Somehow things were bound to go wrong eventually, as I suppose I don't deserve to be happy.

I'm a bit depressed, mostly ticked off, and uhhmmm really ticked off. z.z

but okay whatever, I'm stepping out of the drama. I suppose you can completely disregard my last journal entry.


Meh, I'm adding more here because I'm bored, but I don't feel like leaving the house. I'm kind of caught in a limbo of depression and anger and caring/not caring. Doesn't change the fact that I am totally unhygienic right now and sadly I don't really care. >.>

Don't even feel like watching the new Code Geass episode.

Just kind of uhhh.... doing nothing. What do I want to do? I feel like there's nothing I really want to be doing because ... it's too much work... and I have this irritation in my chest that won't go away that causes me to lose interest in doing anything at all.

I think I'm just whittling away the day and looking forwards to nothing. |:

Oh hay, it's like how my summer started... well, back here again I guess... I'll live. -.-

how does this always happen, hmmm...?

Ah well, now I just sound like I feel sorry for myself. The sad truth is I kind of do. I really have no idea what I keep doing to deserve all the s**t people throw at me. It really just brings down my self-esteem even further.

Has anyone ever really loved me romantically? A single person on the earth? I mean truly... because I don't think so...

I wonder if I pissed someone off out there and now they're trying to get me back.

siiigghh more useless prattling to add onto a journal of useless prattling. but it's not about that person this time, right? Not like having it be about someone else is any better.

I fall for all the wrong people. I always have.