Okay so, just writing a new entry for fun. It's 5 AM and of course I'm still not in bed. ♥ Just listening to Judas Priest and other fun stuffffff.

So I'm all done my orientation for work. I'm very happy, it wasn't too hard~ although I did kinda mess up on one thing. A little embarrassed about that, but oh well. >.>

I went to see Ricky and Sheldon on the weekend, over at Shel's. We watched Lion King and played Symphonia. Ricky got annoyed with the rest of us for singing along to the Lion King musicals, but it was fun as hell, though he ran off at some point. I didn't really know the songs that well idk, but I knew the tunes so I kind of went along with it, lol.


We also went outside and played around on the front lawn. We tried to limbo. They did pretty good. I suck.

According to them I'm going punk and have become meaner. |: Idk about the punk part, but maybe I've become a bit meaner. I know I've changed since I last hungout with them, it had been a LONGASS time. I don't like to think about being mean. D: I just tease more now. THEY'RE JOKES GUISE, DON'T BE SO SRS.

Gabby slept over Sunday. I was all at her work after my orientation waiting, and looking at the rabbits and stuff. I decided I want a baby rabbit, and intend on getting one after I have a steady salary and some things on my list of to-buy done. The parrot at that store is mighty evil and bit me several times. It didn't bite too hard but it still hurt. :/

I went for a walk with Dustin tonight. It was fun. ♥ He bought me a Capp and we sat at the beach and just talked about stuff and looked at cars upside down. Just doing those sorts of things make me incredibly happy. I think as long as we can do that every once in a while I couldn't possibly ask for more.

I think I should go to bed soon. I want to wake up and play Twilight Princess while everyone in out of the house. I'm beating that game at a goddamn snail's pace. Cursed game, I will break your curse, I swear upon it. >:/