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things and question
Major editing has to be done frist
tskune itou
powers and abbiltes:
bio: Cooming soon
appearnace: he wears a chest plate,gauntlets and plate boots like the moon usally carrys a battle axe has also a demon tail, usally wearing green pants if you could draw his face or his whole body it would be great.

Approved by leandra21 (akatsuki leader)

Village Name:
Character Name:
Mizu Ryu Senso
Chakra Type:
Ice,water and wind
(if allowed ice)
Kekkai Genkai:

Ice style Abbilty: Allows a ninja to make ice into weapons or use speacail clan techniques. Sadly the unknown clan was blammed for problems of what happened in mist and where hunted down some died some stayed in hidding and some ran. Though there is only one known place where many of these ninja gather and that is snow there clan name has been forgotten as well. (Also if allowed)

Two handed sword, As well his special technique which lets him form many weapons out of ice.
Mizu is very uneasy and not trusting towards others even if they are on his side. He tends to be quiet unless he feels like he wants to talk usally showing he is some what timid. Still when angered he does come out of his shell and harms others or does many what a mad person would.
History: Mizu was born with the special ice style ability which was given to him from his mother. His father did not know of them both having such abilitys as the water country had blammed his clan for all the strife and there constant wars so many went in hidding or where killed. Eventually at a young age Mizu leanred how to control his ability keeping it hidden from his father as he was 16 he was seen using his ice style ability and when he returned home he was almost killed by his father. As defense he killed his father he found his mother beaten. He left his old home where he left his mother on her own as he would be seen as a Murderer for killing his father. He became a missing Nin for 11 years he was mostly in hidding. Eventually he had heard of the akatsuki being remade and decided it would be best for him to join a group that might have need of his skills. still Mizu seemed to be bugged about his past and his clan past. Joining the akatsuki was a way for revenge for him as it was maybe to get back at the water country.
♥ Ice
♥ Sake
♥ Music
♥ reading books
♥ Being alone at times
✘Annoying people
✘Loud people
Not at the moment
Akatsuki Ranking:
Second in comand
Theme Song:
(Optional. Use a youtube link)
User Image
There is one more thing he is very uneasy when around other akatsuki that where in the mist or anyone who was.

My name is: Kyle Walker
This is how old i am: 30
Powers and abbiltes: Best kept to himself and only himself
Race: Human?
This is my story: Kyle Walker born in a small town the child always had a knack for making money also being a good shot thanks to his father. He one day then went missing from his town no one knew where the child went the child had become a man as very feared man a bounty hunter. His name he was named by was the lonely gunner when someone found out it was him. The realized there was no escape a death sentences was upon there head no matter how skilled no matter how good the all died around. The man was known for being bad luck when his name came up the person that had read would end up dead many thought of him as demon. Those that feared him stayed out of his way many ran or tried to hide when his name came up. The bounty hunter that was thought to have come from hell and many where right to stay out of he way.Much about the mans past and what he did he kept hidden on purpose manly because it was not a past that was wanted to be told something had happened in those 19 years that he hides.

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  • [08/04/08 04:57pm]

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