped out to get a cup of coffee and a meal for lunch later. He should be back in soon.” Sighing, the teen frowned and stared at the door. “Um…Alphonse? Is something wrong?”

“Yeah, Brother just took off outside and that serial killer is out there. I have a feeling that something bad will happen if we don’t find him soon.” The woman went silent but the sounds of hands scurrying about with different items told the boy that she was planning a search for the older Elric brother herself.

“Figures, that lazy bum would choose a time to skip out on work. I’ll get Havoc, and the crew out searching for Edward. Don’t worry, we’ll find him before he’s attacked.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Hawkeye.”

With that, both hung up and the younger brother dashed out of the dorms and went in the direction his brother had gone. He had to be some where down that area but where was another thing. Even in their early years, Edward would often disappear and go and mope somewhere. Now was no different.


Meanwhile, Edward Elric was slandering down the dark alleys of Central. He’d been walking a good ways before slowly tiring out. His mind was still hurting from the words the colonel had told him but now his body hurt badly too.

Glancing wearily down a dark pathway, he shuddered as a cold wind blew past him. Stinky sewer water was puddleling out around the sewer ducts, slowly turning the blond’s nose up in disgust. Rats and mice littered the ground, collecting old scraps that homeless people had dropped. He turned down another pathway, a bit cleaner but still disgusting compared to the almost clean streets of the newer parts of Central.

“Why does that bastard have to make me so angry?”

Golden eyes scrounged over the road and the nearby garbage and soil. Thoughts still raged through his mind of the events from before.

“That bastard can burn himself for all I care.”


The blond whipped around, his blond braid flying behind him as a scream irrupted from behind him. Groaning in disgust, he realized that it had come from the direction of the disgusting alleyway. Shrugging it off, he ran down into the darkness, not giving a seconds thought, regardless of the horrible stench and rotting plants and things that littered the area.

He couldn’t think about himself when someone else was in danger. Their lives came first.

“P-please stop.”

A begging plea came from a female figure in the darkness toward the back of the alley. A man’s voice could be heard whispering to her. “Why should I? You whores are all the same.”

“You all beg for attention guys. When you finally get it, you act like we’re raping you.”

“I-I d-don’t act l-like that…n-not all w-women are like that.”

The man didn’t seemed convinced for Edward winced when a sharp cracking noise came from the pair, still clueless as to the fact that they were being watched. Golden eyes slowly got use to the dark and Edward could make out the form of a brunette, teenaged girl. Her body limp in the arms of a huge man with dirty brown hair, topped off by a filthy black hat. A large trench coat dawned the man as he stared at the helpless girl.

“Let her go.”

The man whipped around in shock. Hazel eyes wide before shrinking to an almost alarming rate in a narrowed glare. A smirk formed at his lips and stared deviously at the blond before him.

“Well, kid. Fine by me.”

Edward gaped as the brunette fell limply from the man’s arms and collapsed lifelessly on the ground in a bloody heap. Her head was bent in awkward and impossible position. Her neck had been snapped. Killing her instantly. “Bastard.”

The man chuckled as he walked smoothly toward the young alchemist. “My my…well didn’t you wander in on something you shouldn’t have? You shouldn’t have, really. You really should have run along home.” Growling, the younger male shifting into a fighting position, ready for combat at any given moment.

“A fighter huh?” The blond didn’t reply but the man didn’t seemed fazed. “Fine, I was looking for a new target any how. You’ll be first in line.”

Tearing off through the alley, the man moved with alarming speed as he ran pail mill for the waiting alchemist. His hat flew from his head, his coat flapping behind him.

“Don’t get to cocky, bastard.”

Clapping his hands together, the younger alchemist transmuted his right arm into a blade and slashed out at the quickly moving figure. His golden eyes narrowed but calm never the less. After fighting for most of the years since his life began with the metal limbs, Edward was no new comer for battles.

The elder leaped backwards from the swinging blade and smiled devilish. “An alchemist eh? Not a smart idea to show me that, kid.”

The blond didn’t reply as he charged, blade ready and moving full speed toward the man’s neck. “Not so fast, squirt.”

Yellow eyes widened as an explosion throw him away, sending him flying into the alley wall.

Coughing and sputtering, the blond pulled himself up right. His fists held tightly in a firm clench. He shifted unsteadily on his feet, blade out in front of him.

A cloud of dust blocked his vision of the man. As it slowly dissipated, he found the man standing with a long sword with a fancily engraved, and extremely sharp, blade. He hadn’t used a transmutation circle from the younger alchemist could tell, much to his amusement and horror. “To men can play at that game, kid.”

Edward charged once more, dodging the swinging of the sword, which was incredibly hard, considering it’s size. He leaped over the man and attempted to snatch the blade from it’s owner but the man countered and pulled it from his reach. Another blast from the engraved sword sent the teen flying away once more, crashing once more into a concrete wall. Weakly he shifted a bit, bloody trailing down from his cracked lips.

He lie on the ground for a good bit. The breath knocked out from him. Grumbling, the boy struggled just to sit up. Glancing down, he stared in disgust at a large gash across his arm, blood was freely falling. Standing up, the teen held onto his injured arm and walked slowly over toward the towering man, his footsteps sluggish and weary.

“Nicked ya already, have I? That didn’t take half as long as it did the others I’ve done in.” The boy didn’t play into the man’s taunts as he neared. Sweat was forming on his brow and he struggled to remain standing from the blow to the wall.

“S-shut the hell up.”

His voice cracked as it went up a pitch. The blood at his lips was dribbling down his chin as he stared up at his enemy. The man’s smirk hadn’t vanished as he stared the teen down.

“Pretty tough for teenager but an alchemist is an alchemist and you’ll pay for what happened all those years, when your teem of alchemists destroyed that small village called Tanner. My family was murdered right before my eyes, as well as the rest of villagers.” The blond just stared but he struggled to keep from falling from dizziness of loosing so much blood. The gash was a good couple of inches wide and seemed to be just oozing with blood.

The man growled and charged at the young alchemist. Just as he neared him, the blond clapped his hands on the wall, and transmuted a huge stone wall in between the two of them. Sighing, the young alchemist dashed away, hoping to find something along the way that could prove useful in fighting the large man.

The automail blade now transmuted back to normal, he whipped his bloodied chin and mouth to clear away the blood. His hand moved to clutch the fabric around the arm of the gash to help block off some of the blood flow.

“So that was the alchemist killer Mustang spoke of. I’m in a sh*t load of trouble.”

Turning down another alley, the blond screamed as his foot caught on a metal pipe causing him to fall to the ground. Sitting up weakly, Edward gazed about, eyes focused on nothing in particular. He tried to stand but feel back to the ground in a yelp. An aching sensation, followed by screaming pain caused the boy to cry out.

Glancing down at his foot, he found it bent awkwardly between the pipe and a piece of concrete. He hadn‘t felt it because he‘d come to it first with the automail leg and fallen over it, but it was fairly obvious that his flesh leg was earning the reward for his lack of attention at the moment. Golden eyes narrowed in pain as Ed pulled his foot gently from his trap and winced as he realized his ankle was broken. There was little chance of running now.

He crawled slowly toward a cracked wall of a large apartment building, where a small nook was. Edging inside, he transmuted a wall in front of him, hoping the man would find him inside. Last thing he need now was to be killed because he couldn’t even stand.

Minutes passed, Edward sat silently in his hiding hole waiting for any signs of someone coming other than his murderer.

His plea was answered, sadly, by heavy footsteps with heavy combat boots. A small crack lie open for Ed to peak through, but not near large enough for the man to notice it. It was the alchemist from before and his hands held the sword steadily in his grasp. Looking about the blond noticed that the man had deep red eyes, much like those of the Ishbalens but his skin wasn’t dark like theirs.

His fingers grasped tightly to the injury at his arm as he sat in tense silence as the man walked toward the building he was hiding inside. He seemed angry as he couldn’t find the teen.

Shrugging the man punched the nearest wall, nearly causing Ed to scream out but he kept his mouth shut. The creep suddenly stopped when his red eyes focused in on something on the ground. Smirking he starting moving toward Edward. The blond scooted back, his eyes wide as he realized the man knew where he was.

“Sorry, kid but you found a crummy place to hide, considering it’s dead give away where you are.” Before Ed could think the man had crushed the sword up against the transmuted wall and sent it caving in on the blond alchemist. A scream escaped the young blond’s mouth earning a please chuckle from the demented man.

The brown haired man cleared the debris from the hole, smirking over the condition of the nearly unconscious alchemist. Blond hair lay twisted and parts were coming in and out from the braid in a disheveled mess. Golden eyes were screwed shut as blood flowed from various cuts all over his small body. His chest was moving quickly as was the breath from his lips.

Edward weakly opened his eyes feeling pain all over his body. He felt half dead and beaten like a savage dog. His automail was crushed under destroyed rocks, and his flesh arm and leg were injured far to badly to move at the moment, he struggled just to remain awake as the red eyed man knelt down next to him. His fingers running over the teen’s bloody mouth.

“You helped me kid. If you hadn’t tried to hide like that, you wouldn’t have been this easy to kill.” Edward didn’t reply. His vocal cords bruised from the injuries he’d gotten from the cave in. Hopefully not destroyed. That would have sucked if he was mute.

Straining his lungs and his vocal cords, he stressed to mouth a word.


He couldn’t get it out. It hurt to bad.

The man pulled him from the collapsed wall, and laid him down up against another wall. Yanking the rubber band out from the braid, blond hair feel around the blond, now bloody as was the rest of him.

The man climbed on top of him a wicked smile on his face. His now bloody fingers running over Ed’s face in a cruel and disgusting manner. “You know for a boy you sure are a hotty. I’ll cause you more pain than any of the others I’ve done in, Edward Elric.”

Ed’s eyes widened and he attempted to scoot away but between his injuries and the man atop him, he was immobile. He couldn’t move an inch. “G-g-get…o-o-of-f-f…,” He rasped in a weak voice, barely above a whisper.

The man’s weight was hurting his now fragile body, and truth be told, Edward was more frightened now that what he had been when he was nearly killed fighting Barry the Chopper.

The man didn’t say another word but Edward gasped in alarm when he felt the buckle from his belt being undone and he struggled just to try to remove the man’s hands from him. Before long the belt was laying beside them and nothing was in between the man and his perverted goal.

“F-f-f-fuc-c-ck…I-I s-said…g-g-get off of me…”

The man slapped him hard across the face, warranting in the sadistic pleasure he was receiving from doing this to the teen. “I’d shut your mouth if you knew what was good for you, runt.”

Coughing , Edward heaved and rasped trying to clear his lungs to say something else. Golden eyes started to go unfocused and the blond felt as if he’d pass out any second now.

As much as he hated to admit it, he really should have obeyed Mustang’s command. The man may have been a headache and a bastard sometimes but the man wasn’t stupid or cold hearted like the man above him now.

Blackness started to form at the edges of his vision and tried hard to stay focused. He felt his shoes being removed and soon the man’s large fingers were working on the button on his leather pants.

“sh*t, better make this quick.”

The man rasped as his fingers went quicker when a few drops of water landed on their faces and bodies. Ed weakly looked up at the sky. His golden eyes clouded over from pain and exhaustion. His broken ankle lie bent over in the opposite direction. Pain was racking his body all over so a couple broken bones in his foot weren’t enough to be that noticeable over the rest of it.

More drops of water landed on the blond’s face and Edward knew that was starting to drizzle and that usually developed into a hard rain. Closing his eyes, his head flopped to the side as the man undid the pants and pulled them down around his feet. He wished he would go a head and pass out but luck didn’t seem to be with him tonight. Nothing did.

Hot stinky breath reached his nose as the man bent over. “You want to know something?” Edward remained silent unable to really comprehend anything. “Popularity with people isn’t always a treasure. I let me know who you are because people all over Amestris are talking about a sixteen year old alchemist of the people and here you are, a teen with blond hair that matches their descriptions perfectly. That’s my reason for not giving up on chasing you down. You’ve been a big target of mine since I heard all about the Fullmetal Alchemist.”

“J-j-just…g-get on w-with it…t-the military s-should know I-I‘m m-missing by n-n-now.” Even close to death the youth wasn’t about to be completely submissive even if his body was to weak to move.


The man reached for the band of the pale blue boxers, giving one last glance at the Elric, his eyes widened. The golden eyes now looked worried and scared instead of just disgusted and pained. Inside the blond’s mind was a feeling of regret for he had a secret that only Alphonse, Winry, and her grandmother knew of, aside from his family. If he died, he’d never get to tell the one person he dreamed of telling his secret.

The boy’s eyes drifted over to the side as he gazed down this street, sight fuzzy. He longed for someone to come but fear prolonged that feeling of yearn.

The man’s hands drifted down from the rim of the boxers to the blond’s crotch and went to clasp the prize he thought would be there. Only to freeze. His red eyes wide with an astonished look of surprise. The boy didn’t look surprised, he only laid there frozen in pain and fear, and regret. The man’s fingers pulled away and stared in confusion and anger at the teen below him.

Edward’s eyes closed. He knew the day would come and it did. Only faster and my someone he hadn’t expected or wanted. The words came off the man’s tongue in a startled whisper.


Chapter 1 End -

Okay that it’s for this chapter. XD

Sorry for the cliff hanger there but I decided to stop. Next chapter picks up with Roy. wink

My original character, Wateria
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