Yesterday was really lots of fun. I'm grateful to everyone who came and those who helped try especially hard to cheer me up. They really did. I'm sorry that I tend to have mood swings, it's just the way I am and stuff. We played games at the arcade, although not much DDR since they gave Bust a Groove now and I don't really like that as much... -.- and played Mario Party 7 and had pizza and junk. I spilled my pop at A&P though, that sucked. D: P.S. If people are around me when I get really tired, I TURN INTO A CRAZY WOMAN. MY GOD. I didn't even recognize myself. ;__;

So I went to the mall today with Azzy, Christie, Crystal, and Brandon. It was pretty fun. x3 We ate at McDonald's (Azzy bought too many fries) then we went clothes shopping because Azzy had her whole paycheck to spend. (in one bloody day... XD) We tried on dresses and oogled lingerie per usual. MY GOD. I LOVED THAT CAT TEDDY. I want it. ;__;

Uhm yeah, Crystal left early then mostly me and Christie stuck together I think. I guess because we were both alone and Azzy had her boyfriend. My god, we had to spend alot of time in Claire's. >.>

Well in anycase, home now and wanting to play Twilight Princess. I may go do that sometime soon. Cursed game and my cursed files that I WILL NEVER FINISH. It hates me. >____>

Kay bye ♥