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RP Characters!
This is a collection of RP people I can use.
RP Character Storyline Pt. 1.6
"I knew it!" The Watchman jumps from his horse and rips his hood off. "Watchman! What are you doing here!? You don't drive the carraige!" "No DUH. I was just out to prove the boy for what he really was." He grabs Durin and chucks him to the floor. He tears off his robes and rips open his shirt with his scythe. He jabs the marking that he bore on his chest. "He's a peasant!" Snickers come from the nearby trees, as skeletons appear from behind them. "Skeletons! What's the meaning of this, Watchman!?" The skeletons close in on the three as Durin stands up. "It's all planned out. This little LOVERBOY here decided to go insane as we make our way along. He decides to murder the princess, but the adored and respected Watchman steps in with his skeletons and saves the day, thus killing the traitor! And as for the bodies, the princesses ended up in the Unknown Ocean, while the traitor was eaten by my minions!" He cackles and the skeletons grab Veronica. "Unhand me! You villanous WORM!" "Why thank you!" His cackle turns into a shriek as he laughs harder. The tiny trio, on the other hand, were already in action. They jump from the carraige and carry Durin away, back to the castle. "WHAT!? Little PESTS!" "Looks like you have another problem to deal with." "On the contraire! I'll simply storm the castle, and in all of the commotion you'll end up dead. Hells, you tried to help the little bugger assassinate me! Come on men, to the castle!"

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