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None of this is official.

Codename: Lieutenant Derp

Real Name: …I have no ******** clue

Aliases: He changes his title on a whim, everywhere form private to general, but he actually will never join the army

Former Aliases: n/a

Occupation: McDonalds drive through, other various fast food restaurants, and children’s toy stores.

Legal Status: Born and raised in whatever country he lives in.

Identity: Huh?

Marital Status: Single, insists that he’s asexual.

Known Relatives: Has a brother (?) who’s actually in the army, and has a high ranking. and parents probably. and a really really cute younger sister.

Base of Operations: …Uh he lives alone in an apartment.

Group Affiliation: uhhh he’s friends with Blue and Pie and fritz etcetcetcetc

Former Group Affiliation: Raver club in high school.

Origin: ???? I think he has a more azn body other than his eyes and how ******** tall he is?

Height: 6+feetish
Hair: Really really dark brown, looks black.
Build: skinny as ********
Weight: n/a
Eyes: Dark green… but shines an emeraldish
Skin: Darker, naturally tannish.
Age: older teens/younger twenties

Other: His hat hides hat hair. Never takes off his hat, which shows his real mood all the time, or what his mood would be if he didn’t have a stick in his a**. His outfit is a dark green underdressshrit (lolwat), the lighter green coat that matches his hair color (but his hair shines more) that is grey on the underside and only extends a few inches beyond the crotch region, the two silver buttons that are badges, but he just bought them, black leather gloves, skin tight.. uhhh I don’t’ know what they’re called, like leotard pants or something? Like thick stockings. Black boots.. like wellingtons kinda with a green ring on the top. He has a black tie/collar around his neck, his ears are pierced with silver earings.. that go around the lobe lol I don’t know what they’re called, and he has a monocle on his left eye. He actually doesn’t have very good eyesight out of that eye because of lazy eye or something.

Known Powers/Abilities: He has a buncha riding crops that sortof appear out of nowhere. His riding crops name is Gilligan, but once that one is gone (breaks, someone takes it) he goes down the names of people appearing on Gilligan’s island, and when he loses the minnow then he’s ******** and defenseless

Limitations: ???

He’s a d**k all the time because he’s really insecure and hates himself, and is really unlucky. His friends he acts like he hates them, but he really does enjoy being around them because they’re fun to be around. He doesn’t like to put up with bullshit and if something annoys him enough or threatens him enough he’ll hit it with his riding crop without hesitation. Pie really gets on his nerves because UGH STOP RUBBING AGAINST ME I DON’T LIKE GUYS ******** ******** WHY IS HE SO CUTE FUUUCK but yeah when he isn’t throwing himself all over derp derp likes to hang around with him. When he was younger he was way into raving, bdsm, sucking off random guys he met and all that stuff, wearing black skintight raver and goth gear, had really long hair and emo glasses. He had a run in with his brother that made him realize that all that stuff was retarded and that he should be a bit more proper. So he grew out of all that s**t which he doesn’t like at all, except he’s still gay but totally in denial about it. DID I MENTION HE’S GAY lolololol. Prefers to hang wit blue because she is a she but acts like a guy. Was going to join the army but he doesn’t like hurting innocent things and HATES death, so he never will but he liked the fashion so he has his own army outfitty thing.

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