I was at the community fair a bit ago and when we got there the sign said free rides. so with my perverted mind i stand behind it smiling with my thumb up. xD then when we whre on the moon walk with my friends we where flippng and whipping quarters at eachother. then we all went to one side and....... IT FLIPPED!!!! biggrin . so then the person kicked us off it so we go back on it when the new person comes and we decide... LETS DO IT AGAIN!!!! biggrin so we almost flip it only if there wasnt a fence there. -__-. so there was then a petting zoo there so i saw a lama and it was shaking its tail like it wanted to be pet. so it steps in its own poop and lays down... (Smart Lama) . And Finally There was a Train ride for little kids and we screamed the whole time saying "i lost my toe" or "my fingernail fell off" and even said "get back on the train!!!" so we at the end decide. we probably will get in trouble so we jump off early... and slip and fall. im smart xD