These are my original characters and their stories. Art of them is welcome and loved!

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Age: 19 in body far beyond her years in mind.
Height: 5'3"
Body: Alice is short and slender, however frail she is not.

It was the day of her wedding and Alice was set to marry her true love, Martin. It was only an hour before the wedding when a knock came at her door. She rushed to answer thinking it was Martin. She flung the door open and was face to face with Levon, a man who'd long lusted after her, and in his arms a dead Martin. She lept back in shock as Levon laid him gently on the floor. She rushed to him, tears streaming down her face as she denied it. She laid her head on his cold chest trying to find her lovers heartbeat. She heard nothing. A rage building within her. She reached for the letter opener on the table next to the door.
"What did you do to him!?" She demanded as she lunged at Levon. She underestimated his strength and speed though. He grasped the opener and shoved it back at her directly into her left eye. She fell to the ground in pain, blood trickled down her face and onto her white gown. The blood quickly draining from her, her vision began to blur. Levon scooped her up a smile curled upon his lips revealing two pointed fangs as he said "I can make sure you never feel such pain again." She blacked out. She awoke on the floor of the foyer a small amount of blood still dripped from her wounded eye socket. The room was empty, to small pin pricks were in her neck. She stood to rush to the mirror going at a speed she never knew possible. She peered into the mirror noting the pricks and her new fangs. Her skin milky pale she collapsed in shock. She was a vampire.

Over the years she has come to terms with her blood lust, and used her innocent appearance to her advantage. Appearing as a wounded child is the easiest way to lure in her meals. For reasons unknown to her she must continue to keep a clean patch on her eye as every so often it will bleed. She carries a machete with her to fight off her larger prey, being that she is so small she can't always protect herself. She hasn't seen Levon since that day and doesn't know what became of Martin. Her heart is hard and cold towards all... but one. Edmund, she's never spoken to him, but his acceptance of her kind sparks her curiosity. She sometimes follows him, and quietly lurks around his shop when it's busy.

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Age: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Body: Large and muscular but hidden beneath his large jacket.

Tristan is an ancient vampire who adopted Alice in as his daughter 20 years after she'd been turned. Lilith is his partner. He bit her a few years after finding Alice and she has posed as his wife wherever they have gone. He doesn't talk about the past, some say it's because he's so old it's all become a blur. Some believe it's because he had a family in the past that he left behind upon turning.


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Age: 36/217
Height: 5'6"
Body: Sickly thin

Lilith is an unofficial den mother to the vampires that Tristan has taken under his wing. She stands proudly at his side telling everyone she is his devoted wife. If only they knew the truth. She was very ill, and dying of cancer when he found her. Her husband had left her for another woman, her children were ashamed to even look at her. Lilith had no one when she met the mysterious orderly. He was kind to her, although emotionally detached she quickly fell in love with his gentle nature. One night she caught him sipping at the blood they stored away. She wasn't afraid though, instead she became hopeful. She pleaded with him to save her from death. He agreed to and bit her. Since then she has followed loyally by his side. He does not return her affection, but a part of her feels that by saving her, and allowing her to be with him it is his way of showing her he loves her.

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