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When Hearts Doth Burst Asunder
The writings and rantings of N.I.B. Esq.
JESUS CHRIST it's been forever since I've posted in this journal! XP Oh well, you know me, the world's WORST procrastinator.

Anyways, I've written a poem. It's a dark and almost emo poem, but it came as a direct result of my watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies which caused me to think about the hardships of China, and what their government has taken from them in revenues to fund this O-So-Ostentatious presentation of theirs. Too much. I thought about the sick and dying people without even enough money to be in a hospital, the workers in the factories who make only pennies a day to mass produce things for countries the world over and get treated like filth. I thought about the homeless children, and those children who never had a chance to live because they were illegal, and so aborted. It made me realize that I was living in so many fortunate ways, and that I took too much of this for granted.. I felt like I had been bathing in refuse and had my mind clouded for many years so I was blinded from the truth when it was staring me down like a duelist parallel to me.. I was in a dark humor indeed when I received this inspiration, so please, don't judge my character by what this holds.

PS: Keep in mind that I'm an awful writer, and should not be allowed to publish any of my future works.


by Nick Brown

I do not belong here.

I do not belong anywhere.

There is something I feel I must say, and it comes with deep sorrow to my heavy heart.

I wish to blind myself;

To all of the corruption and hatred I've seen, and all of the faces of the broken shells which I have beheld moving past me in this world without emotion or substance.

I wish to deafen myself;

To all of the lies and falsehoods of the world around me, and to all of the cries of the devastated and wails of the urchins that populate the streets and alleyways of the cities.

I wish to numb myself;

To the cold and barren surroundings I have been "blessed" with, and the pain in my heart that is knowing that I must struggle through this tortured existence lacking all but my own mind: The deadliest of prisons.

I wish to cut out my tongue;

So that I might never again taste the bitterness of reality, nor the foul flavor of lies slipping past my lips so freely.

I wish to sew closed my nostrils;

So that I could not smell the rotting stench of this stinking corpse we call our society, and the crisp scorched earth upon which we tread so ignorantly.

I wish to leave this walking sack of flesh and delve into the unknown, where my troubles will not follow; to soar through the empty vacuum of space until entropy claims us all.

I wish for Freedom.


Criticism is loved!! ^_^ Even though it was a bit darker than my usual schemes of writing, I hope you liked it!!

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Aug 14, 2008 @ 01:13am
Ooooh, dark, but deep. If I were to be critical (Which I'm not good at doing with poems) I'd say that the nostrils line doesn't flow, but I can't think of any way to make it.

Yeah. I's no poet like you. <33

commentCommented on: Thu Aug 14, 2008 @ 01:53am
Wow that was so deep and like sort of sad. Aww it makes me want to hug the person who wrote this.

cassie 369
Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Aug 14, 2008 @ 03:51am
oo me likey the flow of it was a lil off but over all it was good

commentCommented on: Thu Sep 18, 2008 @ 04:55am
wow...i would totally sew your nostrils together, n make u look like MJ! haha but for real tho, this poem is most creative! well done grasshoppa!

Community Member
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