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I m currently questing for all 2008 thank you letters

so all donations will be loved it doesn't matter wat amount (even 1 gold) anything helps! I accept any game items exccept flowers/trash if you want any trash or flowers come to meh just pm meh on wat kind of flowers or trash you want but there is a price 1 bug (or more) for one kind of flowers/trash if you want two kinds then 5/or more bugs or just two different kind (bugs).
*note: don't worry I won't just give you 1 flower or trash if you give meh for example 1 bug (any kind) I ll give you 50 of the flower/trash you want if I have that much if not I ll give you all that I have that is less then 50 or exactly 50 for just 1 or more bugs*

But I m really in need of ink so any kind of ink donation will be really helpful!
I accept any kind of items so thank you very much >/////< ♥ ♥ !