Okay so I'm supposed to be in bed right now, shhh. Well I signed off MSN but then I got distracted by Stepmania and now uhhh here I am, writing a journal because I'm bored even though I should really get some sleep for tomorrow.

I think this weekend's going to be fun. Tomorrow I'm off to the Heritage Festival with Azzy and some other people, but unfortunately Dustin can't go tomorrow so I'm going with him and the other half of my friends on Sunday instead. xD So I'll be going two days this year... huh...

I heard the rides suck though, but I hope hope hope that it's fun anyways. Usually friends can make anything fun, right? Geez I need to remember to WEAR A SWEATER this time. I froze my butt off at the last Midway. I also hope it doesn't rain.

I've been staying out too late nowadays. I think my parents are getting irritated. xD But I've been having so much fun.

Dustin, you've really put some happiness back into my life. You probably won't see this, but I mean it. I'm so glad to be your girlfriend.

Anyways, mushy moment over... X3

Seriously going to bed now! May update on like Monday. Sayonara, loves~ ♥