Me and my best friend Lady Paloma Zhapheron was having a good time at her place.We were laughing,getting hyper,the usual.Then suddenly,we heard wierd noises coming from her bedroom.We thought at first it was Palos rottweiler,that was talking to himself to sleep in Palos bed,jumping as he talked.But when we were going down for a late snack before dinner,we saw what the wierd noises really were.Mr.White(my cute and cuddly polarbear) and Bob (Palos cute griffin) were..snuggling eachother! and I dont mean that in a cute way...It seemed like they have finnally made up their mind who their "loved one" in life was little hard for me to except that my cute cuddly little bear has decided to become gay...I have a gay polarbear for a pet..and Palo has a gay griffin for a pet...and as strange as it may sound,they actually make a cute couple..too bad they cant have any kids!(or maybe its for the best...)